World leaders congratulate Israel on its 60th anniversary
Aviram Zino
Published: 07.05.08, 18:20
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1. Iranian Jews
bar   (05.07.08)
How would you talk when in their situation ?. This reminds us of other pronoucements made by Jewish "leaders" in the communist era
2. Sheng Ri Kuai Le, Israel !!!
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (05.07.08)
And Happy Birthday to all Israelis on your country's creation anniversary !!! As you mark this special occasion tomorrow, countless people all over the world share your celebrations and pride. Heartiest congratulations on Israel's Diamond Jubilee !!!
3. Iran Circus
AlbertoGa ,   Houston, USA   (05.07.08)
Jews in Iran are virtual Prisoners. It is time to get them out of Jail. Shalom from Texas Alberto
4. The Queen addresses Peres as "Your E"xcellency "
Gve me a break Elizabeth.
5. oy yeah!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.07.08)
6. Yin Kuo Ni Wan, Sia Sia Ning !!!!
Dear Mom, Thank you :- ) ~
7. Happy Birthday Israel
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (05.07.08)
As long as Israel exists ethical behavior and morals will prevail in the world. Forces of evil hate those characteristics and want to extinguish Israel. The rule of law and the sacred nature of life is an anathema to them as they are spawn of Satan. Israel and the Jews stand alone against the onslaught and we MUST prevail so that the Messiah may return to a just world. Blessings and congratulations to 60 years of Israel's existence. May we all celebrate many, many more.
8. Iranian Jews and Dark Humor
Reluctant Hawk ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.07.08)
It is told that during the Yom Kippur War a Soviet spokesman who was Jewish gave a two hour press conference to foreign journalists lambasting Israel's 'aggression and imperialism'. During the Q&A one foreign reporter asked "But, as a Jew, don't you have your own opinions on these matters?" He answered "Of course I do, but I don't agree with them!" I hope that the Iranian Jewish community will soon be free to tell such jokes as something that belongs to their past.
9. My question to all these dignitaries is, "Why don't you
Rivkah   (05.07.08)
insist that International Law be enforced on the borders of Israel as described in the Balfour Declaration and signed into law by the League of Nations giving establishing the Jewish homeland from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea including Gaza and the Golan heights which would be DFENSIBLE BORDERS with its Arab neighbors. Weren't TWENTY TWO countries for Arabs from the old Ottoman Empire and British territories ENOUGH? SEND THE PALESTINIANS to those 22 Arab countries and away from Israel before they cause Armageddon and the end of Gentile world rule when the Messiah comes to judge the nations on how they treated the Jews who were/are Jews in their hearts. READ JOEL in the Bible. Dividing Jerusalem (God's Land) will result in Armageddon.
10. 4 "Excellency" is the correct form of address for the PM.
11. Happy Birthday Israel
Emanuel ,   Karachi, Pakistan   (05.07.08)
May you stand proud of who you are. regards, Emanuel
12. Queen Refuses to Visit Israel
Liliane ,   Brighton, UK   (05.07.08)
Quite a lovely letter from our Queen. However she refuses to step foot on Israeli soil. She unlike most European Royals did not attend the celebrations commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz.
13. Israel: Kicking Arab ass for 60 years!
Michael ,   USA   (05.07.08)
Way to go Israel! Your tenacity and resolve are to be admired by all. Happy Birthday and here's to another 60 years of prosperity for the Jewish state!!
14. We are the people...
aboard ,   somewhere   (05.07.08)
Happy birthday ISRAEL !!! I love you so much !
15. ending the suffering of the Israelis and "Palestinians"
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.07.08)
Even Sarkosky, clown of zionism, feel urged to add sufferings of Palestinian beside Israelis, No single suffering of Jews No single suffering of Israelis but both In National Day of Israel he is urged to Mention SUFFERINGS OF PALESTINIAN PEOPLE!!!! This show you lost, Please post full texts of others!!!
16. Anti-Semitic, self-hating Jews
Gavriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (05.07.08)
Don't care of anti-Semitic, self-hating Jews who are paid by the biggest enemy of Israel. Of course, Jews in Iran try to please Ahmadinejad because they live in a terror state!
17. Another treacherous Israel bashing Jew.
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.07.08)
Now we know why Siamak Morsadegh, a Jew, has been elected to the Iranian Parliament. He's just another israel bashing Jew hater.
18. Happy 60th to Israel
Jakov   (05.08.08)
It's exciting to be living in a time when the State is once again with the Jews. Now that we have it, it is our responsibility not to lose it again. On the Jews still in Iran: They need to be taken out of there, as they are neither free nor safe. Israel has taken out of the FSU, Ethiopia, why not Iran? Now more than ever they need it.
19. Emanuel - Karachi
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (05.08.08)
Do you really live in Karachi? Being pro-Israel must not be very popular, eh?
20. #15
NYC Girl   (05.08.08)
He probably did that to mollify those out-of-control young Muslims who nearly burnt down the place the last time they got a bug up their rear ends.
21. Happy Birthday Israel,have a good one.
James McNamara ,   BrokenHill OZ   (05.08.08)
22. to all of you......
around the world, jews, non jews and even those muslims who know the real truth but are afraid to publicly utter the truth... we israelis appreciate all your well wishes, all your support and all you standing by us through the years. yes, we may be arrogant, sometimes rude, sometimes hurried and impatient, sometimes critical, sometimes angry and disappointed... BUT let me tell you, we in our deep hearts could never have done without you, without your strength and without your help. thank you all again for your dedication to our free and democratic country. may god bless you and your loved ones. just thought to impart the feelings that all israelis feel towards mankind.
