Arabs protest university's decision to hold Student Day on Nakba
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 15.05.08, 14:09
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1. Move to Gaza ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.15.08)
Then you'll understand what a naqba it is to live with your own.
2. what a good excuse?!!!
Fadi ,   Gaza-Palestin   (05.15.08)
"Arab students never warned us that this was a sensitive day for them" thats not even an excuse, as if those two people have not been living with each other, in peace and war, for the past 60 years and once in a sudden they didnt realize that the 15th of May is a "senstive" day. Their response is more evident that they chose this day with a full intention to provoke all Arab students!!!
3. The "nakba" is the cancer of "palestinian" students....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.15.08)
masquerading as Israeli citizens.
4. Unbelievable
Ira ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.15.08)
What can I say. If it wasn't so sad I would roll over and over in laughter...really deep laughs!
5. I Celebrate Nakba Day
Thomas   (05.15.08)
Nakba Day reminds me of how bitter the Arabs are for losing their attempted genocidal war in 1948. I hope there's is a Nakba Day every year for all eternity.
6. Remove those cancers from Israel!!!
Yonatan ,   USA   (05.15.08)
7. Why should i care about the nakba day ?
Israeli ,   ISRAEL   (05.15.08)
do i need to celebrate my enemies' lose ?
8. Was it acceptable for you guys...
anon   (05.15.08)
... to also do your additional Nakba day on the Hebrew date of Yom Atzmaout?
9. Enjoy the Fruits of Islam
Dan ,   Titusville, FL USA   (05.15.08)
Arabs in Israel enjoy more rights than in any Islamic country that they hold in reverence. Therefore the only solution is to allow those Arabs to leave Israel and enjoy the fruits of any Islamic nation they care to emigrate to. I am certain that they will be able to protest the Government any time they feel upset....which seems to be all the time with Arabs. Equally, I am certain that they will be able to drink in public, date women, practice their religion, such as it is, as they please etc...etc. The nations the Arab Muslims hold high are well known for their religious and social tolerance.
10. Colonial power
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.15.08)
The arab colonialists are not ready to acknowledge the independence of former dhimmis.
11. in general
your judge   (05.15.08)
arabs are losers. they protest whatever there is to protest. even when there's nothing to protest, they protest that there's nothing to protest. it's never good enough. they see the half empty cup rather than enjoying the half full cup (even though the cup is full!). if i was pm, i'd take off their israeli citizenship and deport them to a country of their choice (lebanon, syria, jordan, egypt, iran, etc.) long time ago. there's nothing to talk about, arabs don't belong on jewish land. they belong "away"... just far "away", away means "not here"! capish? *slap!*, good now go pack your things, arab.
12. So, to not offend these sensetive arabs, maybe we shouldn't
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.15.08)
have an Independence day either? I mean, why offend these wonderfull arabs that hate us and want to kill us? Poor, poor homicidal arabs.
13. Be aware of the fifth column.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.15.08)
Israeli-Arabs have increasingly involved in terrorist activities. Former MK Azmi Bishara, one of the most senior and prominent Israeli-Arab representatives, fled Israel after an advanced investigation into treason and assistance to Hizbullah during the Second Lebanon War. Most recently, an Israeli-Arab from Jerusalem carried out the shooting murder of eight yeshiva students at the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva. His parents subsequently set up a mourning tent adorned with the flags of the Hizbullah. More at :
14. Arabs in Tel Aviv University
Shalom   (05.15.08)
Naqba - ha ha! They are being given opportunities they would never have got without Israel.
15. 'naqba'
marvls ,   nyc   (05.15.08)
I'm not sure which is worse - Arab students protesting - they should thank their lucky stars that they can attend such a prestigous school as TAU, as a result of the "naqba" - or Jewish students who are protesting with them.
16. Even university students don't know history
Millie ,   Israel   (05.15.08)
The real "Nakba" refers to 1920 when Palestine's Arabs were cut off from Syria, not by the Jews, but by the British and the French.
17. Just what was the 'naqba'?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.15.08)
It was the conscious arab decision to stage an attack on the Jewish State in an overt attempt to destroy it. Led by the grand mufti, egypt syria lebanon and jordan with british support the arabs felt they would achieve their goal. They believed they would speed up their actions by forcing the palis to move. The palis, wanting to join in the bloodbath did so willingly! OOOOPS, they lost. So now go back to the grand mufti, jordan,egypt and syria and cry to them. We don't care anymore! WE TRIED to work with you but all we get in response is murder terrorism and mayhem! As ye reap and all that. AND THAT IS THE REALITY OF THE SO-CALLED naqba! allah akhbar (LOL)
18. For somebody who does not recognize Israel, they have the...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.15.08)
...nerve to try to dictate what happens in Israel. Well, guess what! You are either Israelis who respect the country and its non-religious holidays, follow its laws and contribute by either serving in the IDF or by serving your own communities in the National Service, or you are foreigners and refrain from demading rights and try to influence policies which are clearly an internal part of the Israeli society. Since you declare all the time that you are actually Palestinians, mourn the creation of Israel, fill us with your racism and hatred and look for ways to destroy Israel, you have no right to tell anybody what to do or how to do it. When you will stop planning with Hamas, Hezbollah and their representatives on how to disrupt the normal life in Israel you will have the right to protest. Until you stop that colaboration and plans to destroy Israel from within, you are nothing than a fifth column whose actions and plans are well documented and understoood by everybody. For now, demonstrate all you want - we know exactly what your end goal is despite the tons of political correctness and demagogy in your statements and slogans. If you do not behave as full partners you have no grounds to demand equal rights. You are lucky that our democracy still tolerates your kind and your subversive actions. If you were trying to do the same in your beloved Gaza or West Bank - or any other Arab country for than matter (or god forbid, in Iran) - , the local "authorities" would have dealt with you a long time ago in a more "convincing" way.
