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Peres: Loss of values, worsening internal rift threaten Israel's future
Jon Feder
Published: 07.05.08, 19:27
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1. Optimism or Delusion ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.07.08)
Israel celebreates her sixtieth year as a nation Thursday . It's condition is precarious because of her dependence on the U.S. and her marriage to a failed and cursed U.S. agenda of rewarding Islamic terrorists at Israel's expense. Israel's morality and culture has continued to sink as she imitates her master in every perverted way. Israel has willingly surrendered her sovereignty as she bows to the demands of their newest adopted god ,George who never delivers on the peace he promises. He has delivered a terrorist infested Gaza to Israel now know by some as Hamastan. Israel is in deep denial as God is bringing His people into a place where they will seek Him alone and stop following delusional men who trust in lies. Lets hope this doomed marriage to the U.S. ends soon for Israel's sake.
2. Shimon Perski, part of the problem.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (05.07.08)
Jesuit trained, and according to La Stampa in 1993 was giving the Dope of Rome our Holy City. Of course he speaks Polish.
3. That's exactly it - Lack of Moral and Jewish values
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
threatening Israel. There's so much to comment on this article, but the title says it all.
4. G-d gave ALL off Israel to the Jews, Keep it ALL.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.07.08)
..............DACON9   (05.07.08)
6. Gush Katif
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.07.08)
Did you have any words of consolation expressed for the poor nebachs evicted from their homes in Gush Katif, Shimon?
7. Of course peres is optimistic
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.07.08)
he does not realize how dangerous he is to the survival of Israel. Besides that he is not our president.He was elected by the knesset and not the people.
8. #3 yet You Miriam do all your best to divide Israel
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.07.08)
yet you yourself attack your fellow jews on a daily basis for not measuring up to your so called morals ! Judging and slandering in a truly vile manor. What are you doing to build bridges between secular and religious, We await your reply.
9. #4 so hop over to Israel Bunnie boy
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.07.08)
so God gave this land to the jews , so how come you prefer to live in the US? Might as well give it to the Palestinians as you dont want it apparently.
10. What VALUES does this man represent?
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
And what was his contribution to the witchhunt and demonization of the national camp which caused the INTERNAL RIFT leading to Rabin's slaying?
11. Loss of value because of people like you....
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (05.07.08)
12. Ten Commandments
Yaakov ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
Mr. Peres says, "I would like us to be as ancient as the Ten Commandments and as modern as nanotechnology." Mr. Peres, without the Ten Commandments there would be no nanotechnology. That is reality. According our Sages, The Torah is the blueprint of the universe.
13. peres
sas ,   israel   (05.08.08)
u should retire and things would look much better. move into an old age home and stop giving lectures. you are detached from reality.
14. The value of life vs delusion that war for bigger land is th
I Love Israel ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
The value of life, peace, kindness and respectfulness vs. the delusion of believing that the answer to the dream for a bigger land is war.
15. #8 Haven't you noticed Ynet and other Left medias ALWAYS
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
bashing, criticizing and condemning religious Jews, especially Chareidim - almost on a daily basis. And you say that I am the one dividing Israel. Can't you read? Haven’t you noticed that I'm always the one speaking up for the religious community and proving the anti-religious racists wrong.
16. He preaches to us about moral values??
Rachel ,   Negev   (05.08.08)
He belongs to the morally depraved Left and joined the criminal party of Kadima and he preaches to us about morals and values??? The liberalism of the Left is the real danger to the State of Israel on nearly every level it touches. It erroded our will to fight and it has allowed all the moral depravity of the world to flood into our society. Anyone who supported the pullouts in South Lebanon and Gaza and brought our enemies to our doorstep, anyone who approved of Jewish homes being destroyed and Jews being displaced, has no moral right to preach to us. Peres will go down in ignominy in history, just as Arik Sharon has.
17. If our society would be blessed with with much less
ida ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
egoistic and self-anointed so called "leaders', JEWS WILL Be LIVING IN A PARADISE already .-It is is my direct unswer to Mr. Peres
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