US's best wish Israel happy birthday
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.05.08, 09:23
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1. It is hard to think of a greater endorsement of Israel's...
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (05.09.08)
... policies of dispossession and settlement in the occupied territories than the support of such leading figures in the world of entertainment; mind you, I don't thing keeping in with the Jews ever exactly harmed anyone in US show biz.
2. @pic: new in trend = french kiss your collegues
tamar   (05.09.08)
3. Tom Cruise wishes Israel "All the best?"
John ,   Europe   (05.09.08)
Weeeeell, regarding his reputation and his last treatment towards Katie... I'd say it would be best if ynet didn't publish this news?
4. Oh, yes, what's with the big guys lately?
John ,   Europe   (05.09.08)
First Ahmy and that Nature Karta guy, now Obama and Sallai Meridor... The photos of polititians are geting hotter... Can we expect a home video between George Bush and Vladimir Putin?
5. #1 - The turd that just won't flush down the toilet is back!
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (05.09.08)
Thanks for your 2 cents Chanalau, always a pleasure(!) Now you can crawl back back under your rock.
6. Happy Birthday Israel!
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (05.09.08)
It was a great day yesterday, here in the Promised Land. Thank you to everyone whether you are a celebrity or just a well wisher! Israel Forever! (Get used to it!:))
7. Tova please. Neturei Karta like you are
Abraham Saks ,   toronto canada   (05.09.08)
not paid attention to by anyone other than suicide bombing supporters.
8. poor, lonely chanalau
ricki ,   beersheva   (05.09.08)
it seems you have nothing better to do in your lonely life than bash anything positive about israel. i see you writing all over the's like you live for this. how sad that you have nothing else to do.
9. Why highlight Osama Obama
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington D.C.   (05.09.08)
Of all people to highlight, Ynet chooses Osama? The man who has surrounded himself with more anti-Israel "advisors" than Carter? The man whose spiritual advisor is a desciple of Farakhan?
10. #1
Natan   (05.09.08)
How pathetic it is that we never see any positive reports on your friends, the Palis...I can understand your frustration that not a good word can be said about your Muslim friends...While we are moving forward in all areas, you are slowly but surely crawling back to the dark ages...
11. And?
MaMa ,   Israel   (05.09.08)
We are suppossed to care?
12. Like thieves
Like when some gangs celebrating when they stolen the first big amount of money which made them rich after , later all see only that they are rich and forgot that they are thievs .
13. Like thieves??
Albert Seligman ,   London   (05.09.08)
Are you referring to all the imperialists, from the Romans to the Arabs, who invaded and colonised what is now Israel, until the Jews returned? Or do you mean the Arab countries after 1948 that expelled over 600,000 Jews and stole all their land and possessions?
14. to 13 get real
Stop turning around , occupaion is occupation ... no matter who and when ... for the moment Israel celebrating the stealing of this land 60 years ago ... expellenig the Jews after 1948 was a normal action after the Jews stolen Palastin and your Zionists played a big roll in this conisperacy to convienc the Jews that they have to go to Israel , ask me about how was life for the Jews in the Arab world before 1948 , they had better life than they have now , they were the best busniss men , they hade their holly places to pray without problem , they had the same rights like Moslems and Christians and this didn't suit your old Zionists , even ask the Jews who still lives in Tunisia and Maroco if they have problems there , alot of Jews they go every year to Egypt , Tunisien and Moroco till now to celebrate their privat holly feasts without problem .... get real and face the truth .... they are celebrating the stealing of this land .... that's it
15. US' Best?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (05.13.08)
Great title for the article, but I beg to differ on the definition of US' Best. Celebrities & politicians may be fine US Citizens, but I would not call them our best. The title of "US' Best" belongs to the men and women of our armed forces who are willing to lay down their lives in defense of our country. I'm from a family that has had, and has to this day, many members in our armed forces. These members are part of the (real) US' Best. They all wish Israel a very happy Independence Day!!
16. #14 Another Arab lie: Jews had it good under Muslim rule
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (05.16.08)
Please tell the Jews of Mashad, Iran how good they had it under Muslim rule. They were forced to convert to Islam under the threat (and execution) of death. They, however, only fooled the Muslim to think they converted and led secret double lives as Jews. Go learn your history. Jews were never allowed to be equals under Muslim rule. They were never allowed to pray at their holy sites. The Wailing Wall and Tomb of the Matriarc were off limits for most of the year under Muslim rule. Jews prosperred despite the Muslim rule not because of it. (with some exceptions in Morocco and a few small enclaves elsewhere). Most Jews that have lived under Muslim rule vow to NEVER allow that to happen again and are the most right-wing of Jews.
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