'Dead Gazan' alive and kicking
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 13.05.08, 17:42
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1. Thank you for reporting this
2. pals up to their same old lying tricks again
jared ,   orlando   (05.13.08)
3. A resurrection ....These people have apparently
rachel ,   usa   (05.13.08)
never heard of the boy who cried wolf!!....More Pallywood ....
4. Ha-ha-ha - good morning laugh!!!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.13.08)
5. Who is paying for all his medical stuff?
just wondering   (05.13.08)
or r we obligated to pick up the tab for humanitarian reasons?
6. "Human Rights" organizations
NYC Girl   (05.13.08)
It's so typical of them to immediately believe the worst about Israel. Now, the idiots have egg all over their faces, so maybe next time they'll think twice...although I doubt it.
7. Never mind Pali lovers I'm sure there
will be another one shortly you can get excited about.
8. no other people lie so much as the palis
disgusting people, really i feel like throwing up... ch'tfu!
9. The damage is done.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.13.08)
While the original accusation made it into media all over the world, this story will be ignored. These NGO's & human rights groups are a bunch of dupes, the "useful idiots" as Stalin called them.
10. Rare Case Indeed
Gliker ,   Tx/Israel   (05.13.08)
The entire conflict is based on the lies of our enemies. Every war against the Jews is based on lies and deceit. This is not new.
11. Palis lies!!!
Natan   (05.13.08)
Same as the "dead" people falling off the stretchers and climbing back in...LOL These people are PATHETIC!!!
12. a POW has all the right to seek a escape
observer   (05.13.08)
family of a fatally ill civilian prisoner has more than the right to secure a permit for him by any means to seek medical treatment in ANY place where medical treatment is available. To treat a cancer patient does not need a precondition of good behavior! Shin Bet should have saved it enormous effort over weeks for just prove that Israel is guilty of not abiding by the international law of welfare of civilians in the time of war. The patient is still stranded without the proper treatment. So whose fault it has been; the cancer patient or Israel?
13. Hamas pronounced him dead...he's dead
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (05.13.08)
Hamas & his family pronounced him dead. So he's dead and there is NO issue here. Until Hamas and the family PUBLICLY say that they deliberatly lied, the man is DEAD and he can go to Saudi Arabia for advanced treatment.
14. #9 Yes, this story will be ignored due to Jews' pressure
observer   (05.13.08)
15. #12
Natan   (05.13.08)
Hamas has all the financial means to produce weapons and kill a 70 year old widow. Let Hamas ship him to Egypt for treatment or send him to any place in the world. But, damn it, i will NOT allow my tax money to pay for the treatment of my enemy!!!
16. @Observer - FYI
Observant   (05.13.08)
a. The "not dead anymore" man is not a POW, according to any judicial system; b. There have been precedent cases of Arabs, in particular from Judenrein Gaza, to get into Israel in order to blow themselves up in the Israeli hospitals that treat them.
17. #15 a cancer patient doesn't need your tax money
observer   (05.13.08)
but, you need HIM to pay for your acquittance.
18. #16 You are right!; he is a CIVILIAN POW
observer   (05.13.08)
19. You sure won't see that article here
Reuters ,   BBC, Al Jazeera   (05.13.08)
20. Praise be allah
Mahmood ,   Gaza City   (05.13.08)
he is back from the dead. We shall revere him as our prophet and name a mosque after him. He just saved my family 72 virgins, pigs not included
21. @Observer - What War?
Observant   (05.13.08)
The CIVILHamas - Fatah war?
22. amazing people palestians
ZIONIST FOREVER   (05.13.08)
When a palestian dies of cancer he has the amazing ability to return from the dead. When the cameras of the international media is watching they will fall down dead shot in the streets by the evil zionist soilders but he is taken away on a stretcher and when the media are not looking anymore he gets off his stretcher alive and well and prepares for death a second time. WHEN PALESTIAN DOCTORS CAN BRING PEOPLE BACK FROM THE DEAD WHY DO THEY WANT TO HAVE CANCER TREATMENT IN ISRAEL?
23. #14 - Care to explain this crappy logic? - LOL!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.13.08)
This will be ignored by the publications themselves because they will be ashamed to admit that they publish lies and unverified stories. As for teh "Jews pressure": actually I am writing a letter to the editors ASKING them to publish this. How about THIS kind of "pressure"? Are you happy?
24. #18: Yeah, sure. He is a "civilian POW" and you are "honest"
The Doc ,   Haifa Israel   (05.13.08)
... nice new vocabulary and total lack of understanding of the definition of POW and a POW's rights etc. If he is a "civilian POW" then Israel is a "Jewish Getto" surrounded by enemy Arab states and terrorist organizations incessantly trying to destroy us. Let's not start inventing new definitions "observer" since even your alias has long lost its "non-aligned" meaning. You have exposed yourself too many times as a racist anti-Semite - nothingmore than an Islamo-Fascist agitator. Time to move on to one of your OTHER aliases.
25. #21 it's the little thing Israelis are happy to call it war
observer   (05.13.08)
between Israel and Gaza when it to comes to killing civilians, but call it civil war when imposing siege on civilian patient.
26. #25 - Gaza bmbing civilians in Sderot and Ashkelon IS war
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.14.08)
.. and it does not make Isral "happy" as you claim. Actually after each civilian killed by Hamas rockets in Israel, palestinians distribute sweets in the streets and danceon rooftops. They were even happier whenb the Twinm Towers were bombed. THAT is happy. Actually whenever a non-Muslim is murdered by Muslim Terror Organizations, Muslims tyhrow parties and gloat publicly to whomever cares to listen (then they try to confiscate video tapes and pictures, threatening reporters' lives if the report about it). You don't see that in Israel. So no, Israel is not happy when Palestinia civilians are killed. Pity that the Palestinians do not share the same concern when they kill each other!
27. rare event?
ralph ,   toronto canada   (05.14.08)
no way is it rare. these hr groups act self-importantly, distort and lie. stalin called such people useful idiots, which is what they are
28. Bring out your dead...I'm not dead! N/C
Josh   (05.14.08)
29. Observer, a POW is someone *arrested*
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (05.14.08)
by a military power, during an actual and official war (with uniforms worn by *both* sides). Is this man under arrest? And if this is an actual war, as Israel has been saying it should be treated as, then would you care to read up on military (or "resistance") infrastructure in civilian areas, and, and how it should be handled? Of course, you've yet to explain to me how suffering the consequences of war in your own territory and being subjected to careful security checks when trying to enter the country you are, in fact, at war with - equals being arrested under military emergency law, and being placed in a military detention camp (where POWs, be they soldiers or not, end up in wars). Or do you want to yammer on about how Gaza is a military prison, eh? If so, you probably live in your own private world. Don't let me bother you in it.
30. Israel has no responsibility for PA health care
Mordechai   (05.14.08)
The US doesn't let in every Canadian who wants health care. Its Canadas job to treat their citizens. Israel too has no responsibility for the Arabs health care. They want Israel out of Gaza then they are not 100% responsible. If they want Israel to be responsible then they need to invite Israel to come back and annex the territory.
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