Israel demands UN strike 'Nakba' from its lexicon
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.05.08, 09:41
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1. The UN paradise
AlbertoGa ,   Houston, USA   (05.16.08)
How about moving them to Lebanon, Syria, Iran or North Korea. They sure do not belong to New York. Never Again Shalom from Texas Alberto
2. A bit hypocritical, isn't it...
Daniel Pinner ,   Kfar Tapuach, Israel   (05.16.08)
for the Israeli government to demand that the UN (Unwanted Nudniks) strike the word "nakba" from its lexicon, when Israel's own Education Minister is demanding that Israeli school-children be taught about the Nakba. More than that - the Israeli government's most cherished friends and partners in peace are the greatest exponents of nakba. Is it any wonder that the UN doesn't take Israeli protests all that seriously?
3. Ban Ki-moon is no different to Kofie Annan
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.16.08)
Ban Ki-moon is kowtowing to the Arab Oil Sheikhs just as his predecessor did and he has done nothing to stem the rampant corruption in the UN. he has failed miserably over Myanmar! As far as Israel is concerned he has not enforced the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which compelled the Lebanese Army to disarm Hezbollah and to prevent the terrorists from being south of the Litani River. He not ensuring that UNIFIL prevents Hezbollah from approaching our border. So Ban Ki-moon is turning out to be another UN Secretary General who has achieved and who will achieve nothing except supporting those who want to destroy Israel!
4. Someone should inform Yuli Tamir
ezra ,   yerushalayim   (05.16.08)
and Bagatz that the term is insulting, seditious and an encitement to violence. Wake up Israel!
5. Not to mention sexist.
6. What's wrong with Nakba?
Canadian Dude ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.16.08)
The displacement of the Palestinians and their descendants is indeed a catastrophe. What does Israel have to lose by acknowledging that this is a tragedy for them? That doesn't mean Israel has to accept responsibility for the Nakba. Israel has more to gain from informing the world of what the Palestinians have done to contribute to their own suffering than it does from denying that this suffering ever happened.
7. World is best served to strike "UN" from lexicon?
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (05.16.08)
8. #6:Stick to Canada's dismal history with its French minority
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (05.16.08)
9. Ban Ki Moon has the 2 Koreas to worry about before Nakba.
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (05.16.08)
10. #6 - you don't understand how the word is used....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.16.08)
it means more than refugees to the arab propagandists. It means that the creation of a Jewish state in our ansestral homeland in its entirety was a catastrophe. Refugess could have been settled along tome ago, including between 1948 and 1967 when there were no Jews is the WB or Gaza. It means that we don't have a right to sovereignty. Refugees were are are a tragedy that Israel is willing to help solve. But they will not destroy our Jewish State of Israel. Period.
11. are the Nakba deniers Semites?
observer   (05.16.08)
12. Moon is a moron
Carl ,   Lands End, USA   (05.16.08)
It's likely that linguistic constraints limit his awareness of the world around him and the issues
13. There's nothing new is this news.
Jonathan ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (05.16.08)
14. observer #11 just as much as you are anti-
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.16.08)
15. Nakba Nakba Nakba Nakba Nakba Nakba Nakba Nakba Nakba
Nakba ,   Nakba   (05.16.08)
Where do you get the nerve, you made homeless 750 000 people, if we can't call it a Nakba, we will call it ETHNIC CLEANSING, which do you prefer?
16. If the Jews really controlled Hollywood
GZLives   (05.16.08)
They would hire these Palestinians because no one is better at stage craft and PR spin then they are. Its one thing to revise history but another to convince people to buy into the revision and the Arabs manage to do it every time.They can get anyone to believe anything. Who else can invent an entire people and in only 40 years have much of the world believing it - even the people themselves who have been lselling the lie for so long now believe it. And this Nakba is no different. IThe Arab "Naqba" had nothing to do with Israel - and the fact that the Arabs LOST in their attempt to destroy her. Lets NOT forget that this Arab catastrophe they're talking about was they're own attempt to create a Jewish "Naqba" due toi their refusal to co exist with them. But before this new revised edition of history, the Arab Nakba was about how in 1917 the League of Nations divided the Ottoman Empire area into Mandates. But Pallywood revised history and here we are all swallowing the revisionist history. But what happens to all the evidence that Palestinians only a few decades ago were the Jews ? Why of course that's put aside as if it never happened. The once very popular "Jews go back to Palestine" said in much the same way as "niggers go back to Africa" is now deliberately forgotten no longer fitting into the currently recognized narrative since Jews according to the liberal west were supposedly dropped into Palestine after WW II mostly out of guilt becaue of the Holocaust - if of course the Holocaust really did happen according to these same liberal intellectuals. I never thought I'd live to see the day when so many would pretend the Jews came from some other place other then Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Hebron, or what we now call again Israel. I never thought I'd live to see the day when people actually ignore what I know they must have learned in western schools and are buying into a revised version of history being sold on a massive scale. There are no Palestinian people and never were. It's a silly myth and people buying into this Pallywood production are ridiculous.
