Legal source: Olmert in a problematic situation
Aviram Zino
Published: 02.05.08, 22:07
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1. I wish he would just GO!
Alan ,   SA   (05.02.08)
2. never say olmert won't be able to stay in power
david   (05.02.08)
no matter what corruption he does and no matter how he screws up the country, the one thing that always stays the same is that: OLMERT STAYS IN POWER
3. #2 - read my lips - he's done for and Happy Indepence Day!
redmike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (05.02.08)
4. Can he leave?
Micha ,   Atlanta, US   (05.02.08)
Can he leave for Jordan on Saturday and never come back? I would have jumped on the first boat to US.
5. When will he ever be charged?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.02.08)
When will this regime fall and we have new elections?
6. If CASH changed hands, which is what they allege.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.02.08)
He's finished. And good riddance to bad rubbish. Olmert is a disgrace to this country.
7. He's NEVER been honest with anyone.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.03.08)
8. All Israelis are stupid but Some are more stupid than others
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (05.03.08)
"Should the suspicions prove to be true or should the police come up witrh solid evidence I doubt whether the PM would be able to remain in office" THIS brilliant piece of "NINCOMPOOPERY was reportedly uttered by a "Senior Legal Source". ...Allow me to point out that "shoud the suspicions prove to be true" then they will have the "solid evidence" with NO "or" needed. The stupidity of announcements from Israel NEVER amaze me...I EXPECT them. And I'm NEVER disappointed. They ALWAYS arrive.
9. Israel in more problematic situation with Olmert as PM
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (05.03.08)
10. Thank you G-D..(END)
Eyal ,   Boca Raton   (05.03.08)
11. This is a reall Pessach story!!!
AMIR   (05.03.08)
Kol hakavod Am Yisrael, once again the house of Jacob would be freed from the tyranny but this time it is that of the Olmert governement!! I HOPE it will work this time and we manage to get ridd of him!! HAPPY 60 YEARS YISRAEL WITH A NEW LEADERSHIP
12. His masters will hold it over him until the expulsions begin
IDF/IAF fan   (05.03.08)
and if he wants this all to go away he will have to create the terrorist state soon
13. Olmerts problems
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (05.03.08)
Many questions :So whay has it taken so long ?. Why only now many years later after he was Mayor of Jerusalem ? Why when there was insufficient evidence on previous investigations this could not be handled at the same time especially as he has ruined the country immeasurably with every passing day ?
14. WHO WILL REPLACE HIM? mickey mouse?
Scott   (05.03.08)
15. OLMERT ...a disgrace
moshe Israel ,   k.chaim   (05.03.08)
IF stand-in Olmert was or is involved in illegal business dealings...he is no more guilty than ,many other polticians... The REAL reason Olmert should be THROWN OUT with the garbage his poor performance as unelected , stand-in PM in the Leb II war. Israeli citizens can NOT forget that we suffered hiz rocket attacks for 30 days without let-up... without the protection of the IDF... 30 days... BECAUSE unelected, stand-in OLMERT was and IS inadequate to lead Israel in time of such danger. moshe
16. investigatio - ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (05.03.08)
once corrupt - alwayscorrupt once a liar - always a liar accept a bribe once - you will never reject/refuse another one. THE MAN NEEDS TO RESIGN and QUICKLY. How can he run the country and have so much going on around him that is illegal..........perhaps that is why israel is like she is today - disgusting.............
17. Is Israel joining US in prosecuting double edged citizens
observer   (05.03.08)
At last Israel has found out that a double edged citizen is only an asset for Israeli politicians to fund the elections for the mayorship and primaries.
18. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.03.08)
I see that most of the people who are shouting GO GO GO to OUR PM live in teh States where I am sure there has never ever been a scandal involving a Head of State ------ and I don't remember Israelis yelling for anyone to go!!!!!
19. #8 Just check out the amount of knowledge coming from Israel
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.03.08)
and that from Canada!!!!! Canadians rely totally on Israeli knowledge, much of which was encouraged when the PM was Minister of Trade and Industry. Wehn did you last use you computer, cell phone SMS heart stent gastrosopic camera etc etc etc If you think Israelis are stupid then just try to do without our inventions!!!!
20. Out out Olmert
Hilda ,   US   (05.03.08)
Maybe Israel is commg to its senses . Maybe G-d decided Israel has had enough and needs that miricle to say NO to all the enemies and make beliee friends.
21. 19 despite being westerners, amount of knowledge from Israel
is much less than from Canada.
22. Olmert's departure
Dsvid ,   New York, USA   (05.03.08)
So, it will be some petty corruption probe that will oust Olmert rather than his mismanagement of the second Lebanon war which left Hezbollah in tact and stronger today than it was before the war began? ISRAEL WAKE UP!!!!!!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.03.08)
Any MK or Cabinet Minister, including the Prime Minister, who is being questioned under caution MUST resign or at least suspend himself! It is time that Livni, Dichter, Mofaz, Ramon, Shitreet, Ha Negbi and the rest of the founding fathers of Kadima pushed him out. Speaker Dalia Itzick, as Speaker of the Knesset cannot do it publicly but she can and should "advise" the Prime Minister to resign in private. Olmert, its time to face the music and do the right thing. You let us down in the war show us now that you are man enough to face the music.
24. #18 Sheila
Jay3 ,   Israel   (05.03.08)
What ever happened to your common sense? Your love for the appeasing fool Olmert is sickening. I notice time and time again you you try and defend his criminal actions.....why? Are you related to him or are you another one on his pay roll? Or perhaps you are just another blind leftie fool that doesnt care for Israels survival. Whatever it is, you have no justification in supporting this corrupt evil man that only cares about himself and attaining a bogus nobel peace prize like his friends Arafat and Peres.
25. Jay - do you always accuse those you disagree with?
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.03.08)
Not related, never received a penny, and object to the suggestion I did. As opposed to many of those who write a load of drivel from lack of knowledge I have interviewed him many times and taken others to interview him. What I say is simple - in a democratic country with a full legal system everyone is innocent until proven guilty. (Check out the new law introduced by Adv. Yehuda Ressler) In any other country the leaking of accusations and rumours would have already created a case for mistrial!!!!!
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