Lebanon crisis: Israel watches from sidelines, for now
Roni Sofer
Published: 11.05.08, 00:06
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1. Start building up on Artillery Rounds
Aaron   (05.11.08)
The only sure option for an advance into the Lebanon is to revert back to a 'proper', deliberate, prepared assault such as was used in the last year of the 1st World War by General Monash. Deliberate reduction of each and every potential strongpoint/position with creeping barrages, lifting imediately prior to the arrival of infantry and tanks. Yes it is slow, yes it is not what the enemy expect but it is the only route by which absolute victory can be acheived with the minimum of loss. Monash was renowned for using all mechanical means to reduce losses amongst his troops, he was also the first jewish general in 2,000 years. On the plus side, this is the one thing no irregular army can possibly defend itself against. The civilians will leave or stay, their choice, they are deemed to have accepted the consequences of the same. Hizbollah have trained and prepared for the usual IDF approach, surgical strikes and limited artillery prep'n followed by unsupported, lightning advances by infantry and tanks. You will not beat them this way. Aaron
2. Once again we are cowards
Richard R. ,   Buckeye USA   (05.11.08)
Again we make up excuses why we can't do thing to protect our own people. While Syria is slowly moving her tanks into the bekar valley and her troops, the goverment lies to the Israeli people and does nothing. Whats going on in labonon is the take over of a country, thats bad enough in it self, but can we afford to have Syria sitting in the Bakar valley where they can attack Mount Hermon and drive right down the slot into Keit Shomna. Are we that weak that we can't put a stop to this madness. No wonder the world is starting to wonder whats the matter with Israel, they won't even defend them selves. Everybody can write all the comments but they don't mean a thing. Nobody cares not even Israel. Oh Well.
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