Lebanon isn’t a spectator
Giora Eiland
Published: 16.05.08, 01:06
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1. Lebanon is a spectator but neither is Israel
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.16.08)
Israel repeatedly ignores rulings by the UN, so in all honesty you can't expect the International Community to play 'onest injun' only when it suits Israel and play dumb when the rulings don't. Neither can one demand Hizbullah et al obey UN directives but turn a blind eye to the fact that Israel continues to be in breach of them all.
2. you got the point, now why not this
Jon ,   Cali   (05.16.08)
We must explain to the international community now already that another qassam or grad from Gaza on the southern border will not pit Israel against launchers alone, with the palestinian inhabitants playing the role of spectator. Such response , should it break out, would bring about neighborhood destruction, and this is something even Hamas doesn’t want to see happen. This is the almost only way to create deterrence vis-à-vis to Hamas organization
3. Assumptions are wrong.
Mark ,   Australia   (05.16.08)
1. After the 2006 war HA retreated to the Litani and teh UN and Leb army deployed to the border. 2. I dont see how Israel would be safer if the status quo of syrian controlled lebanon would have been safer for israel as HA was performing x-border raids daily.. 3. As you saw in recent fighting the lebanese government cannot terminate HA. 4. The government now is less likely to discourage an Israeli HA war, as a strong HA is in its worst interest.
4. Language Of Thugs
J. Abramoff ,   Zion, ZioNazistan   (05.16.08)
Invaders, colonizers, and murderers like those that came before. They left a long trail of misery and destruction in their wake. Justice is on the side of the native people. In the long term, they are certain to regain their stolen land.
5. What a naive writer
John   (05.16.08)
this guy is so naive. like the Lebanese goverment could stop hezbollah if they wanted. The IDF can not even stop Hezbollah. Hezbollah would never have existed if Israel never invaded Lebanon. Do worried about the PLO, that they didn't have the foresight to see what would happen. it is naive moves like this that empowered Hamas as well. This author is naive if he thinks that the international community will go along with his ignorant plane. if you want to kill a snake, you cut off it's head. It's head being Iran.
6. Lebanon isn’t a spectator
Ari ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.16.08)
The writer's commentary reflect typical monday morning quaterbacking from a has-been. Israel is better off without Syria in Lebanon. Besides, even if the Iranians filled the vaccum, there's no difference between the Syrians and Iranians. Same crap different smell. Israelis would accomplish much more if they talked less and did more.
7. syria must not get a free card next war
ralph   (05.16.08)
syria next war gets no free card. it is subject to destruction if war starts.
8. The contradictions between Lebanese society and Hizbullah.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.08)
Most Christians, not to mention vast majorities of Sunnis and Druze, see no possible coexistence between the idea of the Lebanese state and a Hizbullah that insists on demanding veto power over any decision that might limit its political and military margin of maneuver. Now the Hizbullah true intentions are out there for everyone to see. It can no longer hide behind its "resistance," a fictitious "national opposition" or imaginary social protests. It is confirming on a daily basis that its minimal goal is to keep alive a Hizbullah state within the state and to force most Lebanese to accept this, even as the party infiltrates the government bureaucracy and has free rein in the airport and ports. More about Hizbullah at : http://xrl.us/bkivy
9. Another mistake Eiland forgets
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.08)
The Lebanese civil war was between Lebanese patriots and Syria with Syria trying to take over what it views as a province. A purpose of the Israeli invasion in 1982 was to help the Lebanese patriots by destroying the Syrian army, but Israel failed due to the superiority of the Syrian intelligence services. The final defeat of the patriots was when Ehud Barak abandoned the SLA to be slaughtered by Hezbolla.
10. #4, Jews are natives to Judaea, and Arabs to Arabia
Jake   (05.16.08)
Get this tidbit of information into your thick head, Bin Laden jr.: Jews come from Judaea. Israelites come from Israel. Arabs come from Arabia. There is no such a country in history as "Palestine". Any motion designed to tip the balance of this simple set of equations is destined to fail catastrophically.
11. clarification
MWB ,   San Francisco USA   (05.16.08)
Serious question. What does "Lebanon's Destruction" look like? How is that different thatn the last war? More bridges destroyed? What does that mean? It is not a great deterrent if the enemy thinks they can sustain the destruction.
