75% of population: War within next 5 years
Published: 05.05.08, 18:08
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1. War in the next 5 years
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya   (05.05.08)
It better be a lot quicker than that if Iran is to be dealt with
2. The Bible says in the generation that Israel becomes a
Rivkah   (05.05.08)
nation again, that is the generation the Messiah comes at Armageddon. There will be other wars before that, so the question is, how long is a generation and did the countdown begin in 1948 or in 1967? Psalms set the timeclock for a generation at 72 years, but Dr. Jack Van Impe calculated that a generation is 52 years. 1948 plus 72 years is 2020. 1967 plus 52 years is 201 9. 1967 plus 72 is 2029. Why 1967? That is when the Jews recaptured Jerusalem. There are many possibilities for the year of Armageddon, but wars will preced that year and it is coming fast. God is on the side of the House of Jacob, something unfathomable to US SEC STATE Condoleeza Rice who has little understanding of the Blacks in America preying on Whites and themselves and others, much less an understanding of Palestinians preying on Jews. She has so little understanding that she will set the stage for Armageddon by dividing Jerusalem if that is possible instead of going back to the International Agreement of the Balfour Declaration borders approved by the League of Nations. Wars are coming and perhaps ten percent of the world's population will still be alive to fight at Armageddon on horseback. The blood in the valley of Jehoshephat will be to the horses' bridles, so the troops will be riding horses at Armageddon. Why? Because nuclear wars before that will have devastated other capacities. The EU already has a cavalry for attacks since that cannot be detected by radar. How will people's eyes melt without nuclear weapons at Armageddon? Acid rain is one possibilty. Acid rain from an asteroid hitting gypsom sulfur that combines with rain drops to form sulfuric acid rain. Is there a gypsom deposit near the Valley of Jehoshephat?
3. War with hiz-bull-ah within 1 year, mark my words.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.05.08)
4. Road Map leads to war ,not peace
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.05.08)
Israel's religious obedience to their idol George only leads to one place .As we see with the Buush democratic vote success in Gaza ,more of the same is on the way unless Israel snaps out of their delusional servitude to their false god america.
5. This is due to hate education in Arab schools
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.05.08)
When will they learn to teach tolerance and peace? Not until that happens will there be peace. Arabs need to teach the real history of the land. Not made up ones that suit their dictators and theocrats.
6. Our “partner in peace.”
Roni Cohen   (05.05.08)
Mahmoud Abbas - Israel's partner in peace talks and the head of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority - enjoys a reputation as a "moderate," largely in light of his juxtaposition with the arch-terrorists of his rivals/allies in Hamas. However, he now says that terrorism and violence against Israel are actually the preferred approach, and certainly need not be ruled out in the future. "At present," Abbas told the Jordanian newspaper A-Doustour, "I am against an armed struggle against Israel because we can't do it, but in the coming stages, things may change. I do not rule out a return to the way of armed struggle against Israel," Abbas said in the Wednesday night interview. Lets face reality : Their goal is Israel’s destruction and that is why nothing has worked and nothing will work as to the roots of “Palestinian” nationalism it is explained at :
7. To David in Boston
Concerned   (05.05.08)
When they get their rights back, then they teach how great and fair you are... Otherwise, expect nothing.
8. # 2 Rivka and now for a reality check
Citizen X ,   TA Israel   (05.05.08)
mean while for the rest of us that actually live in reality and not believe in some myth like fairy tale................
9. i bet with all of you > within 1 year!
against syria, lebanon, iran and gaza/wb
10. #7, Rights back? Jews are banned from Jordan Palestine
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.05.08)
What rights do you mean? Arabs are equal citizens in Israel under the law. Jews are second class citizens in Arabs countries if they are even allowed there. Almost 1 million Jewish refugees. Jordan Palestine has a law banning Jewish land ownership and citizenship. PA imprisons Arabs who sell land to Jews. Arabs dont have to serve in the IDF but they get the benefits of Jews (and Druze and some Bedoin) protecting them. What rights are you talking about? Arabs have alot more rights than Jews in the MIddle East and even in Israel. Israel has given more rights to the Arabs than they give themselves. Arabs forced these camps on Arab refugees and forced them to stay. Israel tried to help. How about the fact that Arabs got over 80% of the land of Israel, and Israel accepted less than 20% of what they deserved. Still Arabs tried to wipe out Israel. Arabs REFUSED a second Arab Palestinian state for 80 years. Jews said yes EVERY time. What are you talking about????? What do they deserve? NOTHING as far as I am concerned. Most people around the world do with what they can. Arabs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria given more than anyone else and piss it away or use it to incite and kill. Pakistan separated from India...MILLIONS moved. Look at Germany and Poland. Look at former Yugoslavia. Time for Arab world to live up to rest of world.
11. We've been at war for a hundred years.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.05.08)
And we'll probably be at war for a hundred more.
12. Yes, we are already at a war
Freejay3 ,   Israel   (05.05.08)
How blind can some people be? There is no peace partners! All the Arabs want us dead and have continually waged war with us, even to this day. The PA Charter clearly calls for our destruction, and they are presently trying as hard as they can to achieve their goal! THIS IS WAR!
13. 41 Terry: There has been a war since Adam and Eve left Eden.
Rivkah   (05.06.08)
There was war between Cain and Abel who was murdered. There was war against God in the hearts of people at Babel. There have been wars against the House of Jacob for many thousands of years and will be until the Messiah comes. War is nothing new for the Jews. The suffered conflicts in the diaspora and also when the came back to the new Israel. So it will be until the Lord puts down their enemies.
14. 8 Citizen X: You need to study some more to catch up.
Rivkah   (05.06.08)
Those who live with their heads in the sand like ostriches will not survive.
15. War within the next 5 yrs
Millicent ,   Israel   (05.06.08)
We are already in a war now with our enemies, lest you forget the daily rocket fire on Sderot and Ashkelon! The Pales. talk of"peace" yet their charter calls for the destruction of Israel,and why are they still trying to send bombers into Israel every chance they get? The Pales. don't what peace with Israel they want the whole Piece of Israel from the North to the South of the country, that is the only piece they want!
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