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Story of a Jewish-American hero
Published: 05.05.08, 14:35
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1. definitely a hero of israel
augustine e johnson ,   birmingham- usa   (05.05.08)
he was definitely a hero of israel ========= augustine e johnson - usa
2. I've attended his funeral in Mt.Herzl J-M
Miri   (05.05.08)
Indeed a real Jewish Hero. RIP GIBOR ISRAEL
3. A true hero
Mark ,   USA   (05.05.08)
This film brought me to tears.
4. Hero
Joseph ,   USA   (05.05.08)
An example for the Jewish nation Z"L
5. how do the rest of us see the movie?
AT ,   Boston USA   (05.05.08)
6. A light upon the nation.......a true zionist hero
freejay3 ,   Israel   (05.05.08)
Thank you to his family for raising such a fine young man with his heart in the right place. You should be as proud of him as he was of Israel! A true hero!
7. loyalty
Marc ,   USA   (05.06.08)
where is this guys loyalty to the USA.? He should have been fighting in Iraq for his country..
8. to #7
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.06.08)
The point you bring up is interesting, because the Jewish-Americans often are accused of double loyalty. And this is an example that shows that there isn't any. The guy moved to Israel without his family. He joined the army. He died fighting for the country to which he owed his loyalty. American Jews living in the US are just like the rest of the population. They are loyal to the United States. And many of them serve in the US forces. In fact, I know several guys currently serving in Iraq, all immigrants to the US. My point being that a Jew feeling primary loyalty to Israel moves to Israel. And at that point you can't demand of him to fight for Bush family's financial well-being.
9. he grew up in a Conservative home
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.06.08)
Conservative, not as YNET translated "traditional". Or so I would guess, as the word in Hebrew is the same. Plus he went to the USY camps, which are clearly affiliated with the Conservative movement. And yes, it is important in view of the outcry that is sure to arise once YNET publishes the news about Israeli government financing the building of Reform and Conservative synagogues.
10. To Incognito
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (05.07.08)
Good Point. USY and Camp Ramah are conservative institutions that have made a gigantic contribution to the State of Israel. Due to these movements generations of children have learned love for Judaism and Zionism. Many of their alumni have become made aliyah and have become valued citizens.
11. the tie that binds. michael knew he was needed in the
debra ,   usa   (05.07.08)
jewish nation and he answered the call. his life and death show clearly jews everywhere are united by our faith and history. no jew stands alone anymore. with the existence of israel, the jewish people now have our own home.
12. View Movie Online
Joe A. ,   Efrat, Israel   (05.07.08)
Here's the link:
13. #12 Thanks for posting the link Joe
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.07.08)
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