Peres: If it weren't for Hamas, Palestinians would have a state
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 13.05.08, 21:48
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1. If it weren't for olmert and peres
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.13.08)
Sderot would be a happier place
2. What a bunch of baloney
Cynic ,   USA   (05.13.08)
They don't have a state because they know by declaring a state they will have to recgonize the State of Israel, and they will have to take care of their brothers. It will never happen unless Olmert and Peres surrender all of Israel.
FROM SANTA CLAUS   (05.13.08)
4. If it was not for Peres and Oslo...
Observer   (05.14.08)
Many Jewish lives would've been saved
5. olmert was the pm that shouldn't have been
6. It's pretty ridiculous to claim that if it
Che Vive ,   Ghetto Beach, U.S.A.   (05.14.08)
weren't for Hamas Palestinians would already have a state, Mr. Peres. After all, Hamas didn't exist until 1987. It would be more accurate to say that if it weren't for Israel, Palestinians would already have a state, but I'm aware that doesn't suit your spin.
7. An absolute blatant lie
jay3 ,   Israel   (05.14.08)
Hamass was not even around during Oslo. The Palistinian Charter calls for Israels destruction. This is the same Charter that both Hamass and Fatah use. Peres is a big nosed liar!
8. "If it weren't for Hamas, the Palestinians..."
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (05.14.08)
And if it were up to you you and your settlers would seize every last inch of Palestinian land that you have not already seized; I suppose if Hamas spontaneously disappeared everybody would have a smile on their faces and this whole thing would work out. Never mind that not one thing has been achieved with these so-called peace talks and that the "historic agreement" that was promised for this month isn't remotely possible. Your downfall begins with Gaza as the epicenter.
9. If it weren't for the Palestinians...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.14.08)
If it weren't for the Palestinians, the Palestinians would have a state. Mr. Peres, ever heard of never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity?
10. Funny it was Arafat who said no Barak and Clinton
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.08)
How quickly they forget. It was about 8 years ago when Arafat was offered the best deal for a a Palestinian state that will ever be offered. And he said no. 8 years lost - and Hamas was not part of the discussion then.
11. Oslo and the Utopians
AlbertoGa ,   Houston, USA   (05.14.08)
The people who never learn will continue to place Israel in Mortal Danger. Israel is not for Sale. Israel is not negotiable. Is the Old Testament a joke ? No the Utopians are the Joke. Shalom from Texas Alberto
12. What are the chances of peace?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.08)
There will not be peace with the Arabs living west of the Jordan because the Arab leaders in the Middle-East are afraid of peace. We should understand why the leaders in the Arab world do not want peace with Israel. Peace and closer relations with Israel means democracy in the Arab countries, improvement of individual freedom for all, freedom of choice as to religion and education in other words the end of the dictatorship, the end of tyranny in the Arab countries first, and then, in the Muslim countries. Can the Saudi King Abdullah accept this ? can Basher al-Assad accept this ? can Mubarak accept this ? can all the petty tyrants of the Arabic Peninsula accept this, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ? …so let’s be realistic: can peace, indeed, be more than just a dream ? Peace with Israel means, also, the abandondment of Jihad, the abandondment of the conquest of the world by Islam. In order to understand what that means you should consult :
13. The failure of the Oslo agreement.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.08)
The current path to peace is a failure : It is simply not working, wasn’t working, and will never work. After 15 years, billions of dollars in aid, and unlimited diplomatic support,” the Palestinians have nothing to show or to offer. The solution to the presence of the Arabs west of the Jordan should be find elsewere as explained at :
14. How can you Israelis listen to this . . .
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (05.14.08)
INSANE talk any more? Doesn't your COMMON SENSE identify these lies?
15. Peres - you know it ain't so. Stop lying.
16. peres article
margie ghiz-gillies ,   santa monica,   (05.14.08)
"if it weren't for Hamas, Palestine would have a state" ?? If it weren't for Israel, Palestine would have a state. and, consequently be living in peace
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