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Poll: Most Israelis see themselves as Jewish first, Israeli second
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 08.05.08, 08:09
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1. Jewish ID; Jews first, Israel second?
observer   (05.08.08)
it is not racism at all?
2. what! what were the ?s and who answered them?
Ami Israel ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.08)
who structured and paid for this survey? Who does the survey pander too? Really? We see ourselves as Jews first and as Israelis second? Somehow I am not convinced!!
3. #1- (observer) the Hypocrite
David G   (05.08.08)
Apparently it is only a problem when Israeli Jews assert their Jewish identity and their connection with the Jewish people as a whole. When Israeli Arabs identify themselves as Arab or Palestinian over Israeli and relate to the wider Arab world this is normal and justified. Once again we see that there is one standard for Jews/Israel and another for the rest of the world.
Nowhere Man ,   Metropolis, Zion   (05.08.08)
Am Yisrael is eternal in time & space.
5. interesting because paqid is 1) israeli 2) orthodox 3) jew
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.08.08)
or so he claims.
6. Jewish first?
Adam Shapiro   (05.08.08)
According to the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, initiated by leftists such as Ben Gurion, the declaration calls for the establishment of A JEWISH STATE IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL. By this most lenient view, this shows that one is a Jew before an Israeli.
7. Too bad Olmert is in that other 6%
Susan ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
8. success of Zionism
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.08)
many of the seculars see themselves as Israeli first, but still as part of the worldwide Jewish people. This is what Israel enables--secular Jews to feel part of being Jewish, even if it has an Israeli emphasis. In other words, these seculars are saying that they're Jewish but that being Israeli is the way of being Jewish that works for them, since religion means less to them. Most secular Jews outside of Israel don't have the national-identity alternative and, especially in the younger generation, have weak ties to the Jewish people or none.
9. Cheers :0 Idiots , dont fight today !
10. As long as most Jews remember they're Jews, there's hope.
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
11. First, we are Jewish : Te Land of Israel belongs to the Jewi
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.08.08)
First, we are Jewish : the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. The entirety of Jerusalem as the entirety of the Land of Israel belongs exclusively to the entirety of the Jewish people. It belongs to our generation as well as to the future generations to come, and no one has the right and/or the legitimity to cede even one single square cm. of the city or the land. Agreements as a result of blackmail and pressure are not valid and will not change historical truth and International Legitimacy (The San Remo agreements). Mistakes done by Israeli government(s) in Anapolis or before should not be respected and should be put right immediately. Arabs have no case as to the Land of Israel, we should return to the original legitimity as described at :
12. First we are human
Yakob ,   I   (05.08.08)
There never was a god, nor a promise. We are all humans, and all of the earth belongs to all of humanity in common. We have a responsability to treat it and each other with care, and all of humanity must learn to share a universal brotherhood. All divisions, whether between Ashkenaz and Sephardim, between Arab and Jew, believer or not, or nations, are an abomination that cause suffering.
13. I am a Jew
Dan ,   Titusville florida   (05.08.08)
I am first a Jew which binds me to every other Jew in the world. Israel is my homeland and my beloved. God is my source of strength.
14. to # 11
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, israel   (05.08.08)
Wrong! The Jewish People belong to the Land, not the other way round.
15. # 13 Dan Agreed! Jew and Israeli the same.
petra ,   usa   (05.08.08)
Where ever a Jew travels, Israel comes to mind. our homeland, the "Promised Land" as promised by our G-d.
MEIR ,   ISRAEL   (05.08.08)
17. No. 2
NYC Girl   (05.08.08)
I was wondering the same thing because virtually all the Israelis I've known said they were Israelis first. Maybe things have changed since I was living among a lot of Israelis, but that was something my non-Israeli and non-Jewish friends were very surprised at. I guess they expected them to say they were Jews first.
18. To Yakob #12. Existence Of Your Supreme Father.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.08.08)
You write :"There never was a god ..". You have written "god" with small letter "g". But probably you meant "God" with capital letter "G". The word god with small letter "g" means controller. And God with capital letter "G" means the Supreme Controller. So, although there are many controllers -- there is ONLY one Supreme Controller. The plural controllers get their power and authority from the Supreme Controller. (BTW the word 'Supreme' means that there is no one equal to NOR higher then -- the Supreme Lord.) SO Yakob, although you may not accept the plural controllers -- no one will be angry with you. BUT to deny the existence of the Supreme Controller -- one cannot but be considered a thoroughly cursed person, again and again. BTW the Supreme Controller is the Supreme Father of all living entities, which includes all human beings, including you. Yakob, to deny the existence of your Supreme Father -- is to deny your own existence. One who denies his own existence -- his life has NO meaning, his life is meaningless !!
