Blair: Mideast peace process must move faster
Published: 08.05.08, 10:47
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1. Could it be that Blair and other western leaders know the
Israeli who knows   (05.08.08)
truth, but go on with this nonsense to hide the real situation from the wider public. As the truth will clearly make all the western donars look like "usefull fools and idiots". He knows that his advice to Israel is absurd, but can he afford to say out loud to "arab ears" (i.e. the great [fictional] 'unified "Ummah") what he really thinks? Blair dear, there is no one arab opinion that you should fear. It's bogus, you and the other western "leaders" are frightened of something that does not exist. The real problem is how you will all look to yourselves when you look into a mirror. You are all afraid of what you will see there; how you have been lead by (very successful) fictional arab propaganda, and given humungus amounts of money and for what? All I can say to you Mr. Blair, is that the truth will prevail. You saw for yourself last night the real Umah in Jerusalem and the ME, and it is the vibrant creative Jewish people.
2. please, tony...
bush   (05.08.08)
shut up, ok?
3. Blair
4. Security comes first.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.08.08)
Mr Blair, his family, friends & collegues will not suffer the consequences of his recommendations. Talk is cheap when there is no personal risk involved. But those of us whose lives may be put at risk have a different perspective. We remember all too well the almost daily terrorist attacks until we were eventually forced to take security measures in the territories. Mr Blair obviously does not care about the potential risk to us as long as he pushes forward his political agenda. I would remind Mr Blair that on every previous occasion that some security measure was relaxed, the Palestinians took advantage of it to launch a terrorist attack. And just a side comment, every week for the last 20 years, some jerk has said that time was of the essence, that this is a critical time, that some "window" of opportunity was closing. Similarly, the claim that the Palestinians were making progress is always made - yet in all the years since Oslo, there is scant evidence that this is the case. A far more compelling argument can be made for the opposite conclusion. The only real rush is that Bush is leaving office, Olmert might soon be in jail, & Abbas is steadily showing his irrelevence.
5. There will NEVER be peace with Arabs until Moshiach comes.
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.08.08)
Blair, if you'd study the Bible (Genesis 16:12) you'd see what they are: "Pereh Adam yado bakol veyad kol bo" - a human beast, his hand against everyone and everyone's hand against him.
6. Abbas Regrets : terror has not been a successful tactic …
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.08.08)
Some of those eager to cast Abbas as a "moderate" point to his criticism of the terror war launched by Arafat in September, 2000, and of current Palestinian terror. But Abbas's criticism has consistently been that the terror has not been a successful tactic; he has not criticized either its immorality or its goals. At the same time he has on various occasions praised those engaged in the terror. And he rejects Israel's right of self-defense against the terror. Virtually every time Israel has responded by targeting rocket-launching crews or those involved in recruiting, training and dispatching suicide bombers, Abbas has not only condemned the Israeli response, but characterized it in the most extreme, hyperbolic terms, as "mass murder" or "crimes against humanity." As to historical facts :
Rebecca Patterson ,   Box 591   (05.08.08)
to ignore the mandate of the LEAGUE OF NATION'S BALFOUR AGREEMENT setting the borders of the Jewish homeland from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea including the Golan Heights and Gaza which are DEFENSIBLE BORDERS for Israel. Read Rabbi Menachem Kohen's book, "A Torah Perspective on World Events." YOU MUST INSIST THE PALESTINIANS LEAVE the Jewish Homeland and go to the TWENTY TWO ARAB NATIONS formed from the Ottoman Empire and British Empire by the League of Nations and the United Nations. For you to insist on INDEFENSIBLE BORDERS for Israel is to hurtle the world toward Armageddon and the end of Gentile world rule. JERUSALEM MUST NOT BE DIVIDED. Read Joel in the Bible. Read Daniel in the Bible. Read Zephaniah in the Bible. INVITE ME TO COME EXPLAIN THOSE BOOKS TO YOU before you destroy the world.
8. The Roadmap???
Ralph Haglund ,   Lund, Sweden   (05.08.08)
It is supposed to be taken as a road, in order. It starts with "at the outset ... all hate propaganda from the palestinian arabs against Jews and Israel has to be stopped!" Concentrate on that, Bush. It includes the school books.
9. Typical gentile hypocrite - Tony the warmonger
Martha J ,   UK   (05.08.08)
Whilst the UK is illegally occupying Iraq thanks to Blair and co, he is lecturing Israel. What right does any gentile have to dictate to Israel considering the reason why Israel exists is because of gentile atrocities and persecution of Jews. Go back to rain-sodden London, you hypocrite!