12. The return address is still in Syria
Kareem ,   Washington DC, USA   (05.16.08)
but Israel is not interested. Take out Syria and let's see if Hizbullah survives in Lebanon. As usual distorted and convenient analysis ( I know an Ostrich when I see one.. and as usual it is hiding)
13. You think Gioria Eiland is naive?!?!?
Shuki   (05.17.08)
Do you know who he is?!?!? This man has had access to information you can only armchair quarterback about in fairytale comment land. You might not agree with his conclusions, but naive he is not.
14. It Didn't Work with Hamas
Walid ,   Riyadh, KSA   (05.17.08)
Mr. Eiland destroying Lebanon won't pay! It'll give the same result as that of destroying Gaza. Everyday a few Kassam rockets strike Israel's south and with time rockets will reach Tel Aviv, Haifa and other distant places. These weapons are provided by Iran, the training by Hizb and Damascus is the terrorists' hideout and safehouse. So instead of bargaining with a rogue regime in Damascus which will only keep you hostage, and instead of destroying Lebanon which will result in more sympathy towards Hizbo, try to be a little proactive and take the battle to Iran &/or Syria and the sooner the better since a nuclear Iran is hard to deal with or intimidate. But, i am sure you would prefer the easy way like all leftists in this world (which i presume you are), so hope that Barak Hussein Obama will be elected to save you all the effort since he'll do the bargaining for you.
Lebanese patriot ,   Lebanon   (05.17.08)
Israel should stop trying to solve its problems on our expences. We knew it from the start that Syria & Israel were the only beneficiaries from the 30 year Syrian & ocuppation to most of Lebanon & Israeli ocupation to South Lebanon. They exchanged roles to keep Lebanon under their control. Instead of trying to terrorize Lebanese people by showing off your destructive capabilities try to come to some common sense & return Shebaa farms & stop trespassing in our land. If you have problems with Syria & Iran you should make war with them directly. Destroying Lebanon & killing its women & children will only bring shame on you & make your army more humiliated. We don't expect any think positive from you, since we know your history with your own allies (SLA),who were betrayed after all the sacrifices they contributed to Israel. By the way, I am a Christian who thought once that Israel can be trusted but after what happened with the SLA, I knew I was wrong.
16. #4 Lunatic Madman - Radical Moslems/Arabs are the Scourge of
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (05.17.08)
#4 Lunatic Madman - Radical Moslems/Arabs are the Scourge of the earth threatening everyone far beyond Hitler's goals. PAL Arabs started the recent wave of terror nearly 100 years ago with the massacres of Jews in 1920, 1929, and 1936. Haj Amin Al Husseini collaborated with Hitler. Since then PALs have started wars in Jordan and Lebanon and were thrown out. No Arab country allows them to integrate because they are scum and trouble makers. Then after how many wars by Arab countries against Israel, now they brought terror to skies with the hijackings of the 70s, to the Olympics in Munich, to USA in 1993 and 2001 with the WTC bombings along with the Pentagon and downed plane in Pennsylvania. Abu Sayaf beheads people in Phillipines. Chechnyan Moslem rebels killed thousands of children at Beslan and Moscow theatre. Moslems burned hundreds alive on trains in India and continue terrorist attacks. Then there is the beheadings of Berg and Pearle. Now only are they terrorists in Afghanistan but they are heavily involved in heroine trafficking. Then there was the bombings in London and Madrid along with the riots in France. On top of all the the madness there is Ahmadinejad who is supporting the terrorists in Iraq, and Lebanon while working on developing nuclear weapons with the clearly stated goal of wiping Israel of the map. On the other hand 7million Israeli are defending their G-d given homeland from Arab invaders who came centuries later and never ever had a government in Israel. The land of Israel is a tiny speck compared the Arab/Moslem lands. While we don't have oil, our intelligence and creativity has created an economy and military power that has stood up and will stand up to the Arab/Moslems that seek our destruction. Furthermore we are pioneering highly counter-terrorism methods and military equipment rivaling any major power in the world and humiliating the Arab/Moslem terrorists. And when the Arabs/Moslems are not trying to kill us, they are killing each other, or Christians, etc. like in Lebanon today. They kidnap foreign journalists and stage are the fake "disasters" like Al-Dura and the beach massacre, and the poor mommy and 4 kids. Lying is integral to their culture if it furthers their objectives. There is no honesty or honor among these derranged friends of yours.