23. #15
no one really cares about your perceived palestinian suffering which they have brought on themselves by their own leaders, the arab nations and their hateful education and lack of fairness and morality. no one really cares because no matter what tghey get, they want to destroy another successful nation and create an arab islamic pit in its stead. the world has awakened, typhun. we know your type and the palestinian charter only too well. pali suffering is a myth created by their own leaders and enforced by their own leaders who refuse to grant them citizernship and any moral obligation for a life that is prosperous and full. it is always a way for the arabs to wash their hands of tgheir responsibility for the refugee issue. keep them in desolate camps, starve them, humiliate them, use them as pawns for poropaganda, fill them with hate and condition them for "the battle against the occupation". all the while blaming israel's existance. arabs, take charge of your complicity in the refugee issue! questions to you typhun... 1. how come israel was able to incorporate all its jewish refugess (1,000,000) of them and make them a citizen of this society, productive and happy? 2. how come palestinians ruled by egypt and jordan could not become citizens of these countries and NEVER ASKED FOR A PALESTINIAN STATE FROM THESE REGIMES? come with billions in aid over so few years, the gazans have not mannaged to build a single infrastructure to meodernize their lives? where are the hospitals, universities, markets, modern sewage systems, modern electrical power stations, etc.... they still rely on nwara and israel for ALL THEIR NEEDS. how come? 4. how come most arabs living in israel are petrified that should a palestinian state be established, that they may have to go live in it? their fear speaks volumes, don't you think? how come they are rushing to israeli government to get their citizenship so that they can remain in israel? 5. show me one arab in the middle east that enjoys the autonomy and representation in the government as the israeli arabs do? show me one arab nation whose arabs have the same standard of living as the ones in israel? 6. how come egypt and jordan DIDN'T WANT TO ACCEPT THE CONQUERED TERRITORIES (WEST BANK AND GAZA) WHEN ISRAEL OFFERED IT TO THEM? YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THEY KNEW THE VERMIN IN GAZA AND THE TROUBLE MAKERS THEY WOULD BE FOR BOTH TGHESE NATIONS. SO, THEY GAVE IT TO ISRAEL AS A HEADACHE PRESENT...knowing full well that israel having these territories would be its own suicide and a way to use the palestinians to kill the jews in stages. 6. why have all the palestinians been thrown out of quwait, saudi arabia, egypt and plo out of jordan? because they were such peace loving modern people? wake up! 7. palestinians do not wish to build a nation. they wish to kill ours. well, we just cannot let them do it, now could we? nationaql buildup is a serious business of a people that must be organized, have hope, have ideas how to govern themselves and how to create a legal system, modern infrastructure and a legally bound society....concepts that are foreign to arabs in gaza and west bank since they originated from arab clans and tribes and migratory workers from the arabian penninsula with different agendas, ways of life, language dialects, tribal affiliations, etc... there was never palestinian national unity. palestinian is arafat's invention post 1967 so that they may kill any jew in israel and undermine the jewish state. period! 7. when arab palestinians show a modicom of normalcy, civility and ability to do anything constructive, then the nations of the world should listen to them. untill then, you have a very long way to go and prove yourselves. happy birthday israel, a country that is the oasis in the desert, where arabs have never dreamed of their ability to do with this stretch of land what jews succedded in doing in 60 years. congratulations!
24. 12 Liliane: After HRM QEII was crowned, there was a separate
Rivkah   (05.08.08)
ceremony crowning her Queen of Israel. It is shocking she does not visit that part of her supposed domain. Google QEII's coronation speech which is sooo biblical. After it, there is a mention of her being crowned Queen of Israel in a separate PRIVATE ceremony. She should be in Israel to celebrate the 60th Anniversary and she should be insisting that the borders for the Jewish homeland described in the Balfour Declaration and signed into law by the League of Nations be enforced. That would make Israel defensible since it is the terrritory west of the Jordan River including Gaza and the Golan Heights. The Palestinians should be forced to go to the 22 Arab countries the League of Nations and the United Nations gave borders to from the old Ottoman Empire after World War I.
25. happy 6th to the holy land
AKEC south, sudan ,   k,far menachem   (05.08.08)
may the GOD almighty keep this land which he promiss in peace. not to be touch from any type of ISLAMIC DEVILS. who believes in killing people on earth. and may he keep SOUTH SUDAN a in peace and separate it from NORTHREN SUDANES islamic arabs devils, who killed 2million of us southren. and 40thousand darfures. and may he keep us southern and darfurern who escaped from genocid in sudan to thes bless land in love and peace with israel people. thank to who read this.hopes. believer, AKEC DUT
26. Support Israel TODAY!
Friends of Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.14.08)
Do you support Israel? Yes? Then join the thousands of supporters around the world and post a personal Greeting Card to Israel! Your support of Israel in this critical hour will be seen by millions of people. Your faithful, loving call will be heard worldwide, loud and clear: "Israel, we're with you when you need us! United we stand!" In honor of Israel's 60th Anniversary, you'll automatically be entered to WIN an all-expenses-paid vacation to Israel -- FREE! Visit TODAY and show Israel you care!
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