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Barak: Nothing can destroy Israel
Sima Kadmon, Alex Fishman
Published: 07.05.08, 13:10
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1. "Nothing can destroy Israel"
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
because G-d won't allow His country to His children to be destroyed and not because of the IDF. And if the Jews will repent they will be able to get back the rest of the country which was taken or given away to our enemies.
2. A failure in 1999-2001, no need for an encore
Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (05.07.08)
Barak is naive? Notice how he has no principles, and switches his positions on negotiations under fire with Syria, Hamas and Abbas on a weekly basis with an eye on the polls and the next election When will Barak apologize for CREATING the situation in South Lebanon today? That is - free rein for Hezbollah to operate however they see fit. Barak abandoned our allies, the SLA and abandoned the North. Then he failed to respond adequately to the October 2000 riots and let the uprising spiral out of control into the third intifada. Of course no need to mention the revolving door policy on terrorists, and supplying Arafat's fatah movement with guns and ammunition (as Rabin's defense minister) Barak Naive??? How about just stupid. He doesn't get it. And whatever he tries to spin you this week about him being on the "right" of this government - he will be on the "left" tomorrow morning if it will return him to power.
3. Nothing except
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (05.07.08)
politicians like Barak, Smolmert and company.
4. nothing can destroy israel; only barak and olmert will
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (05.07.08)
5. "Nothing can destroy Israel"
moshe ,   brooklyn   (05.07.08)
No one can destroy Israel, but Israel herself!
6. Barak is in a dream world
JAy3 ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
He has no understanding of the Arab mentality. Any apology by Israel is seen in the Arab world as an admission of guilt. Arabs only understand and respect force, something our government seems to think will hinder the bogus peace process. There will be no peace until we show them all our force!
7. Better chance Israel destroys herself
Chootz La'aretz   (05.07.08)
The existential threat to Israel is not nearly as severe as the threat posed to Israel by her own citizens. The split won't happen due to Israeli Muslims and Christians vs Jews, but will be due to the rift between Ashkenazi vs. Mizrahi, Haredi vs. Secular, those that live within the Green Line vs. those that don't, Zionists vs. Religious Zionists, Left vs. Right, etc. There are so many underlying currents and rifts within Israeli society itself that need to be addressed before any peace treaties can be formulated with her neighbours.
8. Barak was a failed PM no need to repeat
Al   (05.07.08)
If indeed the Israeli people re-elect this tool then they deserve what they will get. This loser left Lebanon with his tail between his legs. When the intifada started in 2000 he was too shell shocked to reply. And today after 1100 dead and 10K wounded along with the expulsion of 10K from Gaza, there are those fools who want him back. Thanks to him and other low calibre leaders (Sharon Olmert Peres Livni...etc) Israel is in deep shit. Iran is barking at the door while the USA is about to put you in a head lock. So what is it going to be? Decide...Live or do you want to die? Go ahead...Decide and just do it.
9. Barak talks like he is clinically brain dead
Gary A. MD ,   Boston MA USA   (05.07.08)
Only a true fool would say what he did.
10. "Nothing can destroy Israel"
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   Mount Baron , Golan   (05.07.08)
AMEN :-)~
MOSHE ,   US   (05.07.08)
12. Not to be trusted.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.07.08)
13. Possible Interpretation of this Interview...(1/2)
Joe ,   B'klyn   (05.07.08)
Q - In a recent cabinet meetings, (Internal Security) Minister Avi Dichter said that the people of Ashkelon are treated like perishable equipment. A - "I didn't hear him say that, but in any case, I don't think anyone is treating the residents – who have truly been in a dire situation for a very long time – like perishable equipment. We're in a war zone and the challenge is a big one. I can’t promise everything will get better today, but I can tell you this: Israel's finest are fighting this battle and we will see peace and security in the area again. THIS MEANS - I don't know know how to stop the shooting and protect the TENS of thousands of residents. Q - So how do we deal with the military buildup in Gaza? A - "We've already been inside Gaza, and while we were there Qassams were fired and the armament was ongoing. We might have to go back into Gaza – we have to be ready for that. We're not thrilled about it, but if and when we decide to do it, the operation won't resemble the Second Lebanon War. A - THIS MEANS - I don't know know how to stop the shooting and protect the TENS of thousands of residents. Q - And should war break out, is the military ready? "We are more ready than ever before, even if we have to face a combined front. Then again the other side has discovered that our home front is vulnerable – which takes us back to my original premise – wars should be prevented." THIS MEANS - If we can't even protect our citizens in Sderot or Ashkelon, how much can you really expect from Barak & Olmert? Q - That may be so, but you're still the government's rightist marker. "I don't think it's a question of who wants peace more, or who is willing to do more for it. THIS MEANS: Rather than learn lessons from the futile Disengagement, ISRAEL will PROVE TO THE WORLD that she wants peace MORE by throwing TENS OF MORE THOUSANDS OF JEWS OUT OF THEIR HOMES - WHAT COURAGE & LEADERSHIP!
