Palestinian poll: Abbas losing popularity
Associated Press
Published: 14.05.08, 20:33
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HAMAS WINS ,   ..............DACON9   (05.14.08)
2. Why can't we be more like the Palestinians?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.14.08)
Palestinians have about as much faith in Abbas as we do in Olmert- the only difference is that when both our leaders draft policies that are suicidal to our national interests, we Israelis sheepishly follow our elected leaders while the Palestinians fight those policies tooth and nail. For once in my life, I can't believe I'm saying this: Why can't we be more like the Palestinians in defending our national interests?
zIONIST FOREVER   (05.14.08)
Bargouti might be popular but he still isnt the messiah that the left in Israel & the US believe he is. He is Arafats man through and through and if he gets the presidency we would find ourselves in the situation were were when Abbas was at his peak and thats we bend over backwards and make more and more concersions to strenghen this new palestian leader who we call partner for peace just like we did Arafat. If we are going to be doing anything for palestian politics we should be giving the next generation a chance not propping up Arafats old right hand men. If we are going to make any concesions to the palestians now or in future it must be for PEACE not PEACE IN OUR TIME We dont need anymore policians flying home with treaties worth less than toilet paper.
4. Our peace loving neighbours
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.15.08)
Our bestest buddies seem to prefer a convicted murderer to a duplicitous 'militant'. What does that tell you ? To the Olmert-Livni-Barak cabal, not a thing.
5. No Kidding
Isn't that why he lost the elction and has to be propped up. Didn't they lose faith in him, if they ever had any, a long time ago? I can't imagine why they wouldn't want a leadership that screams for intifada and then runs to their villas in France? A real mystery.
6. So Olmert was telling the truth
Daniel Pinner ,   Kar Tapuach, Israel   (05.15.08)
when he said that he and Abbas had a lot in common, and that they were facing the same challenges. Just think: if Olmert and Abbas combine their popularity ratings, together they'd reach almost 4%.
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