22-year-old Israeli found dead in Peru; police suspect foul play
Neta Sela
Published: 05.05.08, 00:03
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1. Not sure why ALL Israelis travel so much
David ,   Sydney, Australia   (05.05.08)
I am not sure why Israelis have to travel to places like Sth America after the army. Fair enough the fighters that have been under stress for a long time. However, many of these tourists are young, naive, inexperienced and the women in particular only have 24 months of jobnik army experience. No other life experiences and therefore get themselves into trouble. Maybe they should get real jobs or go to university and become mature before galavanting around the world
2. Israeli Tourist killed in Peru
Millicent ,   Israel   (05.05.08)
First of all my sincere condolences to the family. Why are all these young Israelis traveling in such a dangerous manner(alone) in such countries where many before them have been murdered while traveling alone? If these young people insist on traveling abroad, they should go with a group and stay with the group because you are generally safer traveling in a group than alone. Also why go to such dangerous isolated places in the first place? There are plenty of places that are cheaper to go in Europe,America, but to go hiking alone especially a female in a latin american country is asking for trouble! India is also dangerous to travel alone as well especially for a female , so for your own safety if you must go to these out of the way places go with a group and stay with the group, you may just save your life, and your parents fom anguish!
3. I agree w/ #1
Jonathan ,   Ramat Gan   (05.05.08)
I have travelled South America myself, but that came well after travelling Western Europe, living on my own for a number of years in urban environments (much more urban than Tel Aviv), and studying. Even then, I was not wandering through Areqipa, I was travelling to well known tourist destinations and enjoying the Bogota/Lima night life. My condolensces go to the family of this poor young girl, and I dread that such a thing happen again in the future however, maybe this will serve as a lesson to these "pressured" Israeli kids to choose their destinations a little more wisely.
4. body of asher green
judith green ,   jerusalem, israel   (05.05.08)
It is true that my son, Asher, died in the same area as Tamar. However, his death was caused by a fall in Colca Canyon, not by any criminal activity which is implied by the article.
5. It is curious why so many people want to see Israel while
Rivkah   (05.05.08)
Israelis want to travel somewhere else. India and South America appear to be perilous for Israelis since so many Israeli travelers there are murdered. I don't see Israelis being murdered in Egypt and Muslim countries they visit, but Peru and Bolivia and other Roman Catholic countries appear to be more hazardous than the Muslim countries. Personally, I was attacked by Roman Catholics several times for being a Saturday Sabbath keeper. Jews do not think the Roman Catholics are enemies to beware of but if they read the book "The Great Controversy" about the persecutions of Saturday Sabbath keepers by the Roman Catholic Church, they will find a copy of a pledge Roman Catholic Jesuit priests must sign to become a Priest. In it, they agree to kill enemies of the Church if asked to do so. A lot of Roman Catholics are as fanatical about killing on command as Muslims. Perhaps Israelis should visit safer places and just watch National Geographic films about Peru and Bolivia and most other Roman Catholic countries. Or they should stick to the Jewish communities in those countries. I noticed that the Jews from Mexico who visit Israel tell me their children go to Jewish schools as a general rule to maintain their separate identities and not be pressured into Roman Catholicism.
6. 4 Are you sure he was not pushed since you were not there?
7. My condolences
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (05.05.08)
Boroch dayan ho'emes. Judith Green, this must be very painful for you. I hope you will not spend any attention on comment #6 (it will not get us anywhere and will only cause you pain). Apparently, Hashem decided that He wanted Asher and Tamar to join Him now already. Be sure that they will be in a better place than we are still in.
8. I am sorry but common sense must prevail..
Al   (05.05.08)
I had my kid who had been in Israel forever join me here. It has taken me 2 years to get the Israeli schnorrer attitude of entitlement knocked out of his head. He understands that here in Canada, you either work or study...There is no goofing off at least as I'm concerned. I dont know what it is with Israeli kids or adults for that matter, but quite frankly I find them to be rather childish. There are exeptions of course but that attitude of entitlement has got to go.
9. Our hearts are with you Tamar ALWAYS!
Timor ,   Toronto   (05.05.08)
As a friend of Tamar , I'd like to express my deep sadness and my condolences go to all her family members and friends. I knew her for years , she was very hard working person and cheerful girl. Even as a growing teenager she was always mature and responsible person. No wonder she realized that travelling in that area could be dangerous for her , as well as many other people. It's sad , very sad. Unfortunatelly it won't stop anyone from travelling . things can happen anywhere/anytime . Sometimes the destiny awaits faraway from our homes. We never forget you Tamar!
10. Our adventurous Youth
muriel ,   israel   (05.05.08)
There have been quite a few instances where Israeli youth have gone missing / murdered around the world - in India, lately in New Zealand and now in Peru in their quest for adventure. It would be wise not to travel alone and if possible be armed.
