IDF soldier documented shooting demonstrator at close range in Bil’in
Ali Waked
Published: 13.05.08, 16:56
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1. i'd do it too
idf officer   (05.13.08)
whats the deal? they go on my nerves all day! they are a disgrace for this country and they deserve more than one rubber bullet to their legs! ;-) cheers!
2. excellent shooting !
3. cancer in the idf
israeli   (05.13.08)
This is just one of view cases thats made its way to the media. It seems the younger generations of Israeli's have lost all their morals and values. The issues faced in society today are slowly but surely infiltrating into the military, and its showing. Someone needs to be made an example of, find that soldier and throw him in prison for a long time.
4. Retarded Soldier
Awake   (05.13.08)
Discipline. He needs it. And a lot of it. It's dissapointing to see the Israeli establishment as a whole be so lenient towards acts like this. When you all should know just how bad it makes the nation look. And please, right-wingers. Spare the BS response about sweeping evidence under the rug "for the good" instead of preventing these incidents from even occuring. You're too predictable and stupid for me to not bring it up before you get a chance to. You folks know who you are.
5. Cant Work but Can Protest ? ? ?
JM ,   Bet Shemesh   (05.13.08)
Firstly I'd like to see an entire video for context before he was shot - however this video doesn't look good for the soldier. Still I am surprised that this "victim" is injured so badly he cannot work yet still attend weekly protests....
6. Lets not forget:
RF ,   Israel   (05.13.08)
These "peaceful" protesters constantly try to kill / maime soldiers and police at Bilin. they knocked out a boader policemans eye recently.
7. #1 its because of you this country is in trouble
reserve soldier ,   TA Israel   (05.13.08)
No wonder this country is in trouble and the IDF the laughing stock of the world, when there are serving officers like you. You seem to forget you are there to do a job not express your political opinions. As a soldier we are expected to carry out our duties regardless of our politial view. Even you im sure know this is the very basis of being a soldier. what a scary thought you are carrying a weapon!
8. morals???
nicole ,   emek hayarden   (05.13.08)
cancer in the idf yousay israelis lost there morals cause a soldier shot some one for no reason?? i agree they lost there moral but not because of that! instead of that same 18 y/o serving in the army he is protesting with the enemy against his own. Hes the one one that should be thrown in jail.
9. Who believes this rot
sammy bar ,   ashkelon ISRAEL   (05.13.08)
Ali Waked writing this? Sure, but nobody believes anything he says any more. That is what happens when you let him write anti-Israeli articles. In any other country they would hang him for sedition.
10. A fine shot.
Kev ,   London   (05.13.08)
See that? From the hip, too. Traitors in old England were locked in the tower for life - or killed. They were seen as murderers of their own kind, culture and way of life.
11. By chance it was an IDF shooter
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (05.13.08)
this dear young boy that received a rubber bullet... If the story happened in ANY another country, this guy would certainly be killed by a real bullet. Kol Hakavod Betselem. IDF soldiers must be more human. They should not carry weapons at all. Azmi Bishara would be proud of you !
12. Israeli soldiers
NC   (05.13.08)
These young Israeli soldiers have to put up with so much crap from deluded leftist protesters. They are only 18-20 years old, and to take so much verbal abuse from other Israelis just for serving their country must take a huge toll on them. In this case one of them snapped prematurely, but this incident doesn't reflect the truly nauseating tactics adopted by leftist protesters.
13. On the other hand
Khalid ,   Billin   (05.13.08)
How do we know exactly what the youth shouted? In many cases when we protest, we swear and curse the soldiers calling them "Nazim" and other very awful things. Sorry but I felt obligated to state this.
14. What's going on?
Raoul ,   Israel   (05.13.08)
Firstly, the security fence is essential. However, what is going on in the case of Bil'in, where the courts have ordered the fence to be moved some time back, and nothing is being done? The Israeli public must demand an explanation, for our own good as well as the residents of Bil'in.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (05.13.08)
If the army which by the way is no police had been allowed to use force for which it has been trained, there would have been only one demonstration. Meanwhile some good for nothing draftdodger gets to be the hero of this a la Ynet story , while these soldiers have to waste their time again on friday. Our Herzelist Israelis are a bunch of loosers , they for sure show that they are tired of winning like their master Olmert.
