Global Peace Index: Israel hits rock bottom
Published: 20.05.08, 23:38
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1. Trying to be #1???
Dan ,   Titusville florida   (05.21.08)
I'll bet if Israel opened all borders, dissolved the military and committed suicide we could become #1 on this idiotic list. This group are a unch of schmucks that run around screeching "Peace...Peace...Peace" but not understanding that vil exists in the world. Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Tojo all gave people peace. The United States and Israel gave people Peace with Justice.
2. So far from the truth
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.21.08)
Of course - that is the perception broadcast through CNN etc, so few understand the reality that personal safety in Israel is far greater than any American or Eurpoean City!!!! Where else in the West can a child go out with his buddies without parental supervision until late at night without fear and little kids walk to school alone and a woman can walk alone without fear on the streets at night.
3. Saudi Arabia & Iran scored higher...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (05.21.08)
I guess when the world means "peace" they must mean "public beheadings" for people who convert to a religion other than Islam aren't anything a person should worry about... Perhaps they should have titled the index the "Global Most-Likely-To-Accept-Dhimmitude Index"?
4. Just goes to show that the price of
Che Vive ,   Ghetto Beach, U.S.A.   (05.21.08)
maintaining world dominance is mass slaughter. And contrary to the protestations of the U.S. State Department spokesman, it does not make the world safer, nor is it intended to. But hey, at least we can make other nations drop lower on the list by bombing them into incoherence and chaos. By the way, where did China rank? India? It'd be interesting to see how their ranking drops as they become more ambitious and influential in the world.
5. This survey has to be a joke????
Jayjay3 ,   Israel   (05.21.08)
Iran, Cuba, Libya more peaceful? What a load of crap!
6. Most dont live next to the world's worst feral neighbors
Scott   (05.21.08)
Did these fools get paid for this 'research'? What a waste. As everyone knows: NO ONE wants to swap places with Israel.NO ONE. There will never be any peace with these people. They admit it. Only if Israel is removed. And of course that's a likely event , isnt it?
7. EIU has head and shoulders up their rear.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.21.08)
8. iceland
jane ,   ma   (05.21.08)
you see that u have to be a country that actaully does something. its crazy to say that the US is so low, who made this list the UN? who cares? if there was no US and Israel...where would we be? well, iceland, continue doing great work in thsi world in making this world into a better plac
9. Neighbourhood Bully
Bob Dylan ,   USA   (05.21.08)
Yeah, we are just the neigbhourhood bully fightin to stay alive
10. Current proposals like the Road Map are totally unworkable..
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.21.08)
Current proposals like the Road Map are totally unworkable and should be abandoned. Considering the fact that the only possible relations between the Muslims and the non-Muslims are war or a limited ceasefire, it follows that the word “peace” should be deleted from Israel’s lexicon as well as the notion of peace with the Arabs as a viable, political possibility. The maximum that Israel can aim for is a limited ceasefire or an armistice, taking into consideration that the Arab side will violate it at any time, as the Palestinians have been proving on a daily basis since the signing of the Oslo Accords in September 1993. The solution to the Israelo-Arab problem should be find elsewhere as explained at :
11. Truth hurts
Jared ,   Stillwater   (05.21.08)
The truth hurts.
12. Economist NO Intelligence Unit is more accurate
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (05.21.08)
Maybe it's listening to BBC all day that has fried their brains. But these results are pure rubbish. No one should take this seriously.
13. Another biased, anti-Semetic list
Hymie Zoltsveis ,   NYC, NY, USA   (05.21.08)
Israel is vibrant and wonderful. A super place to live, work and vacation. Perhaps, the muslim enemy is given too much freedom, but Israel has high and modern aspirations. Let these anti-Semetic Jew-haters just put on their KKK hoods, and start being honest as to whom they are. LOOK AT HOW LOW THE SCUM LIST THE USA. More proof as to their hatred for good solid nations.
14. I'm surprised that bullies like you were not 140.
socalmaverick ,   palestine   (05.21.08)
15. This what it means
Jake ,   usa   (05.21.08)
Hamas, Hezbollah and AlQueda are at the top of the peace lovers along with Syria and Iran.
16. ynet flunks journalism test: "peace test" means nothing
dante ,   uk   (05.21.08)
Great Britain would have been at the bottom of the list '39-'45. so what? would that have meant anything? of course, not. and, the phoney "peace test" should mean nothing to Israel now. maybe the fools at ynet will figure it out. maybe, not.
17. well this isn't a very accurate survey, now is it!
j ,   tel aviv   (05.21.08)
how many of these people who participated in this survey have actually been to the countries involved.
18. I'm not impressed by the E. I. U.
Enzo ,   london,uk   (05.21.08)
As far as I'm concerned the Economist Intelligence Unit ranks lowest on the index of all intelligence units of the world! Thanks for the effort anyway...
19. Peace of the Brave or the grave?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.21.08)
Either we fight to defend our lives or we let ourselves be killed. The Arabs will leave us alone after we are all dead, but at the moment they are trying to kill us.
20. LOL! Who cares what they think
Talula ,   Israel   (05.21.08)
They don't have to deal with kidnapped soldiers, rockets and all the other crap we have to deal with. We'd also be a peaceful nation if we were left alone.
Gideon   (05.21.08)
22. What a lot of rubbish this Peace Index is
russel ,   Tlv   (05.21.08)
Crime is low, people are more or less prosperous. The old are respected. Where else in the West can an old couple sit on a park bench in the middle of the night in a vibrant, action-packed city and not be harassed? I always see children playing in the street 'til late at night - on their own and I never worry about my girlfriend coming home late from work on her own. Israel is a wonderfully safe country.
23. The Moslem propaganda machine
Yoel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.21.08)
Can you believe how slick these people have gotten in dispensing lies - lies that the whole world believes, including some of our own Jewish people who've turned anti-Semitic ? It's staggering. If you look at war and social oppression, the Moslem (plus Myanamar) nations lead the world, and Russia is selling them weapons. Oh well - there won't be real peace until Messiah Yeshua returns! Love from Jerusalem, Yoel
Eliane Uliana ,   Brazil   (05.21.08)
I lived in Israel for almost 5 years, in a very hard time (2000 to 2004), and my youngest son used to go to the school by himself, and he was just 8 years old. Now he is 15, we are living in Brazil, and he can not go alone to anyplace, because of the iminet dangers. So what really means to be a peacefull country...I used to feel better secure, when I lived in Israel. While the media try to show Israel like a dangerous place, people that live there feel so haapy there.
25. #1 Look who talks about justice!!!!
Ibrahim ,   Washington,DC   (05.21.08)
26. A Useless List
Christy ,   Boston, MA   (05.21.08)
27. So What, Four other Countries are still worse than Israel
Proud Zionist ,   Israel   (05.21.08)
Israel still ranked above Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Iraq, which is something Israelis can certainly be proud of considering we have been stealing land from the Palestinians by force for 60 years. Ethnic cleansing is a dirty business, so I am surprised we finished as high as we did, which proves just how despicable Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Iraq truly must be and why they should be condemned by the world.
28. Re: Scott
Belinda ,   New York, NY   (05.21.08)
"And of course that's a likely event , isnt it?" Well, let's hope so.
Wanda ,   Montreal   (05.21.08)
...just shout and sulk and pout and insult critics with the frankly ridiculous claims of anti-semitism, propaganda and idiocy, but cannot present any TRUE counter-points to what this Peace Index reveals... That in itself, is very telling. "ANTI-SEMITE!" Don't spread the tar too thin...
30. Feral neighbors
88 ,   Austraia   (05.22.08)
the true's is hard to take.
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