Foxy dilemma
Reuven Weiss
Published: 06.05.08, 12:15
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1. what hypocarcy
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.06.08)
maybe instead of going after one blonde bimbo who dosent even live in Israel they should be concentrating on the harideem who dodge the draft because of the TAL law which was just renewed with the help of Shas naturally.
2. Chilonit Draft Dodging Parasite
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (05.06.08)
Interesting limp wristed Simon isn't bashing this draft dodger.
3. I won't buy from them if she represents them!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.06.08)
She didn't serve her country for her own personal gain and she bad mouths Israel to the world. She's a self-opinionated vain, spoilt litte Brat and she makes me cringe.
4. There are thousands of stunning Israeli girls
Israel   (05.06.08)
who HAVE served their country that should be given the chance. Not a Giselle Bundchen wannabe.
5. #1 change the record
can't you talk about anything else
6. To #1 - Refaeli is, as Fox says, an influential figure
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.06.08)
If you want to attack Chardim who do not serve, thats one thing. But be even handed. She too did not serve, and publicly boasted about it. Just because she's good to look at does not mean that she's forgivable. Even Chelonim have to take responsibility.
7. Bar her from working in Israel...she only uses us!
8. She is gorgeous, but...
Rebecca ,   Canada   (05.06.08)
I thought she moved definitely to the U.S.A...? Isn't this girl Leonardo DiCaprio's fiancee? Then why choose someone who lives outside Israel to represent this company?
9. She's Right You Know
emanon ,   USA   (05.06.08)
It was George Patton who said, baiscally, "You don't win a war by dying for your country. You make some other poor SOB die for *THEIR* country!". It is only the followers of philosophy espoused by Hamas / Fatah that seem to believe it is good to die for your beliefs. Sane people want to *LIVE* for their beliefs!
10. To #9; You know you're wrong
Jack Klaber ,   R. Hasharon, Israel   (05.06.08)
Patton twisted the sentence that old warriors used to declare the winner of a war: "The side which has the most men still standing on their feet is declared winner". But Bar should be barred. It's that simple. You can't have the cake and eat it too. Not if by cheating (fake marriage) and then spitting in the well that nourished you. Beautiful girl but bad attitude......
11. #6 Rebecca stop being jealous
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.06.08)
they chose her and not you get over it honey !
12. Yerach?? You are
Yoni ,   Kfar Saba   (05.06.08)
the parasite. "limp wristed.."?? you are disgusting
13. i will also stop buying there if she represents them
aaron ,   ra'anana   (05.06.08)
14. To #1 - Typical TA left wing response
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (05.06.08)
Singling out haredim and forgiving the blonde bimbo exile is typical of the TA leftists. They should BOTH be forced to provide service...but she shouldn't be rewarded by an Israeli company for openly exploiting her refusal. Singling out the Haredim simply shows the level of hate and racism the TA leftists exhibit.
15. #6-Rafaeli is NOT influential figure,just stick figure
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (05.06.08)
Israel has a plethora of beautiful women that Fox can choose from. Why single her out. It is not the model that creates the momentum, but the designers etc that provide the vehicle. Her vehicle is flat and out of gas here. I'm confident that if Fox did an open search, they would find MANY easily more beautiful, amenable, and caring than the bimbo whose only concern is her own self-worth
16. Who cares except
Ron ,   Tel Aviv   (05.06.08)
for a few old guys who keep her picture in the bathroom? I am still under 30 so she is not the type.
17. It's not enough
Ex-soldier ,   Israel   (05.06.08)
She and all the other draft dodging celebs should be thrown in jail. I did my three years and 20 years reserve duty and now my son is in. What makes her special?
