US: Timing not right for three-way Mideast meeting
Associated Press
Published: 08.05.08, 07:44
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1. Bush soon to be FAILED ex-president Bush, good riddance.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.08.08)
2. Bush's failed legacy already too great to take on more
Johan Odin ,   Oslo, Norway   (05.08.08)
Bush has brought failure to everything he has touched from the US economy to the failed US foreign policy and the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so his goal today is to limit his failures to the many failures already on the books. He must be finally recognizing that he is a complete idiot and that by just shutting up and doing nothing, he will do the people fo the USA and the world a great favor. As the saying goes, it is better for GW to let everyone believe he is an idiot than to open his mouth and remove all doubt, which something GW learned very late in life for sure.
3. Bush sees the writing on the wall!
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (05.08.08)
Let us hope that Bush is wiser than Belshazzar and takes heed to the writing on the wall. Bush's influence has been broken by the fact that he is a lame duck president. He sees what bodes in the future for Olmert. Personally I think Olmert may be able to negotiate with Marwan Balagan Barghouti over who gets which space in the excercise yard in Prison and which part of teh yard will be Balestinian and which part Isra-eeli. Who know maybe Olmert will get to room with Omri Sharon ? Chaim Ramon can come visit them both and give them kisses,lol
Allan ,   Santa Monica CA USA   (05.08.08)
Get a caretaker government fast! Before the imbecile in the White House flip flops again on Israel. He's taught us, to our great pain & horrible loss, to never trust was he tells us on any given day. Give the author & commander-in-chief of the U.S. Iraq policy no Israeli government to force his mishagas on.
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