14. Possible Interpretations of this Interview (2/2)
Joe ,   B'klyn   (05.07.08)
Q - So what are you doing to help the Palestinians? You could have ordered the removal of checkpoints and outposts, push financial initiatives – nothing has been done since you took office. A - "I categorically disagree. There has been a huge boost since I took office. Things which have been stuck for years are moving ahead and new projects are being devised. There are 16 major checkpoints in the West Bank – we've removed two and are in the process of removing the third. More may follow, but you have to understand that these checkpoints are directly linked to our security infrastructure. That is how we protect the citizens of Israel." There are some differences emanating from the realm of my responsibilities. The political leadership is responsible for protecting the identity of the State of Israel and bringing about the reality of two states for two peoples. THIS MEANS - a) Checkpoints protects Israelis from terrorist attacks; and b) Barak has removed and continues to remove them, thereby adding to the LACK OF security of Jews, besides those UNPROTECTED in Sderot, Ashkelon & their outlying areas. Vision of a TRUE leader? Q - Are you or aren’t you in favor of peace negotiations with Syria? A - "Israel has a first-class interest in seeing Syria out of the axis of evil." ... We have an interest in seeing Syria out of the axis of evil and that won’t come without a price… THIS MEANS that BARAK give up the Golan & throw out all of the citizens who live there, thereby jeopardizing the security of the ENTIRE country - not just the citizens of Sderot, Askelon & the West Bank who have already lost their security. THIS is a Defense Minister! Q - Are you sorry you didn't resign form the government after the release of the Winograd Report? A - "I was very close to resigning after the report. I was six months into the job, submerged in urgent matters. consulted with a lot of people whose opinion I respect and after much deliberation I realized that the responsible thing to do was to stay. I knew I would be criticized by the media, and I even accept some of that criticism, but I did the right thing. I don't regret it." THIS MEANS - Are you KIDDING?!?! Resign and lose all that $$$$$$$$$? Remeber all those deals with China when he was last in office? Resign? Barak is no fool when it comes to HIS security!
15. #1 What exactly do you mean...
Edwin   (05.07.08)
..."if the Jews will repent"?
16. Nothing destroys Isr? Dana International can; she is dashing
Israel has no interest in harming innocent people, but with changing interests it will kill them all.
17. This man is a fool
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.07.08)
Hashem can destroy Israel if it doesn't keep His Mitzvots.
18. Barak doesn't run the world
Yaakov ,   Bnai Brak Israel   (05.07.08)
God runs the world--not Barak. The strongest army in the world will not protect us, unless we reckon with God & receive His protection. With crazy terrorists & nuclear bombs, this fact is more clear this generation than ever before.
19.  Miriam #1
Rozz ,   San Pedro   (05.07.08)
"nothing can desroy Israel" Miriam! Then you'd better hurry up and get rid of your ruling party, KADIMA. Because it is your crooked government like Olmert; Barak Livni etc. etc. etc. that IS destroying G-d's land. Not much time left I'm afraid. God help the innocent Jews.
20. Barak; Livni; Olmert etc.
Rozz ,   San Pedro   (05.07.08)
Yeah........ talk is cheap.
21. Barak is right - nothing can destroy our country- Israel,
Ida ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
but some-body can and are doing - they are our so called "leaders"
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