17. 15 patriot on shaky ground
i ,   jerusalem   (05.17.08)
"By the way I am a Cristian who once thought that Israel can be trusted..." This does not add any credence to your arugument, rather it invalidates it. Old world Christians spilled far too much of our blood for us to think anything positive of you, and our patrimony, at least as far as the Litani, and perhaps Tzor , is guaranteed by God. Yours is guaranteed by the stinking French.
18. To 17
Lebanese patriot ,   Lebanon   (05.18.08)
You still believe that the land of Israel can stretch out to Litani. Think again, As far as I know, Israel land is shrinking after you withdrew from Gaza and it is likely that you will withdraw from Gollan heights & West bank. I think this invalidates your argument. God promissed that the salvation to the whole world will come from Israel which already been fulfilled through the Messiah Yassou "Jesus".
19. to 17
Lebanese patriot ,   Lebanon   (05.18.08)
You try to justify betraying your SLA by accusing the Christians by historically killing Jews. Firstly, SLA was a mixture of Christians, Druse & Muslims. Secondly, the Christians in Lebanon & in the Arab world in general have never spilled the blood of any Jew. So if you have a problem with the Western "Civilisation", We the Christians in the Arab countries share with that same problem. If you look at the history, you find that our misery comes first from the western countries who don't care about 15million arab christians. By the way western government has nothing to do with christianity.
20. Hizbullah and Lebanon
ramish mizra ,   toledo, ohio   (05.18.08)
A Syrian controlled but really controlled Lebanon would be better for Israel. They would rein in Hizbullah. Look your border with Syria is relatively calm. Let them control Lebanon. Better for Israel
21. #17: be ashamed
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.18.08)
Lebanese Patriot #18 is 100% right. Israel has no greater moral stain than the filthy and cowardly betrayal of the SLA heroes who fought for Lebanese liberty and Israeli security. To this day every honest Israeli is ashamed to think how Israel under Ehud Barak stabbed these men in the back and couldn't even bother to warn them so that at least their women and children could get to safety. Not only was this treachery immoral, but it failed in a practical sense. Which sane human would want to help Jews after they sold out their real friends? Which sane human can respect Israel when the perpetrator of this crime is chosen to be a minister in Israel? Lebanese Patriot: I wish I could make clear how much real Israelis are disgusted by Ehud Barak and his supporters, and how we wish we could change what he did.
22. Destroying Lebanon's institutions leaves a vacum
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (05.18.08)
This article's main strategic idea is flawed in two ways. 1st. There is no gurantee that Hizbullah would be detered by such a threat; it may even welcome the IAF bombing the Lebanese army to bits and killing its opponents as well as its allies 2nd. Destroying Lebanon would only leave a vacum to be filled by Hizbullah survivors and al-Qaeda bringing us back to worse situation of a failed al-Qaeda state on our borders. Think with youur brain and not your nuts Mister!
23. Israeli patriot agrees with Lebanese patriot 15)
Ephraim ,   Bnei Brak, Israel   (05.18.08)
Lebanese patriot (15) is 100% right. 1. The right response to Hezbollah's aggression is to fight Hezbollah's sponsors: Syria and Iran. 2. The betrayal of the SLA by Ehud Barak and his cronies is a stain on the honor and the dignity of the Jewish people. I am ashamed of what our leadership did. 3. "YOU WILL NEVER LEARN" is correct for the Israeli Left, not for the majority of Israelis. The problem is that Israel is not a democratic country. In Israel the majority has no voice. The country is led by a small clique of millionaires, judges and journalists.
24. Thank you,
Lebanese Patriot ,   Lebanon   (05.19.08)
I think, we should all confess our mistakes & learn from them to be able to build better future for our kids. I personnaly believe, that the time will come when our people will have peace. Because we are destined to live in the same area. Killing each others & destroying each others will only make the problem worst. Shalom. Salam.
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