Peru: Police arrest suspect in murder of Tamar Shahak
Published: 07.05.08, 08:24
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1. Latin America is not Paris or New York
Salomon Mizrahi ,   Sao Carlos/SP/Brazil   (05.07.08)
I wonder why young israeli like to live so dangerously...Israel is not enough? Many places in Latin America are as dangerous places for anyone as Jenin or Gaza are for Jews...In Brazil, when we have the opportunity we contact the young israelis and tell them were they can´t go....There are places very insecure even for Brazilian natives
a lone female alone in a country like peru. this is not a civilized america or europe. israelis insist in going to underdeveloped countries because it is cheap and relatively beautiful. you pay the price.
5. What was she doin' there?! Tipsha!
Andy ,   Somewhere   (05.07.08)
6. A real tragedy. She should never have gone there alone.
Tahl ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
It is unfortunate that so many young Israelis are drawn to the most dangerous places on earth - due to some strange desire to conquer the world. Their youthful bravado and their naive belief that after the army, they can get along anywhere - makes them callous to the severe dangers out there. Tamar should have been known better than to travel to such place, especially as a lonely woman. But maybe she did not die in vain, and other women would learn. This is a shocking, awful tragedy. My condolences to the family. May Tamar rest in peace.
7. I have travelled to Sth America and...
David ,   Sydney   (05.07.08)
I have travelled to Sth America and was appalled at the mentality of young Israelis there who were not there to enjoy but were simply competing against each other as to who could go on the longest treks and to the remotest locations and who had the best camera etc. Their level of inmaturity was also extremely high and most had the mentality they deserved everything because they did the army (which for most Israelis is like school camp) It is time that Israelis (especially the women who don't do much in the army) got real jobs and studied before travelling to dangerous places
8. Unfortunately,South America is not Israel.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.07.08)
Young Israelis traveling ,especially alone,should know that. A low ,very low reality happens in these parades,unfortunately...
9. ............................................................
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (05.07.08)
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (05.07.08)
common sense decrees a woman should never travel alone,especially to third world countries.I hope the Peruvian authorities/Mossad apprehend the killers and execute them!
ARABS DO THIS DAILY ,   ...DACON9   (05.07.08)
12. Very sad
Eddie ,   Canada   (05.07.08)
I deepest sympathy goes out to Tamar's family.I just hope that future travellers learn something from this tragedy.Travel with a buddy or a few of you together.Lets hope the cops in Peru can bring some closure to this sad situation.
13. Ynet did not publish my talkback
I. Barr ,   USA   (05.07.08)
In my E mail that I wrote to you recently and you did not publish I warned Israeli youth who travel not to take excessive risk. Traveling alone in south Peru is insane. The belief that Israeli youth are invincible proved to be untrue. Arrogance that, unfortunately costed blood. If you would have warning letter which I sent after the five girls were killed Tamar would have regained her sanity. So sad.
USA   (05.07.08)
all I can think of is her last moments. . god bless her.
15. Not long since the rape and murder of Italian in Wedding Dre
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (05.07.08)
Not long since the rape and murder of Italian in Wedding Dress in Turkey. Stupidity is contagious. Teens, consult with your parent or people with more wisdom and experience. Don't think you can do anything and everything will also be okay. That's Hollywood and movies. You live in the real world and there is not always a happy ending.
16. I hope DNA of each rapist convicts them all of murder.
Rivkah   (05.07.08)
Sounds like it is as dangerous for a tourist to walk a street in South America alone as it is for a South American female to be put in jail there. In Brazil, for example, young teenage and other females are put into the same cell with hardened male criminals where they are raped repeatedly by many males since I cannot call them men. This Israeli woman could have been abducted and sold into the sex slave trade which is why my nieces who have worked on cruise ships never left the ship alone when docked in a Central or South American port. On another unfortunate young woman many believe is dead, American teenager Natalie Holloway is in the ELS Bible codes which indicate she is a sex slave and will surface eventually according to the ELS Bible code website of T. Chase. When in a Latin country or when in Israel in a Palestinian area like the City of David, I hire a body guard to be with me and drive me around. That is wisdom for a young or old woman traveling alone or with children. Safety in numbers and always be on guard.
17. 3: To get some clues on that case, ask T. Chase or another
Rivkah   (05.07.08)
ELS Bible codes scholar to see what codes are associated with her name. T. Chase came up with some information on the missing American teenager Natalie Holloway whose mother thinks she is dead. The codes indicate she is a hostage in a sex slavery ring and will surface eventually. That might be what happened to the girl you are concerned about, too. My nieces who work on cruise ships never go ashore alone in ports in the Caribbean or Central or South America. The risk of abduction is too great.
