IDF kills terrorist at West Bank checkpoint
Efrat Weiss
Published: 19.05.08, 22:00
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1. Not a terrorist
Natan   (05.19.08)
According to the PA he was a mentally disturbed plumber....
2. A Terrorist? Really? Not a Gunman this time?
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.19.08)
When is he a terrorist and when a gunman?
3. philadelphia route
marcel   (05.19.08)
IDF go ahead and use you bunker busters on the route.
4. makes sense
think about it   (05.19.08)
Maybe Israel should annex the West Bank and force/encourage Jordan to grant full citizenship to every Arab living there. These Jordanians can live in Israel, without voting and other citizenship rights, enjoying legal status and protection as foreigners, as long as they abide by the rule of law. They can satisfy their nationalistic/patriotic desires by voting in Jordanian elections. If they commit criminal acts they will be arrested and, upon conviction, expelled to their own country (Jordan). If they are convicted of an act of terrorism they will be expelled and have their property confiscated by the State. Israel will need to oversee the curricula taught in every Arab school and insure that it does not include libel or anti-semitism, anti-Israel terrorist propaganda. Mosques that teach anti-Semitism and terror against the State will be shut down. Free speach and freedom of religion do not include incitement to violence. Every Arab who feels they cannot live in Israel under such conditions will have their property purchased at fair market value and are free to resettle in Jordan or in whatever other country that welcomes them. Israel will of course build up the infrastructure, cities, and towns throughout the West Bank on all government owned land and by purchasing land from owners willing to sale. The solution is not perfect, and maybe not entirely fair, but nothing in life is. Others have said essentially the same thing before me. Why not go for it?
5. God bless the IDF!
israeli ,   israel   (05.19.08)
May the Force be with you always! However, since when is a 20-year-old Palestinian not a minor?
6. let's see the body or evidence
observer   (05.19.08)
The IDF spokeswoman said army sappers later detonated the pipe bombs at the scene in a controlled explosion. but, Security forces are looking into the incident, and the army is also investigating whether or not appropriate procedures were followed before opening fire. Eyewitness said: "they asked him to lift up his shirt and raise his arms and then they shot him." They wouldn't have detonate the bomb separate from the body, would they?
7. #4 I think it makes a lot of sense what you say.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.19.08)
And for this all to be implemented,Israel must cut this "peace talks"bs,and send abbas and other participants of these monster being created since 1993,to jordan,egypt,saudi arab,etc,or ,at least,cut off this stupid and monstruous "authority"from them.
8. #4
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.19.08)
and also,all the "israeli"arabs should enter in the same category of those in WB ,in the frame you are so well suggesting.
9. to # 6
Richard S. ,   Miami, USA   (05.19.08)
IDF soldiers standard procedure when intercepting suicide bombers is to aim for the head to assure a quick death and prevent a wounded terrorist from detonating the explosives, as well as prevent the detonation of the explosives strapped to the body. After the terrorist is dead, sappers are used to remove the bomb (usually with a robot) and detonate it in a safe area.
10. to no 6
fish ,   t-a   (05.19.08)
let;s add to rules of engagement - offer a glass of lemonade first and a bouquet of flowers.
11. Palestinian mothers and their hate teachings to their kids
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (05.19.08)
Many are those palestinian mothers that are a driving force behind implementing the hamas charter. They are preparing their kids to become haters, and lovers of satanic terrorist acts. This is likely the result of one such palestinian mother and her uprbringing of her son. She reached her goal.
12. This checkpoint MUST be dismatled immediately
Jimmy Carter ,   Plains, GA   (05.20.08)
It is an illegitimate blockage keeping our hardworking Palestinian demolition experts from keeping a rigid work schedule. I will personally complain to the UN and Olmert about this hindrance.
13. I agree with my friend Jimmy
Ehud Olmert ,   Ramallah   (05.20.08)
I shall order the IMMEDIATE dismantling of this checkpoint! Thank you James for pointing it out to me. Wouldn't want to allow anyone to think the IDF is keeping hard working Palestinians from fulfilling their mission in life
14. #6
Natan   (05.20.08)
Here is the procedure: See a Palestinian with dangling wires from his shirt approaching a check point and is refusing to stop? Aim and shoot to kill!!!Take care of the details later....
15. evil occupation
Ahmed ,   Nablus   (05.20.08)
he was not a terrorist! He was carrying fireworks!!!! you people are murderers
16. The usual nonsense from "observer" (#6)
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (05.20.08)
He/she is always looking for an excuse to put Israel and those who protect her under suspicion. Richard S (#9) was kinder in explaining it to "observer" than I would be. Then again, I've seen too much nonsense from "observer" to think he/she is open to learning.
17. Ask Blair if he will let his 2 sons to do duty at Hawara
Alan ,   SA   (05.20.08)
18. #4 - Arabs in West Bank had Jordanian citizenship until 1988
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.20.08)
You do know that Arabs in the West Bank had Jordanian citizenship until 1988, when Jordan summarily renounced territorial claims over the West Bank and stripped the Jordanian citizens there of their citizenship, right?
19. "disturbed plumber " with a bomb
Germanyforisrael ,   Germany   (05.20.08)
....trying to kill jewish children and woman. GO IDF! Green light,donĀ“t be that soft with this bastards
20. Abbas never gave up terror.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.20.08)
Abbas continues to use the media, mosques and schools under the control of his Palestinian Authority to convey the message of Israel's illegitimacy, of Jews having no historical connection to the land but being merely rapacious usurpers, and of the need for Palestinians to dedicate themselves to Israel's destruction. Also, of course, Fatah, which Abbas heads as Arafat's successor, continues to engage in anti-Israel terror. Abbas was an early companion of Arafat, a leader of Fatah as the organization pioneered modern Middle East terror. More about Fatah roots at :
21. #6 observer
joe ,   vienna   (05.20.08)
A remedy for you:
22. #15 - Ahmed, Hahaha, go back to Syria, occupier!!!
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.20.08)
23. #21 Thanks for the tip, I strongly recommend it.
observer   (05.20.08)
24. i saw the shooting and the kid
john ,   visitor   (05.20.08)
i was behind the kid when the shooting started, he was carrying a mobile phone with head phone set, it wasnt explosives! this reflects the lack of experience among the IDF they should be trained noot to lose their heads and to think before pulling the triger.
25. #24 changing procedures, but not policies
observer   (05.20.08)
look in the procedures after shooting the would be bomber; >> the sappers removed the bomb from the body........In similar incident in the past Israel security stressed that they would never remove a bomb, but detonate it on the body in a controlled way using a robot. does the advanced Israeli technology now allow a robot to remove the bomb?, but risks damaging costly metal detector and fortified glass? >> that brainless bomber portrayed as highly likely aiming at one soldier, a woman, behind fortification, is that a change in the policies of the "terrorists" or the IDF? The bottom line; the routine has changed, but only the policy of killing Palestinians has not.
26. Liar, you weren't there, the checkpost was empty at the time
david ,   israel   (05.21.08)
Fool! I was one of the soldiers in the squad manning the checkpost, he was carrying pipe bombs which were later detonated. take your lies somewhere else.
27. #26 do you always not behave when the checkpost is empty?
angelguard   (05.22.08)
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