11. #5 Rivka - to get away from you my dear
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.05.08)
a reason why so many young isrealis , you know the ones that actually give 3 years of their lives in service of their country unlike your harideem pals. Hav e had enough of the army and all these religious nuts telling us how to live our lives , judging and slandering us, the threat of terrorism and war and you wondere why they want to get away? well duh !
12. The trip of a lifetime
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (05.06.08)
These kids go into the army at 18. While most kids that age are partying these kids are carrying a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Afterwards they need to get away, the more exotic and remote the better. Despite their years of army service they are naive I hope they read this story and exercise a little caution in the future. Danger does not end with the army.
13. 11 Simon: When I went to Latin countries, I hired a
Rivkah   (05.06.08)
driver who was also a translator and body guard. I was not alone except when I was in a hotel room at night and he was in his room at my expense. He was recommended by a travel agency. I learned a lot from him on the hazards of traveling in Latin countries that Israelis need to learn since they are getting killed after IDF service when they let their guard down. It is so dangerous driving through a town that the windows must be rolled up or people will grab a driver's arm and break it to get a watch off his wrist at an intersection when the vehicle is stopped. People are poor and desperate and they attack. I learned about what roads and highways you cannot travel on after sunset because chains are locked to tree trunks and the end of a pickup truck that pulls the chain taught when a tourista is coming along the road. What did the young Israelis learn in the IDF if they did not learn to be cautious? Why should I want people to stay in Israel when they want to see the world? Sadly, they do not know the dangers of leaving Israel since most have lived there most of their lives. They think they leave danger when they get away from Palestinians. They enter a world that so rabidly despises the people of God that the slaughter of six million of them led to the rebirth of Israel. The Lord rebuke you.
14. 11 Simon cont'd: I served in the US Navy for eight years.
Rivkah   (05.06.08)
Before that I was a dependent child of a US Army officer. After serving in the US Navy for eight years, (three years active duty and five in the Ready Reserves as a volunteer since there was no money to pay medical reservists), I then spent another ten years as a Navy wife. You imply I do not understand young Israelis going abroad after a mere three years of IDF service. I do not understand dropping their guard. I felt safer in Israel than in most other places I have ever been and I have been in a lot of countries around the world. Israeli youth think they are in the danger zone of the world and every other place is safer. Israel will become more hazardous and is dangerous in some ways in some places. But most of the rest of the world is far worse.
15. this death have nothing to be with religion
Ali ,   Peru   (05.06.08)
i am sorry but i think u have issues i am catholic and we dont really care about u being jewish or muslim...and this death have nothing to do with it.
16. 15 Ali: If religion has nothing to do with crime, then why
Rivkah   (05.06.08)
was there no crime in the huge city of Chicago when a Roman Catholic Pope visited the city years ago? You know as well as I do that most criminals are Roman Catholic and they took the day off, so there was no crime in the city that day. Same in South America. In the USA, most towns did not even have a police department before the Roman Catholics starting emigrating en masse from Ireland in the 1800's because of the potato famine. Like the Hispanic emigrants to America now, they brought their Roman Catholic crime natures with them. Commit a crime and confess it and be absolved and forgiven so they can go do some more crimes. Of course, absolution involves giving part of their crime money to the Roman Catholic Church. Who do you think builds the Catholic churches and church schools? Mafia Don Joe Bonano almost singlehandedly financed the building of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School on Campbel Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, USA. That is typical. So, I believe you are wrong. Religion had a role in the death of this young woman: the religion of the attacker that approves of crime by absolving the criminals as long as they pay their share to the church. If the Catholic church REALLY cared about the poor, they would not rob the poor to build elaborate cathedrals and live a delicate lifestyle while the poor go hungry and have to steal and kill to get money for more churches.
17. 11 Simon: Traveling in Korea is even more dangerous than in
Rivkah   (05.06.08)
Latin countries. There, the thieves cut off your hand for a ring or cut off your arm for a watch. Young IDF discharges who cannot survive in India or South America on vacations had best avoid Korea.
18. I think your advice is excellent, Rivkah.
Kev ,   London   (05.07.08)
I hope more young Israelis will listen to you. I believe that quite a lot of good has come from the Catholic Church (virtually all of the cops in the early life of NYC were Irish catholics), but am in 100% agreeance with caution exercised from your perspective. The Devil definitely has a particular hatred for Jews. I have actually seen people stirred up and say things against them when they never usually do, just because I am with Jewish friends (and they did not know they were Jewish). Only Goyim that have an active relationship with Hashem have been awakened to love Israel. Young Israelis, please heed these warnings...