18. Please Girls,
Daniel ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
Never ever, travel to third world developing countries alone. Most youth there is unemployed and has nothing but sex on their mind. They have great attraction for fair skins moreover they take European, Israeli, American, Canadian girls as girls from free-sex communities. One girl from England is recently raped and murdered in Goa – India Safety counts first than choosing cheaper tourism destination.
19. We condemn this crime, God bless you Tamara
Abid ,   Gaza   (05.07.08)
We as Palestinians Youth condemn this crime , and we express our sympathy anf sadness with all israeli youth ,who are looking to achieve peace. we are so sorry about that , we call Peruvian government to act as soon as possible and get the and catch those inhuman people who commit this unbelievable crime.
20. Daniel, refrain from bigotry, please
Daniel ,   NYC   (05.07.08)
Southern Peru may be undeveloped and suffer from unemployment, but it is no less civilized than the US, Israel and Europe, where rape is similarly prevalent. The "great attraction to fair skin" part of your post is derived from your own bigoted image of lusting dark-skinned natives. I'd suggest that the paranoia that both you and Rivkah suffer from might have common roots, but my hunch is that yours probably has more to do with sexual inadequacy and Rivkah's seems to be clinical in nature. Should travellers be aware of their surroundings and try to travel in groups? Of course. But to blame this poor girl for her own sense of curiosity and adventure is absurd. Blame the criminals who did this, and the pervasive social expectations that let them get away with it, day in and day out, in Arequipa and around the world. May Tamar's name be a blessing.
21. #19
thank you very much for your wonderful and sensitive thoughts regarding this tragedy. we israelis, also wish you peace, love and safety. may we shake hands someday in hope and love and in humanity.
22. My condolences to the Tamar family
jay3 ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
23. suspicion
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (05.07.08)
I just hope the "suspects" are genuine and not some losers they yanked off the street to show that they're doing something. Nothing can be trusted in Third World countries, and no, it's not racist to say so.
24. #21-When are your types going to stop being stupid naives?!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.07.08)
WHEN?! Could you wake up in your stupidity already? You are dealing with cunning,bad people! WAKE UP!
25. Let He who is innocent
ragusa   (05.07.08)
throw the frst stone (but beware of theglass house): - Attorney General Menachem Mazus hinted Sunday that he plans to charge former President Moshe Katsav with rape offenses. - A worrying 2,500 complaints of sexual assault against minors under the age of 14 are filed every year – this according to a study presented by the Geocartography Institute on Monday at the annual Be'er Sheva Conference on Children's Well-Being held at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. - Two 13-year-old boys were arrested Sunday on suspicion of drugging a 12-year-old girl with rohypnol, commonly knows as the date-rape drug, and raping her. - An IDF airman was arrested by military police Monday on suspicion of raping a female soldier serving with him on the same Air Force base. The Judge Advocate General's office intends to indict him in the upcoming days. - and on and on and on.... Do not point your finger at other nations
26. #21,#24
Abd ,   Gaza,   (05.07.08)
First thank you , "u did not write your name" , you are represent the good and peaceful people who are full of tolerance and goodwill . Be sure we will shake hands one day as i did last year ; For keren , thanks very much too. I know you are saying that because you think all Palestinain youth like you (hate the other side) , but you are completely wrong , who dont want to shake hands those who are like you dont expect good ends Change your mind and begin to believe in peace and coexistance Abd
27. Tamar is such a tragic name in the Bible, too.
Rivkah   (05.07.08)
It means palm tree and is symbolic of victory in Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon. But it has such tragic connections to the daughter of King David who was raped and abandoned by her half brother Amnon, it seems to be a name associated with a curse. When my sister named her first child Tamara, I shuddered. My mother's husband said to never mention the connotation of that name with rape in the Bible to her. Sure enough, her life has been cursed. That is a name that should be retired from usage. It is too tragic.
28. As a young single man, my brother-in-law like to visit Latin
Rivkah   (05.07.08)
countries on his vacations as a pharmacist in Chicago. His favorite destination was Monterey, Mexico. The first thing he did when he arrived at a Latin city was to go to the police chief and tell him where he would be staying and give him a donation for protecting him while there. He was never harmed in any Latin city and there was always a policeman nearby.
29. Rivkah...You need to retire
30. Barbarism at its most primevil
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (05.07.08)
I'm not just referring to the animals that molested and killed this young woman, but the animals on these posts that are going to great lengths to blame her for what happened. SHE IS THE VICTIM idiots!!!! I expect these responses from arabs and the TA leftists blaming the victim, but the rest of you need to either wake up to a reality check or seek out some significant therapy and come in to the 21st century!
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