Foreign national involved in new PM probe
Ynet reporters
Published: 06.05.08, 10:20
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1. Dramatic dev: - he's not a liar, he's honest! We all wish..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.06.08)
2. There are only two things that interest me about Olmert:
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (05.06.08)
When will he resign? When will we have the next elections?
3. Exactly when are you Israelis going . . .
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (05.06.08)
to wake up? You are failing to smell the stink of the Pope's Old World Order. Political tools like Olmert and Perski are being FORCED on your country. The entire meaning of a "Two State" solution is that a Third Party like the Dope of Rome and his foreign troops will have to come in and squat on the Promised Land. Olmert's likely corrupt character qualifies him for his present position.
5. Getting rid of Olmert is not enough.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.06.08)
Unless we have elections, we will be stuck with Livni as acting-PM. If anything, she is naive to the point of stupidity. Of course, she's not a crook like Olmert, but capable she's not.
6. #5 I agree with you and would like to add
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (05.06.08)
...That the entire corrupt government should be purged and in their places, install Jews who love Israel, and love being Jewish.
7. Gagged
Bill ,   US   (05.06.08)
This items fails to say who petitioned the court to remove the gag Order. A glaring omission. Item fails to say whether or not material witness statement can be used in court as evidence absent that material witness. Not only new election needed now but also new system of directly representative government required to change the present method is long overdue.
8. What lousy timing !
muriel ,   israel   (05.06.08)
Some times we are our own worst enemy !! I wish Olmert good luck.
9. Go away man, keeping your dignity!
Arthur ,   Israel   (05.06.08)
10. "Foreign national involved"
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.06.08)
Great material for conspiracy theorists. Is this the work of Condi Rice to pressure Olmert to make more concessions? Is it the work of the CIA because Olmert is making too many concessions? Is it a plot by the left or a plot by the right? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, so I'll stick to the simplist explanation. Olmert is a crook.
11. foreign national involved
observer   (05.06.08)
Is Israel joining US in prosecuting double edged citizens? At last, Israel has found out that a double edged citizen is only an asset for Israeli politicians to fund the elections for the mayorship and primaries.
12. In a democracy there should be transparency in these cases.
Nannette ,   London   (05.06.08)
13. #8 - not sure what your post means ..
redmiike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (05.06.08)
It obviously meant something to you when you wrote it, but it means nothing to others. Calm down and please post again. Unless saying 'I wish Olmert good luck' means that you work for the PMO and spin, and in that case please don't bother. Olmert is the most investigated and most unpopular PM in the history of Israel an we (the people) want to get rid of him asap. Mike
14. #12 (transparency) - and there will be, but mustn't be now!
redmiike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (05.06.08)
Olmert would love to know what Shula Zaken is telling the police so that he can lie accordingly. He doesn't know because she is under house arrest which is wonderful. Democracy isn't a cover all word which means throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Olmert already knows that his 'laundryman" Morris Talansky is spilling the beans and that's a pity. Mike
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