19. 18 Kev: Thank you. I do try to help people. The reawakening
Rivkah   (05.07.08)
of goyim to the Torah and of the Jews to the coming Messiah (who is coming again to grafted on goyim) is the rebirth of the whole House of Jacob: Jews and all the other tribes of Jacob as well as grafted on gentiles. It is wonderful to live in these times and see the House of Jacob slowly becoming whole and one again. There are so many who think they are saved eternally who hate Jews and Israel and Jerusalem and think they have replaced the Jews in God's plan. Yeshua said RELIGIOUS unbelievers are children of the devil. These are people who think they know God and think they are doing God a service when they attack and kill Jews. They are so deceived and brainwashed. It is the Jews who are the root of the faith who have kept the Torah and are Jews in their hearts. The Goyim are grafted onto the tree of faith if they love the Torah. Yeshua said those who love him will obey his commandments. I used to go to Sunday churches and met more adulterers and adulteresses and criminals there than most other places. Truly, the savior said RELIGIOUS unbelievers are children of the devil. It is heartbreaking to think most of those people who hate God's sabbath and the people of God's promises are going to hell and don't know it. I had to get away from them because they tried to kill me and harm me in many ways when they say a Star of David pendant I wore. You understand how they attack you when you are with Jews people do not even know outwardly are Jews.
20. Rivkah...
Kev ,   London   (05.07.08)
Rivkah, I completely agree with what you said. What God is doing in this era with the goyim believers is evidence that the end times are here, and that the gentiles are being grafted into the true root. I think that the era for the disastrously erroneous teachings of replacement theology, is over. I also think that anyone who believes that they are an individual saved by Hashem, but does not love Israel is under a deception. If someone claims to love Y’shua but does not love Israel - or even hates Israel, then they must be subject to supernatural influences that are not of Hashem. Yes, it is the Jews who are the root of the faith, into which the saved gentiles will be grafted. If a gentile does not love the Jews, how can he love the true root of his salvation? I think that a vast amount of Catholics fit into the category of ‘religious unbelievers’ that you mentioned. I’ve seen some strange things when with Jewish friends, you know. You can almost see people being stirred up about them. They start spurting lies about how Israel is responsible for all of the trouble in the Middle East and these are the kind of people that NEVER talk about politics. The presence of a Jewish person there (whom they do not know is Jewish), stirs them up! I’ve seen that so many times that it just convinces me all the more of the reality of Satan, the depraved state of mankind, the spiritual susceptibility of human beings and the indisputable fact that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people.
21. 20 Kev: Amen to all you said. What the Christians do not
Rivkah   (05.07.08)
know is that Jews who are Jews in their hearts DO worship Yeshua under the name of Adonai. ONLY the Jews are blinded to the name of the Messiah by God, so they are not held accountable in my opinion for not knowing the advent of the Messiah as a sacrificial lamb and servant to graft on the Gentiles to the Jewish faith. Gentile Christians, however, ARE held accountable to know the NAME of the Messiah. But they fail in their faith by not obeying the Commandments which Yeshua said those who love Him would obey. When I try to explain to Sunday sabbath people they are breaking a commandment, they become furious and attack me. They think Yeshua rose on a Sunday when he was taken down from the tree/cross before the sabbath which would be a Friday or a Wednesday if there was a sabbath that was not the weekly shabbat but a special shabbat as Rabbi Michael Rood discovered. That would mean Yeshua rose on Saturday OR on Monday. It was not possible for Him to have resurrected on Sunday. The reason for the Sunday worship is that was the day ancient pagan religions worshipped. It is the devil's day since the devil loves sun worship and is sometimes called Apollo, the sun god in myths. Thank you for your kind comments. I try to encourage and help others; but I need an "attaboy" or "attagirl" sometimes, too. May God bless you for your kindness.
22. Rivkah...
Kev ,   London   (05.08.08)
I completely agree with all that you said there, and am of the opinion that we are seeing a new unity on the spiritual horizon between the Jewish people, and the believers in Yeshua. I think that you explain it very comprehensively and I completely agree about gentile believers being held responsible for the name of the Messiah, (and being true Jews), and the Jewish believers in Adonai being saved, because they are already subject to the Messiah. I thank God for those truths, and totally agree with the respective criticisms that you iterate. Well said. I always enjoy reading your comments, but I think your conclusions on that subject are absolutely spot on. I have an increasing number of Gentile and Jewish friends who are coming to these conclusions and wait in expectant hope for all who have trusted in Hashem to become one family. What a day that shall be! Rest assured, many of your comments probably do more illuminating good than we'll ever realise.
23. 22: Kev: Thank you. You are so kind.
Rivkah   (05.09.08)
24. Couchsurfing
Alexandre Andrade ,   Mangaratiba, Brazil   (04.24.09)
I was contacted by her to host her in my place and before leaving Israel I had an idea about the places she was going to visit. We changed 7 messages and never met her. Today I learned what happenned and I am very sorry.
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