16. Concern
TS ,   Dublin, Ireland   (05.13.08)
Before I worked in Israel, my basic knowledge of Israel or the 'middle east' was formed by biased western media. My experience has turned me into a firm defender of the country that was home to me for too short a time. However I do have concern when I see issues like this for whatever the reason. I dont think for a second the the soldier is 'Bad' and that he should be made an example of but I do think that actions like this does nothing for the IDF and also affects society in general into slowly accepting this as the norm. No matter how crazy it might seem now, Peace needs to be the guiding Star for all of you. There is no other way. But if you 'accept' this as the Norm, then it will affect the whole of your society. Believe me in this one. Unfortunately I do know what Im talking about relating to this. Whatever the reasons for this incident and there will always be issues and there always be excuses, be careful on applauding this sort of action, no matter what the reasons are.... The road to Hell is paved with good intentions
17. #15, David
israeli ,   israel   (05.13.08)
"If the army which by the way is no police had been allowed to use force for which it has been trained, there would have been only one demonstration" - I agree, and that one demonstration would have been very short.
18. Bilin rallies are not peaceful
israeli ,   israel   (05.13.08)
The demonstrators (even small children, one can hear their voices on footage available on the net)curse the soldiers: Nazis, dogs, a.s.o. One only needs to see photos available on ynet and yahoo to see how sometimes demonstrators stand within one millimeter of the soldiers and stick their fingers into their faces, shout abuse and try to manhandle the troops. That is not peaceful at all. Most soldiers do really show restraint. I wonder how a similar march would end in any other country. Demonstrators even bring their small children and show them how idf troops can be abused.
19. Avaryanem and NOT Hailiem
20. should have shot him where the sun don't shine
me ,   here   (05.13.08)
21. A traitor shot with a rubber bullet - he is lucky
RA   (05.13.08)
Should have been a real one.
22. Good shot!
Evan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.13.08)
I would prefer a government where such traitors as this little po-terror punk could be tried and imprisoned or executed for treason, but, you know, it's Israel. Too bad he's back at the protest. Shoulda aimed higher I guess.
23. More Ali Waked propaganda
jay3 ,   Israel   (05.13.08)
I am yet to see one article by Mr Waked that isnt biased and one sided. All his articles only come from Palstinian eye witmesses. Doe she expect everyone to believe these false reports? Why does YNet use this one man propaganda machine??
24. He should've aimed higher!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (05.13.08)
Good job!!
25. Traitors take photo and pint it to destroy his country
Shachar ,   NY   (05.13.08)
26. #18 What you say is correct and must be considered
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.13.08)
when justice is made.We all know arabs's ways of getting things and these ways are not peaceful let alone honest. Israel uses restraint as any other country does.Tibetans are talking in the graves by now,just for a small example,and see that tibetans ARE peacefull people. Any other country would ,at least,throw on them peper or paralizant gaz or whatever else. Israel is incredibly restrained.Incredibly,umbelivably!
27. Is Israel a Democracy?
Roy ,   Soon in Israel   (05.13.08)
While I don't necessarily agree with the protester's cause, I absolutely do feel he has the right to a non-violent protest. He may shout disgusting things to our soldiers but that DOES NOT justify shooting him! All you YNET readers should be able to distinguish between the two. We are not animals! We are Jews and this is beneath us.
28. Should have fired a metal bullet to kill!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.13.08)
Why waste rubber bullets. The fools with cameras should be shot also.
29. #27 Not so fast.....
Scott   (05.13.08)
Scumbag 'protesters" also have an obligation to behave peacefully. They dont always do this AND when they misbehave dont wait for Ali Waked to tell you. Greater scrutiny of this filthy protester rabble is necessary just to see exactly what they get up to. I for one, am totally sick of these people.
30. Roy, #27, so you think we are animals?
israeli ,   israel   (05.13.08)
Roy, in Israel verbal violence IS violence. If you think that you can come to Israel and insult anyone, and I mean ANYONE, and get away with it just because you didn't hit them, you are wrong. You better learn to distinguish between the 2 before you land on Ben-Gurion airport.
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