Israel, Syria holding direct talks in Turkey
Roni Sofer
Published: 21.05.08, 14:07
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1. That's Olmert - doing as much damage as he can
Millie ,   Israel   (05.21.08)
...before he gets kicked out. His revenge on the Israeli nation for hating him is to cause it more suffering. Our quietest border is with Syria. Why kick sand in our eyes just now? Political expediency. Wasn't his medical problem enough of a diversion? I hope tonight's revelations of Oh-merde's crimes and misdemeanors will make this prime example of moral turpitude go away forever.
2. Spot on, Gideon Sa'ar
Firesign ,   Israel   (05.21.08)
In the Updates: MK Gideon Sa'ar, chairman of the Likud faction said Wednesday that the Prime Minister's Office announcement of Israeli-Syrian peace talks demonstrated that "his calculated cynicism when gambling Israel's strategic assets for his own political survival knows no bounds. "(Olmert) has no mandate to make any concession in the Golan Heights," he added.
3. This report is Olmert PR - the statement was ONLY issued in
G C ,   Jerusalem   (05.21.08)
Israel. Neither Syria nor Turkey have issued this statement. Olmert is just trying to distract us from the corruption.
4. NO WAY!!!!!!!! He has no right!
jay3 ,   Israel   (05.21.08)
Whats next, a peace deal with Hezbollah and Iran if we give them Haifa and Netanya?? This fool wants to give all of Israel away to our enemies. What he is doing is illegal and a crime against the state!. In Israeli law giving away sovereign land to our enemies is punishable by death! ELections now and jail this criminal!
5. above
moishe   (05.21.08)
blah! blah! blah! they want to destroy Israel.....
6. I 'm going to Iran!!
Lütfi - Messiah ,   Orhangazi Turkey   (05.21.08)
Israel Turkey Syria all is false countries. Only play for peace but no have any peace in future!! Mr.Olmert play danger game and Israel to be lost all future!! Real country is Iran on this region!! Evil cover all world and world to be end !! If good people no have to rule this world then all mankind to be lost forever!! Islam and Christianity is canceled by Elohim and more is not actual!! I am Messiah Of Israel and Universe!! I have power and authorisation !! I looking for Israel Nation Of Elohim and in which country I find I will go there!! I will complete Torah or maybe world to be end in few year!! Less than ten year!!
7. now only thing saving us from olmert is shas leaving gov
8. Olmert is yesterday's man and is not taken seriously!
redmike ,   tel aviv   (05.21.08)
His 'cancer', his 'peace talks' etc are all phony baloney and nobody including the US, Europe, Syria and the Arabs etc any longer take seriously anything that the PM's office has to say anymore. He's dead in the water so let's move on and hope that he's not replaced by Ramon. Mike
9. Grave Mistake for Israel
Brod ,   USA   (05.21.08)
Fake peace with Syria is not peace. It is a strategy of the Islamist-Jihadist world in the region to chip on Israel so as to facilitate the goal of destroying the Jewish State by way of deceptions, threats, aggressions and manipulations. And they know they can accomplish it while the weak and incompetent Lefitist government is in control. Israelis should be wary of this move that will compromise Israel's national security interests and expose Israel's Northern Frontier to the heavy armaments of the Syrian forces.
dave ,   uk   (05.21.08)
11. Just like sitting ducks
Mark Leaman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.21.08)
Did you ever wonder what the ducks at the fair ground felt like when they were being shot at, well we are about to find out.
12. Cash?.. What cash?.. Land?.. What land?
LEE ,   NY, USA   (05.21.08)
Olmert is an expert in making things disappear. Now you see it, now you don't. And Israelis..... still comotosed. No response. Well, maybe awake enough for a latte at Aroma.
13. What about Hatay & Kurdish ppl etc
Nethanel ,   Jerusalem   (05.21.08)
1) Every official Syrian map shows the Turkish provine Hatay/Iskenderun as a Syrian province. So why Turkey has normal relations to Syria without ceding territory? 2) Who gave Olmert a mandat to negotiate about the Golan, who is annexed to Israel? 3) When did the Syrian people give a mandat to the Syrian governament? Will the Assad dictator successor honour previous agreements? 4) Israel is morally obliged to discuss Syrias demands when also Syria stops its occupation of its Kurdish territory in the North.
14. syria
sas ,   israel   (05.21.08)
do not trust ohlmert. he is only doing it because he does not want to lose his position with alkl his corruption. the man is a liar n a crook and i believe nothing that he says
15. This is not offer from Olmert
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (05.21.08)
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir offered this back in 1991, and every PM since has agreed in principal to give up the Golan. This includes Bibi and Barak
16. to: No 4, Jay3
Pini, Rehovot   (05.21.08)
Jay, you talking out your tuchut no body giving nothing to nobody if we can be friend with syria, wouldnt it be better and if we could have a dialgogue with hams and hisbollah, as much as i hate them, its noit better, maybe, just maybe stop some killing?
