Israel celebrates 60, population count 7,282,000
Published: 08.05.08, 06:56
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1. israelis
stay strong. stay alive. stay prosperous and multiply. stay moral and a light unto the nations. most of the world, intelligent people, educated modern nations, democratic nations and lovers of morals and god stand with you on this day. this is your day, acheiving the only miracle ever acheived in the middle east. our national hats off to you. you deserve every liberty and prosperity you acheived through blood sweat and tears. you made the desert bloom and gave your deposed, exhiled and forgotten jewish hearts all over the world a real safe home, a home to be proud of forever. the world stands by you and supports you as you move on to greater things than now. hate and enemies will disappear, but you'll remain standing on your own two feet and celebrating another thousands of years in your land, free and proud.
2. 1.5 mil arabs palestinians!!
arab   (05.08.08)
what will be thier fate?
3. @1 The Glory goes To OUR Lrd G-g of Yisrael....
:- ) ~   (05.08.08)
you bless Avraham i pronounce and proclaim blessings over you and your root from the begining to the future :- )~ I channel all that you said in @1 to Hashem the Lrd and Lrd alone of Yisrael.
4. From May 14/48 to now has been an act of God. Zech;12;1-9...
Roy C Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (05.08.08)
God said after all the Many years the Children of Israel has been through it in all the World, now God has put then Back into the Land of their fathers, He has allowed all the Nations time 60 years to have their say. Now being lead by My President that don't know how wrong he has Been, Land for peace with the Arafat, Abbas,Hamas, EU, UN UK, USA Russ & all the Neighborhood of the ancient enemy. & etc God Is about ready to show his plans to save the Nation of Israel.He will save Zion the Holy City of His Children of Jacob. Israel. I think I have lived to see the show down as Printed in the Book KJV 1611 AD, Heaven & earth shall pass away but my word shall not. Hey, that is how i see it in this world of freedom of religion for all But the Jews. To have bcaked the PLO as all the above Nations has was not wise according to the Word ok?? Roy c. Hudson USA 5/7/08
5. majorty of uncultural ppl
R   (05.08.08)
majorty of uncultural ... society of substandard .. but still has some good ppl
6. I don't want to see Israel over crowded
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.08.08)
I would like Israel to keep being a calm and beatifull country,without arabs or gentiles on it-only Jews. I would like to see all peoples in the world just visiting us in their holidays or special festivals of ours ,when they are more than wellcome. I don't want to see more churches nor mosques in Israel,just Sinagogues ,and very soon,only one Sinagogue-Our Third and last Temple rebuilt!
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