Egyptian culture minister: I would burn Israeli books myself
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.05.08, 14:25
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1. tension
colin   (05.14.08)
At least culture minister of egypt speaks truthfully about his feelings.He is not the backstabbing lieing normal politician.Israel can recipricate or request clarification from the Egyptian parliment but stay with the truth.
2. To hell with it, protest.
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.14.08)
Who knows? If an Egyptian official has to pay for such hateful remarks by forfeiting a position that he would otherwise want, then maybe the next jerk would be a bit more careful.
3. I encourage Arabs to destroy our books
Mike ,   Israel   (05.14.08)
Why should people who have shown no class or repect to Israel be able to use our knowledge. As far as I'm concerened they can go back to the times of the Pharoah and live like desert dogs.
4. 99%
Wise Man ,   USA   (05.14.08)
99% of Egyptian will burn Israeli books if they see one. Do you want me to tell you waht else they will burn if they have the chance ?
5. peace treaties are only as valuable as who enforces it
zIONIST FOREVER   (05.14.08)
What he says now is just diplomatic whining and a big game that all countries play .. you say somethiing to insult me and I say something to insult you we both complain but then we forget all about it ... thats politics. Lets hope for Israels sake that long term he does replace Mubararak and be very anti Israel publicly maybe it will show our leaders there is no such thing as a peace treaty with an arab state and land is better than paper. The Golan is much more valuable economicly and strategicly than a stupid document with Assads signature to be hanging on the wall in Olmerts jail cell along with his nobel prize. An alternative must be found to the oslo based palestian problem .. oslo and all its clones have failed now we need some smart thinking not just keep playing by the arab rules.
6. maybe he is the minister of a Bacterial CULTURE
Alan ,   SA   (05.14.08)
7. Why is HOSNI mubaraks photo on the story?
Alan ,   SA   (05.14.08)
8. israel culture is the most important culture for huminity
fad egypt   (05.14.08)
tzipi livni should boycott this economic forum as a normal reaction
9. This is the kind of peace
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (05.14.08)
This is the kind of peace that Israel shares with Egypt - instead of peace Israel gets pieces. Screw the 'gyptians and cut off their US aid.
10. "Culture" Minister
NYC Girl   (05.14.08)
His Nazi-inspired statement about burning books should make him the perfect candidate for the UN position.
11. Well,at least let's get Sinai back
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.14.08)
but free of fake palis and true arabs. Arabs must go to Arabic Peninsula,their homeland.
12. It's in Egypt's history to destroy books...
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (05.14.08)
...Egyptians also destroyed the great library in Alexandria and with it a wealth of irreplaceable information. So what's unusual about this "burning" desire expressed by the so called "culture" minister of Egypt to destroy even more books. Some cultures never change.
13. Another arab more interested in destroying...
The arab people will never get anywhere with this attitude. I hope that when he has heart problems that he will also reject any Israeli technology to save his life.
14. Peace with Egypt...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.08)
Egypt is a one sided Arab supporter and should not be trusted. Even today, after all these years of “peace”, Egypt is still the world center of anti-Israeli incitement. It has huge militairy expenses while its generals admit that the enemy is Israel. There is no doubt that in case of a general conflict in the Middle-East Egypt will fight in the camp of the enemies of Israel. Differences between Israel and Arabs cannot be brokered by an Arab country. The solution to the Middle-East conflict is described at :
15. Burn books
Stengl ,   Fortaleza Brazil   (05.14.08)
Who were the last bunch to destroy book en masse? And what was it that that cute little rascal Hermann Goering said? "Every time I hear the word `cultureÌI reach for my revolver." And this is the mininster of culture?
16. And olmert follows up by rewarding egypt
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.14.08)
And how does our illustrious leadership respond to the ongoing anti-Semitic agitation by the Egyptian government? It let's them lead on the gaza issues
17. A Peace with Egypt ! ?
AlbertoGa ,   Houston, USA   (05.14.08)
This is one more proof that Israel is alone. The Peace treaties with Arabs are sign on Iceberg they melt every time. This is a good lesson for Mr. Olmert the Utopian and Other Oslo dreamers. Dhalom from Houston Alberto
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC USA   (05.14.08)
Look what we gave up for "peace" with Egypt. Is this peace?
19. Culture Minister
Brod ,   USA   (05.14.08)
is typical of Islamist-Jihadists that are infiltrating and contaminating their own government with their venom of AntiSemitism.
20. As long as we continue to show weakness
GZLives   (05.14.08)
not a single Arab regime believes we will survive. Not a single regime believes we can't be destroyed and that is something we are responsible for creating by allowing the likes of Olmert to remain in power while rockets are fired from Gaza on a daily basis at our cities. We can reverse this of course by obliterating Hamas and Hezbollah to show that all these years we have deliberately shown restraint. In case anyone has missed it, the Arabs believe we don't attack Gaza because we're afraid. The typical Arab on the street anywhere in the world believes we are afraid of Hezbollah and Hamas and that is OUR problem. If these recent years have proven anything, they have shown that only strength will succeed with the mindset we face from our neighbors. They respect only brute force and if western Europe and the rest of the Leftist community doesn't understand that, so be it. Let them condemn us as they always do, but let us all remember to ignore it as it should be clear to all that they of all people do not understand the threat they also face .... French riots, Danish riots, London terror attacks, plots and more attempts, Spanish train bombings. Let the Europeans call us names while we go about defending western civilization from the barbarians.
menahem ,   paris   (05.14.08)
22. Email UNESCO - let them know since......
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.14.08)
this weak government of ours wont do anything about it. The address is:
23. #20 - Sadly and reluctantly, I agree with you....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.14.08)
24. Start with Amos Oz's Books
Thomas   (05.14.08)
Reading a telephone book is more interesting than his work.
25. Give US back the more than $50 billion stolen from US
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.14.08)
SInce Egypt is unwilling to live up to its end of the peace agreement GIVE us BACK out money.
26. #20 GZLives - You're 100% correct.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.14.08)
Arik Siliverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (05.14.08)
Almost 30 years of peace treaty, and the people of Egypt HATE Israel (only 5% approval in one opinion poll). Why is this? This issue is a case in point: without a doubt Israel could get the United States to veto this man's UNESCO appointment, but in the long run, Israel would be the loser by making more enemies. Too many in Israel are like the Bush Administration and the Neocons in the US, feeling they can throw their weight around to get what they want instead of trying to compromise and develop genuine friendship. BLOCK THIS MAN'S APPOINTMENT TO UNESCO, AND ISRAEL WILL SUFFER IN THE LONG RUN ! ! !
28. i would burn their books if...
elimelech ,   Shomron   (05.14.08)
they published any. According to UN the Arab world has translated fewer books in the last 2000 years than have been translated into spanish in the past 1 year. Sigh. By burning our books they remove incriminating evidence it seems to me
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (05.14.08)
I don't dispute your figures on Arabic translations, but I point out that 1300 years ago things were much different, and they saved many of the Greek classics for us.
30. # 28 It was the Jews in the Arab Countries
who did the translating, not the Arab Muslims. Likewise, it was the Sephardic Jews who translated the Arab works of philosophy into the Western languages.
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