Olmert's former bureau chief questioned by police
Efrat Weiss
Published: 04.05.08, 18:18
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1. "has yet to raise the possibility of..............
SUSAN GOLD   (05.04.08)
Olmert's suspension from office." OTHER REPORTS SAID THE POSIBILITY OF SUSPENTION HAS NOT BEEN RAISED. THE WEIS "TWIST" IS THAT IT "has yet to raise the possibility" BUT, WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT FROM THE LIKES OF THE "SETTLER" PRINCESS OF DISTORTION ? Her contrivent manipulation of reality makes me ashamed that like her, I'm a woman !
2. This article ends with a quote from.........
TAMY GOLDSTEIN ,   N.R.   (05.04.08)
perez ? THE SELF SERVING, LOOSE TONGUED SCUM OF THE EARTH, IS PLAYING THE RETICENT GAME ? This is how the story ends ? This is the most saliant point one is to be left with ? OH, IT'S AN EFRAT WEISS YELLOW JOURNALISM PIECE !
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