Truman's battle for Israel's recognition revealed
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.05.08, 23:07
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1. Does Ynet actually think that
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (05.07.08)
this was all some sort of secret until Ambassador Holbrooke "revealed" it? Take a ride to the corner of Einstein and Lebanon streets. There's some big nice buildings there that house one of the best universities in the world. LEARN SOMETHING.
2. The US State Department to this day
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (05.08.08)
does everything it can to make Israel disappear. Condi is NO different!
3. Road Map working hard to correct Truman error
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.08.08)
Israel is slowly being parsed into nothing by the Globalist Bush. This CFR driven agenda has been ongoing since then . Israel is guilty of aiding in it's own demise by 'going along' with the 2 state solution. Peace with Islamic Palestine and Israel side by side in such a small demographic area is a fool's dream.
4. Marshall prevailed in the end
leo solomon   (05.08.08)
The US may have been the first to recognise Israel but it was also among the first to abandon it By placing an embargo on arms sales ,when arms were what was needed for the fledgling state's to survival, the US signalled its acceptance of Marshall's position. .It was, ironically, Russia 's military assistance (through checkloslovakia)that brought israel its victory.
5. truman and israel
Arnold Flick ,   La Jolla, USA   (05.08.08)
US State did prevail in getting Truman to impose an arms embargo against Israel and to stay on the sidelines while it looked like Israel might be defeated. The US demanded a ceasefire only when it appeared that Israel might retake the Old City.
6. Re: US State Department
Christy ,   Boston, US   (05.13.08)
It's been stated in many blogs on the net by people who have worked in State that the US State Dept. even works against US interests. I'm glad Truman was president & officially recognized Israel. I'm not too surprised that the US didn't help Israel militarily and that Marshall prevailed. I don't believe our State Dept. reflects the will of either the US president or its people. State seems to march to its own tune. I honestly don't understand why this can't be changed by some judicious layoffs, but I'm told it's not that simple.
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