19. To #18
Yakob ,   I   (05.08.08)
Those words may mean that to you, but to me they mean something different. Gods, both capital and not, are creations of man, creations that distract and divide us. What's really cursed is to use that to divide humanity! Meaning? We make meaning ourselves, not find it in ancient myths or the sky. Real meaning is in universal brotherhood of man, which we need to work towards. Life is not your meaning or "NO meaning" - your truth is flawed and leads to suffering.
20. First we are Jews if we are Jews
for Goyim they are 1st Goyim! Believe your BS if you want Yakob, I'm sticking Jewish
21. isee the above photo
not jewish ,   .......   (05.09.08)
it must not on a head .some see the flag over the kippa other see the kippa over the flag .but to me sometimes this is over that and sometimes this is under that so it is upon the time and circumstanses but when it is on the head the dollar would be over both the kippa and the flag and it is the worst for the kippa and the flag
22. To Yakob #19. When Brothers Fight With Each Other.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.09.08)
You write :"... leads to suffering ". Suffering is NOT caused by Yahweh, the Supreme Lord. One human being causes suffering to another human being. Yakob, you can NOT blame Yahweh, the Supreme Lord, for the malicious activities perpetrated by human beings, perpetrated by mankind to other members of mankind !?! BTW the human being is the architect of his/her own destiny -- you can NOT blame Yahweh, the Supreme Lord, for that !?! BTW when the brothers fight with each other, and in the process kill each other -- you can NOT blame Yahweh, the Supreme Lord, for that !?! IF you want to blame, you SHOULD blame the sons -- not the Supreme Father !!!
23. To #21. You Should NOT Envy.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.09.08)
You write :".. the dollar would be over both ..". You shouldn't become envious on someone who has a nice bank balance. IF someone has some money in this lifetime -- you should know that that is given to him/her due to his/her pious activities of previous lifetimes. IN other words he/she has earned it. SO, you should NOT envy the rich person -- NOR blame Yahweh, the Supreme Lord, for the inequality seen on planet Earth.
24. #22
Yakob ,   I   (05.09.08)
I do not blame "the supreme father". I do not believe in a supreme father - HaShem does not exist, and thus deserves no blame, praise, or worship. I do blame believe in HaShem and other gods for strife. We are all humans, and we made up concepts long ago that divide us where we should be together. It is shameful that we and Arabs fight, that we call them "enemy" and they call us the same, and that we think we must hide each other from our sight - that is because we are not trying hard enough to be good people. I don't want more blood on our or their hands in this crazy struggle to be the only side left. Too many good people have died, families have been broken, and all people can say is "if the other side would just go away or submit to us". That's sad.
25. to 23
not jewish ,   ....   (05.09.08)
may i could not put it as i mean it becouse of my weak english language .i do not blame any or decide any thing it is only the image which i recognize in this time . to understand what i mean .let say the kippa is the spirit .the flag is the power and the dolar is the money ..and when money is over the power and the spirit .it would be the worst .. it is only the image and my openion on it
26. To Yakob #24. Peace On Planet Earth.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.10.08)
You say :"I do not blame the Supreme Father ". And "I do blame believe in the Supreme Father ..". Yakob, reading your TBs I get the impression that your knowledge about spiritual science is very, very, very meagre. For your information : in spiritual science there is NO difference between YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord, and His Words. The Words spoken by Yahweh -- is Yahweh, is identical with Yahweh. WHY ? Because Yahweh, the Supreme Lord, is the Absolute Truth. THAT's WHY there is no difference between Yahweh, His Name, and His Words. THE difference between God and gods is -- the gods are NOT absolute. THAT's why there is NO need to worship the gods (with small letter "g"). BUT God, the Supreme Lord, being the Absolute Truth should be worshipped -- if one is interested in peace on planet Earth, if one wants inner peace.
27. First a human beings, then
Joshef   (05.10.08)
then country without a choice, then religion by choice
28. Israelis or Jews?
Nechama ,   Israel   (05.13.08)
When an Israeli says that he is an Israeli, he means that he is a Jew too, in most cases!! He is both. But Robert K. #8 is right, most young secular American Jews would probably say they are American as so many of them are not connected to anything Jewish. Only the Orthodox there will have Jewish descendants. Here in Israel the majority of the secular will stay Jewish.
petra ,   USA   (05.13.08)
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