17. rumors say;
observer   (05.16.08)
his mother was a Yemenite Jew, converted at the age of 9.
18. Doesn't Israel see that the UN "World Body" as a paper tiger
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.16.08)
which is controlled by Third World Countries and are experts in condemning Israel. It's about time Israel stops forwarding their silly complaints to them. This is the Galut mentality of the Jews that stayed with them. – In Europe, whenever Jews were hurt, “Moshka” ran complaining to the Paritz (the Count), whether the Count was cooperative or anti-Semitic. Officially, the State of Israel was created in order to get rid of the Galut, the Exile. Apparently, it’s easier to take the Jews out of Galut, than the Galut out of the Jews…
19. Guess why I despise the UN ??
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.16.08)
20. #15 - We will still call it an attempted genocide...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.16.08)
"This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades." This was uttered by Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam, Secretary General of the Arab League, on May 14, 1948- the day before Arab armies marched into Israel with genocidal intentions. Just be thankful we Eesra'eelees didn't nearly wreak the hell on you that you attempted to wreak on us...
21. #15 does "started, lost a war and ran away" work for you?
Danny   (05.16.08)
22. #11 - observer, Nobody denies a Nakba happened...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.16.08)
Nobody denies a Nakba happened, it's just that the people who actually stayed awake during History class realize that the Arabs brought the Nakba on themselves by attempting genocide against the Jewish people. By the way, Arabs aren't Semites, they're Hamites- so yes, Arabs can be antisemitic...
23. No matter how hard it tries to hide it
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.16.08)
The UN always finds a way to show its public support for the elimination of the Jewish State and eradication of the Jewish people
24. Jewish Refugees from Arab lands got a life by now
EgyptJewRefugee ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (05.16.08)
What a difference between the Jewish refugees from Arab lands and the Palestinian refugees. 60 years after fleeing we made lives of ourselves and got reestablished. The Palestinians are still living in the Middle Ages incamps. Why?
25. what a bunch of criminally insane idiots this government is
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (05.16.08)
hey.olmert,barak, criminally insane traitorous pathetic cowards is this your biggest problem now?you have rockets falling day in day out on major israeli towns and cities,shopping centers and synagogues are being destroyed,the children of sderot for the last two years are forced to sleep in bunkers,hezbollah has again moved to israels northern border with an estimated 30,000 rockets,and this is what you are busy with?banning some words, citizens of israel get rid of these incompotent pathetic delusional idiots, or you will find yourselves without a country
26. To #15 & #18 only Qur'an words is on paper tiger Not UN's
Rachel   (05.16.08)
What would you call 1 million Jews from Arab countries where some had their properties stolen & Jewish males were mistreated in prison by Arab governments then expelled out of the countries because of their religion, while Arabs in Israel were better treated. All is well documented. Israel has the right to demand the UN for retraction of false word arabs' propaganda use. Israel should pressure the civilized worlds to do the same. Maybe we should ask Arabs to compensate us? The least that Arabs can do is to respect the Jews and give them peace in return. Arabs are big baby cry and should stop begging for land from Israel for Illegal emigrated Arabs who pretend to have nowhere to go?!! Arabs have plenty of their vast land and rich oil ancestral countries to return to, time for some honesty guys. Honestly, there is no land space Israel can give to Arabs because there is simply no room for these masses that multiply so rapidly & never heard of contraceptives in their lives. Please watch & share UN video:
SERGIO ,   ISRAEL   (05.16.08)
28. Nakba, Nakba
Jane   (05.16.08)
Bullshit. You were largely made homeless by your big mouth, impotent brothers. 850,000 Jews were made homeless by them as well. Our brothers in Israel took us in. What the freak have your brothers done for you?
29. Palestinian Tragedy
L. King ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.16.08)
The real nabqa is the palestinian failure to create a viable nation. It began with the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza by Egypt and Jordan and continued with the institutionalization of the "refugee" problem. The difference is that Ishmael whines, Israel invests.
30. REMOVE the word?
Hussein ,   Nablus, Palestine   (05.17.08)
Who the Hell gives you the right to make such a claim? Why not strike "Holocaust" from our vocabulary, while we're at it. Can't that be "propaganda against Germany" for something it did too? Then why is it that Israel should be forgiven for murdering thousands and expulsing hundreds of thousands of others? Propaganda??? Then I guess we're re-writing the History books.
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