Right slams Ankara talks as media spin
Amnon Meranda
Published: 21.05.08, 13:18
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1. Same Olmert who handed Rafah over
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.21.08)
The same corrupt leader who surrendered the Rafah ,Gaza crossing so that Hamas could smuggle thousands of tons of weapons from Egypt into Gaza is the same evil Opmert who will surrender the Golan for no peace but worthless paper..
2. "the political left" -- Meretz has 5 seats ..
redmiike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (05.21.08)
Meretz has five seats and will most likely not even be in the next Knesset because it won't pass the threshold. It's members continue to support Olmert that the country detests because of his perceived corruption and obvious arrogance. Wow, Meretz lost its way big time! Mike
naro ,   nyc   (05.21.08)
This criminal will give up Israel's sovereignty so he can stay out of jail.. He is just a mafia-like crook, who has been caught grabbing envelopes full of cash in Israel and NYC, and now want to divert attention from his crimes by making himself an indispensable person in new negotiation. How can Israel produce such evil crooks?
4. I wont believe unless media takes photo Assad on Livni!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.21.08)
5. Israel should create an island in the Red Sea
Jake   (05.21.08)
and put Olmert on it, together with a herd of goats and a flock of sheep, and declare him the Prime Minister, or better yet King, of that island and call it the Island of Sheep (I ha-K'vasim). Olmert can invite all the foreign officials he wants. Then, whenever he feels some pressure over his personal life, he can disengage some of his sheep from one side of the island to the other, and move in the goats, to his heart's content.
6. The ENEMY is WITHIN the Gates - Pro-Islam Pro-Terror Olmert
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.21.08)
Every concession, every surrender by Israel results in intensified WAR and huge increase in Jewish deaths. U.S. puppet Olmert will NOT make a single move without America telling him what to do. Traitor Olmert sells out Israel to Syria/Iran/Hizbullah/Hamas/PA/PLO et al with the diabolical claim it is for "peace". Seething with venomous Jew-hate, the Islamic world lust after infidel Israel's destruction and Jewish genocide. US/EU are actively seeking a Second Holocaust via a global Islamic terror state reducing tiny Israel at mid-section to 9 miles wide INDEFENSIBLE, Auschwitz borders. Will the IDF REFUSE to cooperate in this terrible crime against the Jewish people? Instead of COOPERATING in global jihad as was perpetrated in the vicious ethnic Jew cleansing of Gaza? Israel take to the streets! A new, PATRIOTIC government now! Set up training camps. Every Jewish man, woman and teenager must be trained and fully armed to defend against the Islamic enemy. Please, G-D, protect Jews
7. Everything's connected
BB ,   Jerusalem   (05.21.08)
Whether Olmert's clean or stained by the current accusations, and no matter what one's politics is, his initiative will never be taken at face value by Israeli citizens. This is no situation to demand painful concessions by Israel. Bottom line: Olmert's legal process must be expedited and concluded in order to minimize this lethal contamination.
8. Lol
Daniel ,   Canada   (05.22.08)
I guess you people haven't heard of guilty until proven innocent! Le'Mort does put a bad taste in your mouth but he hasn't been convicted of anything yet.
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