19. Spitting in one's face...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.15.08)
Mourning the creation of the state of Israel (Nakbah) IS spitting in our face! Most Israeli Arabs have been spitting in our face for 60 years on our Independence Day! Now THEY complain? They are "celebrating" Nakbah on the same day as we celebrate our Independence day and now they complain that the student's union declared Student's Day (which does not have a fixed day) on the same day as Arab Students burn tires, go to the Israeli border with Lebanon and wave Palestinian Flags? What happened? Are they afraid that while they will be out stabbing Israel in its back in collaboration with Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran, the Jewish Students will be eating some Hamburgers, drink some Coke, listen to music and generally have a good time? Are they angry they will be missing all the fun? Do they seriously think that this will work? How can they compare the monstruosity of trying to deface a nation's Independence Day, with a Student's Party?
20. Is it not an honour then to be a student?
vicky ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (05.15.08)
Why do we allow them to study at our Universities, do they not have them in Gaza? Better still go to Jordan or Egypt to study, then you wont have to the right protest without being arrested. Thoses lefties who protest with them should remember what their grandparents were fighting for?
21. TA -U should be closed on Naqba day
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (05.15.08)
in order to allow Israeli Arab students to celebrate their Naqba day. Next year all universities and the next year after ,all working places should give a day off to Israeli Arabs for the same reasons.HOW ABOUT THAT???? The 5th column is alive and kicking. How many Palestinian flags are there in Israel? And who possesses them? Take Um El Fahem, the cream of the cream of Israeli Arab towns which is full of those flags. Can the Olmert government grasp the idea behind those flags?
22. T.A.U. dean should be held personally responsible
Jake   (05.15.08)
for any display of enemy paraphernalia, including Baath Party/PLO flags, green Hamas glags, yellow Hizbullah flags, and swastikas.
23. Jordan BANNED "Nakba" Day! why can't we?
Nadav ,   Yel Aviv   (05.15.08)
The kingdom of Jordan - aka Palestine, banned ALL Nakba celebrations -why can't we?!
24. Welcome to Israel
Matan ,   Tel Aviv   (05.15.08)
This is Israel...we will not, in any way, help you celebrate your 'Nakba', we will not be sensitive to the fact that you want to destroy our state. If you want to go to school in Israel, expect us to celebrate our independence, fight for our right to exist here, and ignore your arguments and retaliate against your attacks appropriately (when we finally have a Prime Minister that remembers that we have to use greater force than our enemies attack us with to win wars) when required...and without apology.
25. "Nakba Day" is not an Israeli Holiday . . .
Harry   (05.15.08)
It is an insurrectionist, disloyal, seditious and traitorous day. Israel, of course, should celebrate on such a day. If they don't like it, don't be Israelis. Move to Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Morrocco, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Indonesia or Holland. Tel Aviv University was founded by Israelis - it would be nothing and in a swamp if the Israelis were not there. Chutzpah!!
26. Nakba= excuse to parade B4 world AS VICTIMS
GZLives   (05.15.08)
When Israel stops providing the platform of the press and media, the Palywood antics will end since that's all this is about. What other media outlet is running this non story? BBC? Guardian? The usual Brit Jew hating press? If we want to end these antics - end the coverage because there's no story here to begin with. Arabs hate us? uh huh ... Arabs demonstrate? uh huh ... Arab Student groups are all Muslim Brotherhood front groups? Uh huh ... Best way is ignore them. Continue to grow and flourish and leave them behind to wallow in their 7th century paradise.
27. Go celebrate naqba somewhere else!
shaul ,   far away   (05.15.08)
28. I celebrate Nakba day
Ben Graham   (05.15.08)
I celebrate Nakba day because it represents the defeat of an attempt to create yet another repressive Arab country.
29. Their mourning - is our Victory!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.15.08)
30. Transfer to Tehran University
Lina ,   USA   (05.15.08)
These Arab students don't appreciate the opportunity to attend school in Israel. They protest against Israel while Israelis their age perform military duty. If that's their attitude, transfer them out. Reserve their seats for soliders post military duty. Let these Arab students protest with their brothers at Tehran University where Ahmadinejad's police beat and imprison them.
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