FRECHA   (05.06.08)
19. Tel Hai
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.06.08)
Hey, Emanon, this is Israel, and we're kind of fond of Joseph Trumpeldor here - we also dont need lessons in how to serve our country from other countries' generals
20. She's a pig who hates Israel....dump her.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.06.08)
21. She is NOT very attractive anyway so who cares
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NY   (05.06.08)
22. Yes to Bar = No to FOX !!!
Jerry ,   Eilat   (05.06.08)
23. Bar Rafaeli
NYC Girl   (05.06.08)
The very least she could have done, since she avoided military service, was to use her energies as an advocate for Israel the way Natalie Portman did, for instance. Instead this self-absorbed twit went around trashing Israel at every opportunity at a time when she could have at least used her celebrity to create some positive p.r. for the country.
24. #1 - #6 - Simon - your comments are embarrassing ...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.06.08)
Stop making a fool of yourself. This article has NOTHING to do with the haredim, their army service, lack of it, etc. Its about an obnoxious, spoiled, Israel-hating person, whose career this country has no business promoting. These are two separate issues. And while you are busy trying to reduce the power of the haredim (which as a gay person I agree with) why your posts have to be so hate-filled against them?
25. almost all israeli women had cosmetic surgery
Leopold ,   Milan Italy   (05.06.08)
I hope no one is offended, but I work in fashion and through my experience, I can say that natural beauty is very rare among Israelis. Most Israelis that can be categorized as attractive, are only attractive with a little help of cosmetic surgery. Virtually every attractive Israeli woman I have met had a nose which was done. Of course, many people don't mind, but in the modelling world, we are looking for wild, natural beauty, not an artificial one. Bar too has had her share of obvious cosmetic surgery. I wouldn't want her to represent my firm.
26. Leopold
DC   (05.06.08)
You've generalized about Israelis, allow me to generalize about you. Since you work in the fashion world, which is known to be full of plastic and emptiness, most of the people you come in contact with are simply toeing the line that you guys have drawn. The vast majority of Israelis have not had any cosmetic surgery.
27. No. 25 Leopold
Why does your comment sound like a not so veiled accusation that any Israelis (or, presumably, the Jewish ones I suspect) who are attractive, have had their noses fixed? If you consider the fact that Israel is a very ethnically diverse country with its citizens coming from virtually every corner of the globe, and having tremendous differences in their physical characteristics, it's probably damn near impossible that all the models would need nose jobs. Not only that, but I know somebody who's a plastic surgeon. He's been living in Israel for many years, but he gave up his plastic surgery practice to do physicals on Air Force pilots, which would tend to make one think there may not be as many Israeli women having cosmetic surgery as you suggest.
28. Idiot Leopold; Most Israeli women are natural beauties.
Israeliwomengorgeous   (05.07.08)
You obviously haven't been to Israel and don't know what you're talking about. There are tons of Israeli women who are naturally pretty. I find it suspicious that you would sinlge out Israeli women in fashion when MOSTLY EVERYBODY IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY HAS HAD SOME KIND OF SURGERY. ALL THE TOP BRAZILIAN AND EASTERN EUROPEAN MODELS HAVE HAD SURGERY. The #1 model in the world, Gisele Bunchden, has had a nose and boob job. I bet that Israeli models have a lower ratio of plastic surgery than all other ethnic models. I strongly dislike Bar but there's no evidence that she's had any palstic surgery. You seem to think that all Jews with small or medium noses have had nose jobs. You are an ignorant anti-semite.
29. Love Israel But Don't Blame Army Trouble on Bar
David ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.08)
90% of women who join the army serve coffee & smile at their commanders. If i was an 18 yr old woman, I'd rather pursue a career!! I respect the Forum but the Israeli Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share should do just that - promote equality. Instead of using Bar Refaeli as a scapegoat because of her personal success - work on the cause of the problem and not the symptom - teenagers join the army to protect the country but too many (30-50%?) finish their service with a bitter taste from the unfair, often illogical treatment they are given during these important and FORMATIVE years of their lives. Who else can help to improve our important Defense institution of the widespread illogical treatment of our soldiers. I'm sure if there was an anonymous web site where soldiers could transmit their grievances, we would see thousands of soldiers giving feedback of their predicaments. These grievances don't have to be made public, but then we can finally look forward to our children joining the army and not fear that their army expeience will leave them with a negative social impact on Israeli society.
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