Tehran is here
Alex Fishman
Published: 11.05.08, 10:01
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1. Iran will shortly be subdued. Daniel in the Bible says that
Rivkah   (05.11.08)
a Grecian (can mean Greek OR Gentile in Strong's Concordance) he-goat (UN) with a notable horn (military power, USA) between its eyes that comes from the ends of the earth (other side of the world not Greece and not Alexander) and touches not the ground (airplanes Alexander did not have). The he-goat comes with great choler or anger and subdues the ram with two horns (Media-Persia or Iraq-Iran). What is going to happen to upset the UN and the USA so badly that Iran is totally subdued and cannot get up? I believe it will be the Ezekiel chapter 32 attack on the military of a young lion nation in the land of the Chaldeans (Iraq) and the death of the leader of that young lion nation by a sword of the King of Babylon. That could be as soon as next week when President Bush is in Israel and Iraq for the 60th Anniversary of Israel. Isaiah 17:1 says Damascus will also be destroyed.
2. Make third long distance call
Daniel ,   Israel   (05.11.08)
It makes no difference if Siniora-Hariri are deposed from their posts, then why wait? It is better in both our interests (Lebanon and Israel) to throw Hizbullah out of Lebanon. Why not co-operate against common enemy? France or US are just spectators. From the article I read (between the lines) that US although Israeli ally wants conflict to be alive forever! Therefore, instead waiting for green signal from the big brother, we should act, in Lebanon as well as in Iran. Make third long distance call, instead of inviting Iran to our boards to shake hands with us. We shall live in peace for at list another half a century after that.
3. Why does the USA always screw up?
EgyptJewRefugee ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (05.11.08)
Why does the USA always screw up? Naivete? Dulles and Eisenhower saved Nasser in 1956 which resulted in the forced Exodus of 60,000 Egyptian Jews after 1956. Now this booboo and many others to boot.
4. "the twisted foreign policy led by Condoleezza Rice"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (05.11.08)
One wonders if things would have turned out different if: 1) Rice wasn't so engaged in shuttle diplomacy over the "peace process" with the Palestinians; and 2) she and her department weren't so incompetent. Lebanon, despite the failure to enforce UNSC resolutions against ongoing arming and training of Hizbullah, was put on the back burner. The State Department's primary concern was getting a "deal" between Israel and the PA before the end of the year. Ignoring ongoing terror and incitement, the focus was on checkpoints, building permits, and the "poor suffering Palestinians". In the meantime, yet another US strategic interest - a stable Lebanon free of Iranian and Syrian influence - was lost. But Fishman is naive in thinking that US and Israeli interests can be "secured diplomatically, for example, by talking to the Syrians." This seems to be an obsession within some circles in Israel, and it's totally without foundation.
5. Israeli Screw Up
Joe Kaufman ,   Formerly Jerusalem   (05.11.08)
Let's not forget how Israel abandoned it's allies in Lebanon during our withdrawal, putting our friends in the region on notice how unreliable we are. Let's not forget the Olmert regime's perfidious moves and moronic mistakes during the second Lebanese war, refusing to crush Hizbollah and inviting in International Protectors to allow this situation to develop. Now other Israeli idiots would woo Syria like Chamberlin did the Nazi's, causing WW II. It may be too late for Israel, the sheep have allowed themselves to be led to the slaughter by their leaders. They didn't purge them in time. Woe is Israel, that has such pygmies at the helm and does nothing to vomit these idiots out of power.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.11.08)
It would be so nice......................to have Iran as your neighbours..............cheap pstachio for the ones who love them.
7. #6
Alex ,   UK   (05.11.08)
Thanks for your offer, Israelis just checked their anti-phistasho equipment. Israel has lot to offer as well, as good neighbour to good neighbour. How do you like it - cheap and effective 155mm diameter watermellons and 120mm eggplants, delivered with the most advanced Vegetable Delivery Control Systems in the world - up to 30 km distance, just in seconds! It will be nice bowling Mo.
8. great article
SHADOIL ,   Jerusalem   (05.11.08)
thanks for bringing this to light. These distractions are great for all of us so that we wont really see what is happening. Be of strong faith sisters and brothers, Redemption of Israel is near.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.11.08)
Locally produced and fresh,too.Didnt your friends test them in summer of 2006?How could you forget so easily,Alex.
10. #7
Arash ,   USA   (05.12.08)
Alex, we are making locally not buying from US. we Bought from US around 30 years ago. Just remind you did you forget how your merkava tanks fliped over with our laser guided supersonic anti tank missiles and those are the ones that hizbolla can take and work with. However we will be good neighbore.