17. Tel Aviv and Haifa are next!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.21.08)
The "powers" that be in Ramallah, where our current administration is, believe that the residents of Israeli Golan will allow themselves to be removed like those in Gaza were? Our Ramallah based Kadima (what a misnomer) leadership doesn't, or refuses, to accept that most Israelis have fully accepted the incorporation of the Golan into Israel proper.Any attempt to move us will be met with no less resistance then trying to remove Jews from Haifa or Tel Aviv, which I am sure is on Kadima`s agenda. Their goal has become two-fold: surrender the State and stay out of jail. Unlike Gush Katif, NO Israeli soldier will accept any orders from Ramallah to remove us!
Sandra ,   Jerusalem   (05.21.08)
19. To Eric, #15, this is not 1991
Jake   (05.21.08)
"Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir offered this back in 1991, and every PM since has agreed in principal to give up the Golan. This includes Bibi and Barak." These offers you speak of did not include a footnote that if the deal falls through, 15 years later the same offer would be made again. By that rationale, Israel, which formally accepted the partition plan in 1947, would be obliged to give up Jaffa, Lod, and Ramle to any future Arab Palestinian state. By that rationale, if Syria tries to pull off another yet-more-bloody Yom Kippur 1973, in consort with Iran and Hizbullah, Israel must again offer the Golan for peace, since Assad claimed that Yithak Rabin wrote down on a piece of scrap paper that he is prepared in principle to give up the Golan Heights.
20. The Bottom LIne Of These Peace-Talks Revealed Here
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.21.08)
Syria: "Give back the Golan Heights!" Olmert: "Okay."
21. The Golan should remain Israeli.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.21.08)
If Syria wants peace with Israel, it should offer in exchange the Golan. The Golan represent for Israel more security than "peace" with Syria. But of course that will not happen. So, there is no reason for Israel to be generous with the Mafia regime of Assad. The Assad family has established a hereditary dynasty shored up by repression within, and confrontation and terror abroad. The rule of the Assads is not aimed at improving the lot of their people or forwarding a particular ideology. They changed ideology from secular Arabism to a seemingly impossible confection of pan-Arabism and Islamist extremism. It is pointless to “engage” Syria in dialogue except insofar as it is possible to confront them with their violations and insist that they mend their ways. More about the Golan at :
22. The ENEMY is WITHIN the Gates - Pro-Islam Pro-Terror Olmert
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.21.08)
Every concession, every surrender by Israel results in intensified WAR and huge increase in Jewish deaths. U.S. puppet Olmert will NOT make a single move without America telling him what to do. Traitor Olmert sells out Israel to Syria/Iran/Hizbullah/Hamas/PA/PLO et al with the diabolical claim it is for "peace". Seething with venomous Jew-hate, the Islamic world lust after infidel Israel's destruction and Jewish genocide. US/EU are actively seeking a Second Holocaust via a global Islamic terror state reducing tiny Israel at mid-section to 9 miles wide INDEFENSIBLE, Auschwitz borders. Will the IDF REFUSE to cooperate in this terrible crime against the Jewish people? Instead of COOPERATING in global jihad as was perpetrated in the vicious ethnic Jew cleansing of Gaza? Israel take to the streets! A new, PATRIOTIC government now! Set up training camps. Every Jewish man, woman and teenager must be trained and fully armed to defend against the Islamic enemy. Please, G-D, protect Jews
23. Kiss the Golan good by
Wise Man ,   USA   (05.21.08)
Sinai ---------> Gone South Lebanon ---------> Gone Gazza ---------> Gone West bank ---------> soon Golan Hights ---------> soon What is next ?
24. #18 certainly they aren't Jews, for they believe in One God
observer   (05.21.08)
25. what is there to talk about ?
there is only one thing that needs to be done , and that is israel leaves the occupied land and gives them back to there original owners . that is the only way it can be done if israel wants to live peacefully ....
26. Future security of Israel
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.21.08)
Israel must keep the Golan Heights for the sake of its future security. The area is not populated by Syrians. The residents of the Golan are Jews and Druze. Furthermore the area was within the ancient boarders of Israel. If this area was given to Syria, an ally of Iran, it would be a most grave mistake.
27. #3, well Sana - official syrian press is reporting it
Danny   (05.21.08) Quoting "An official source in the [Syrian] Ministry of foreign affairs", that "indirect peace talks have started between Israel and Syria under Turkish guidance". So unfortunately it looks real....
28. The enemies of today are irrelevant for our promised future.
Ra'naan Levy ,   Israel   (05.21.08)
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