Tourism figures up 41% compared to previous year
Danny Sadeh
Published: 20.05.08, 12:58
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1. The problem is...
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (05.20.08)
hotels are requesting that people making reservations stay for a minimum of a week... this practice is pointless and contributes to the shortage.
2. Hotels
Marion ,   US   (05.20.08)
It would be best if Israel gave greater freedom to private business to build them as constructed faster and better. The government can advance property amortization to encourage such business and hotels using Israel green tech & water tech. With its beautiful land beaches, historical sites girls and men there should be millions more tourists. The lack of accommodations is known for long time. Typical government ineptness. Tourists are good for economy and make friends for the nation.
3. Prices have to come down!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (05.20.08)
There should be alternative accommodations to the high-priced luxury hotels - hotel apartments with cooking facilities for families; encourage bed and breakfast facilities by private individuals to be overseen by the Ministry of Tourism; better quality of hostels for students/young singles. And how about families making available an extra bedroom for people just to sleep in for a limited number of nights.
4. Hold your horses!!!
Isabella ,   Israel   (05.20.08)
Just because there is an increase in tourism this year - doesn't mean it will stay that way (fingers crossed it does). The region needs to stabilize and show consistency in the numbers of tourists before we get busy building extra hotels to accommodate them all. That’s potentially money down the pan.
5. Hotels
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (05.20.08)
Finding a hotel room in the central part of the country, is next to impossible. One needs to book months in advance, and the rates are simply outrageous. Also, it seems that Ben Gurion airport is perhaps the only airport with no hotels in its near vicinty. It might not be a bad idea to build a hotel or two near the airport. Currently for those that need to stay in the center of the country, the choices are either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
6. You want customers? Drop your pants...
Al   (05.20.08)
you'll have customers....
7. #s 3 and 4: The Sabre-solution
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (05.20.08)
That's true, tourism can quickly break in again if there are some serious terror attacks or even wars. But Chaya (#3) had some good ideas I think how to expand the availability of cheap additional rooms without having to spend too much money. Specially the bed and breakfast component sounds interesting: A family with a house can make some extra money and the guests get a cheap bed for the night and the possibility to connect to ordinary Israelis. I'm wondering why the ministry of tourism isn't fostering these possibilities – as they are very Sabre-like: Pragmatic, not complicated, simple and good = just Israeli... ;-)
8. Make an investment that counts
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.20.08)
Tourism ministry should invest some money to police the industry and protect the rights of consumers. If 9 of 10 tourists feel that got a good value for their money and there are fun events over the course of the summer to enhance their visit they will want to come back for another trip. Building hotel rooms can be done by private concerns. All they need is reasonable expectation that they will get a return on their investment.
9. Tourists to Israel have alot of great choices....
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (06.06.08)
but yes, you have to book in advance. I always do that and find that there are alot of moderately priced hotels in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (Dead Sea and Eilat are another story - rooms there are pricey). Plus, kibbutz hotels are great. Ginozar at the Kinnerett is fantastic. I don't have all the figures, but I travel to Israel at least once every other year and I find great rooms with decent prices and excellent service.
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