10. Code Words
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (05.08.08)
Must progress means more pressure on Israel to surrender
11. Blair and the bogey woman!
Rozz ,   San Pedro   (05.08.08)
Tony: you are wandering around the world doing nothing other than joining that clown Rice in her ridiculous rhetoric. May I suggest you take time off to go visit that woman rice. Sit down (after you have rested, naturally), and over tea and crumpets you may be more refreshed to to discuss the removal of more security blocks of israel being torn down enabling the Arabs to massacre more Jews. thinking about your prospects, I see how black and ugly hearts both you and Rice nurture. Stay home Tony, and shut up!
12. Foolish pretending to be wise
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.08.08)
Blair only mouths the foolish words of men that do not know G-d. Bush claims to know G-d yet goes against Him. Blair is on Bushes team to bring this so called peace. Trully this is a time when men think that they can live without G-d and can wiser then G-d, to bring they're own version of peace. By trying to cut up our land and give it to our enemies, Blair, Bush and company are placing themselves against G-d. Ultimately, they will be dealt with as Bavel, Mitzraim, Ashur, and every nation that went against us, not for our sakes, but for the sake of Hashem.
13. Blair is the opportunist of the two centuries 20th&21st
Alan ,   SA   (05.08.08)
Please understand this guy(and his manager wife).He is very smart and knows exactly how to manipulate .He doesnt give a monkeys about Israel.I would count my fingers after a handshake with him. The Brits like to compare the IRA to Hamas and Hezbollah.If only the Israelis would talk to these genuine gentlemen.
14. Peace process ??????
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (05.08.08)
I read in the article that Blair is asking Israel for more concessions from Israel. This is not the same as speeding up the peace process.
15. Tony, "there is no peace process".
redmiike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (05.08.08)
Abbas controls nothing and can therefore deliver nothing. He hasn't even offered something. Hamas has offered destruction. Who should Israel talk to, and about what? Mike
16. Putz Blair the failed Prime Minister
Charles   (05.08.08)
what a bafoon
17. NO to Blair's Crap
Brod ,   USA   (05.08.08)
Israel should say NO to Blair. It is NONE of his business to intrude in Israel's internal affairs. It is time Blair focuses on their problem of Islamist-Jihadist Trojan Horse in Europe. Failing which, Europe will become Eurabia in the next decade or 2. Read "The Force of Reason" by Oriana Fallaci.
18. move faster
colin   (05.08.08)
Yes Mr Blair the agreemnet must move faster.The difference it must move to be closed--stopped in its tracks--must move to the truth that nobody in Israel wants theEU peace ideas of giving away Israel. Mr Blair should open his mind and eyes and see thgat his ideas of being pro arab in all counts and nothing demanded from the arabs.
19. Blair
sas ,   israel   (05.08.08)
how can it move faster if there are NO leaders that have the vision or courage to take any steps??? In addition - all those on the israeli side are so involved with themselves that the last thing they are thinking about is the welfare of the country/area and the world. we are dealing with thieves,sex maniacs etc. what we need is a real change.
20. Its all Britains fault
eran ,   israel   (05.08.08)
Your country Mr Blair is the one who started this mess. Shut up and eat your scones and tea.
21. Yep - Blair needs it to go faster before Olmert is out.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.08.08)
22. Antichrist
Michael Newson ,   Indiana, USA   (05.09.08)
There will not be a truce made until the Antichrist appears on the scene and when that happens all of gods people will be raptured up and all hell will break loose on earth. Literally!
23. 22 Michael: If God's peopleare rapturedup,who gets beheaded?
Rivkah   (05.09.08)
The pre-trib and mid-trib rapture is a church lie to keep people from being afraid. Were the 30 million Russians murdered by Stalin raptured out first? No. Were the 72 million Chinese murdered by Mao Tse Tung raptured out first? No. Were the 18 million Christians and Jews murdered in death camps in Nazi Germany raptured up first? No. How long is a twinkling of an eye? It is not seven years or three and a half years, but it is a moment. Those who survive the persecutions will be supernaturally translated BEFORE THE WRATH OF GOD which are events at the Battle of Armageddon and just after that. The sun and the moon will darken, probably from nuclear wars biologial and chemical attacks. Isaiah 26:20 says to go into your inner chamber. Stay there for as many days at it takes for God to collect His people which could be up to forty days from the time things get so bad all you can do is stay in a secured room in your home or apartment. First the dead who know the Lord will rise from their graves and then the living. As the Lord is coming down to earth, His people are rising up to meet Him to join the battle.
24. Uuuh...
A guy ,   A place   (07.01.08)
When did Israel become Palestinian territory? Where was I? Oh yeah, it's not! Israel totally belongs to the Jews. Not only Israel, but much of the land around it. I guess everyone just forgot. Praise God, He's going to take care of it! Don't lose faith in Him, Israel!
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