11. Mohmood! #6 & #9
Daniel ,   Israel   (05.12.08)
Mahmood! You are a mystery! Problem with you is you are not faithful to your own self. You think Ahmadinejad is telling all truth, to the world or to his own people (incidentally you are one of them)! It will be okay if he has Nucks, he will dare not us it against Israel, he will have to think million times if he has to. By then he will be finished and control of his Nucks generating area will be elsewhere. Keep those pistachios for Iranian hungry! First feed your own large population then talk about giving it to us. Wars are not own by talking (you have seen your own Saddam. Where is he?) So, will be the fate of Ahmadinejad. And you Mahmood keep writing, content with abusing some one especially us, Israelis, at the list be satisfied until then.
12. Mahmood
Maryam ,   UAE   (05.12.08)
very true. and for those talking about leaders who do not say the truth id advise them to look at their own leader first!
13. DANIEL....................#11
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.12.08)
It is most unfortunate they you have tended to distort,as is your usual habit,my talk-back.By diverting so,you have presented yourself as a useless writer having no knowledge of anything at all.Anyway,go through my talk-back and then read your own to determine where you have lead yourself,Daniel.
14. israel always abndon its allies
lebanese ,   christian   (05.12.08)
history teaches lebanese a great lesson , in the 1980s christians in beirut welcomed israeli force and the US marines , but later both abandoned them and left them to the hands of syrians and fanatics when they had a deal with the arabs, again in 2000 israel left it allies in south lebanon after they fought along IDF for 25 years and lost 1000 souls defending metula and kyriat shemona , they ended up as 5000 prisoner in hezbulla and gov prisons now history repets it self , any one who depends on israel or west will end up alone in the field >
15. to all above
nusa ,   jerusalem   (05.12.08)
who like iran and admire injad we will sent them to uk or any where but who do not like iran must stay in uk or usa do not come here to iran or the naboure of iran .. but the question is who is coming to whome .i think iran like te one coming to it .like her place not travelling to usa or uk or even to israil .i know that israil has no borders with iran .but do you think only naboures are friends or enemies // mahmood you are good only in your name but your posts are not better than elex or danial or the sweet meriam
16. War with Iran is already happening we need to stop them now
GB ,   Detroit USA   (05.12.08)
Iran is already at war with Jews, Israel and the US. Israel will be at war with Hezbollah until either we destroy them or they destroy Israel. In the short term, destroying Iran's nuclear program is critical, in the long term, Hezbollah. Jewish life cannot survive with them in the world.
Akram ,   Paris / Beirut   (05.12.08)
I think trusting Israel and USA is meaningless. So, if Israel speak peace ONLY when the enemy becomes strong and scary like Iran and Hezbollah, what is stopping all Arabs of becoming Hezbollah then? This way, we either get peace (which is OK for me) with Israel or we get rid of it (which is OK for me too as we get peace as well), right? Isn't that what the author is trying to say here? (BTW: I am a moderate Lebanese who STILL support the struggling Leb. gov.)
18. #14 Lebanese Christian. Western PRO-ISLAM Leaders to Blame
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.14.08)
Dear Lebanese Christian - I am so sorry about the terrible betrayals. Lebanese Christians are not alone in shocking betrayals. On the excuse of a phony massacre that NEVER took place, US/NATO went to war on the side of KLA Muslim terrorist organization against Christian Serbs. The Serbs were bombed relentlessly into submission. The Christian Hmong were also horribly betrayed - delivered over to the enemy. Israel's Leftist leaders are horribly betraying Israel's Jews - surrendering G-D given Jewish Holy Land to Muslim terrorists. UN Resolution 1701 BETRAYED ISRAEL, LEBANON & the Free World During the 2006 Second Lebanon War, under INTENSE U.S. pressure, Israel's leaders to the horror of the Free World's people, agreed to UN Resolution 1701 that prevented the goal vital to Israel's security - eliminating the rocket threat from Lebanon. UN Resolution 1701 successfully prevented Israel from defeating Iran's terrorist army Hezbollah thus greatly weakening Israel and aiding and empowering Hezbollah to take over Lebanon. Another victory for global jihad CREATED by Western ruling elites - another victory for the Islamics in the war against the world's non-Muslims.
19. Lebanon
Gina Keit er ,   Menifee United State   (05.22.08)
What say Ye of the Oracle of Damascus? Isaiah chapter 17
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