Israel to purchase dozens of stealth aircraft from US
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 22.05.08, 17:19
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1. misprint: instead of "purchase" should read: "shnorrer"
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (05.22.08)
The only way Israel will get its hands on such goodies is as a present from Uncle Sam (at the US taxpayers' expense, as always). Can't expect poor little Israel to pay for the planes, it needs the money for settler appartments, settler houses, settler swimming pools, tanks to protect them, walls to keep the rest of humanity out and most of all for political bribery to grease the wheels of the new administration in Washington DC.
3. Israel's hope
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.22.08)
Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD! Isaiah 31:1 Where is you faith ? In the fast and gleaming chariots of Egypt ! and this sin of Israel will not stand. Return to Hashem and stop trusting in your destroyer to save you.
5. A work-horse for IDF/AF for the next 30 years
Damir ,   Russia   (05.22.08)
The plane is promising to be as ubiquitous as F-4 Phantom II was. With an additional benefit of being inexpensive to own.
6. Chanalau Tova you are a psycho hater.
JMK ,   NYC   (05.22.08)
What mental institution are you in, is it part of your therapy to have an internet connection, the lithium is not working for the bipolar, or did your mother just drop you on your head or maybe your father hit you over the head with a big fish.
7. #1: a few facts
david ,   new york   (05.22.08)
israel's GDP is approximately $150 billion and growing. american military aid is $2.4 billion, less than 2% of israel's GDP. egypt gets about $1.8 billion (as a reward for signing the camp david accords). israel's allocation is only slightly higher (and israel is an ally). israel's overall military budget is quite small, only $9.44 billion (as opposed to $31 billion for saudia arabia) israel is doing just fine for itself thank you. it has grown from nothing to where it is today while at the same time being bombed and attacked by bloodthirsty arabs
8. atilla, still drinking?
atilla's ex ,   best friend   (05.22.08)
i thought we had this discussion before. no more drugs! remember? ok, ill help you one more time by assigning you to rehab.
9. Thank you for the business. America needs it. But there is a
Rivkah   (05.22.08)
hazard to the stealth aircraft if certain bolts are removed, the plane will crash. But then, with jets, a quarter taped inside the jet engine will bring a jet down, too. It's a good thing military planes and helicopters are well guarded. Sadly, all enemies need to do is join the American military and attack from within. That is more difficult in Israel since the IDF is more careful in recruiting than the American forces. What I say is well known since it is reported on TV on military channel and History and International History channel programs.
10. 1#'loser
abram ,   bet shemesh   (05.22.08)
The USA gets very good value for its money .In light of the $135 a barrel for oil the USA is going to ask Israel to nuke all the Arab oil states and Iran and then Israel is going to hand over these states and their oil wealth to the USA .In fact I think Israel should charge the world more for getting rid of the MUSLIM/ARAB threat to civilisation
11. #7. In that case can you ask you buddies in Israel to...
Persian CAT   (05.22.08)
to return the next check "sent" by the American tax payers back to the US? As you might have heard the folks here are not doing too well nowadays. Will you be a pal and do that?
12. persian cat
smarter than u!   (05.23.08)
if all american jews would leave the us today, the us will be bankrupt. if all jews would leave and take all their invetions with them, the us would turn into a desert. and u talk about tax money? u don't seem to see the picture darling. why dont u go hug a tree or something... throw a coin into a well and wish for a brain.
13. The F-35 is
Ed, LA, USA   (05.23.08)
an awsome bird. You guys will love it. It is one of the ultimate 5th generation fighters. to Rivkah: We test our engines to be capable to withstand several frozen Turkeys shot into it and still run like a swiss watch.
14. dont worry arabs you will own the F35 very soon
zionist forever   (05.23.08)
Soon the US will have sold them to Egypt and just about every other country in the region. Israel was one of the countries that took part in the development of the F 35 so ?I dont see how the US could have refused . F15 & F16 allthough good they are an aging aircraft design and inferior to many newer equivilent European planes now being bought by some arab states. When we dropped the Lavi project we gave up on next generation aircraft and bought older American off the shelf jets .. the new F16I is the first version of the jet built to Israeli spesifications the others are all standard US specs. Now its time to start buying the best to stay ahead of the competition especialy as Iran will soon be buying the J10 from China ( based on the Lavi design sold to China by Israel ), Syria is buying new MIG 29s. Saudi Arabia against conditions of sale still have F15s based within strking range of Israel.
15. #11, Ok
Danny   (05.23.08)
but only if we can spend the money anywhere because that "aid" has to go straight back to the US as it is tied to US military weapons... amongst other things.
16. 9 cont'd: Actually it is the removal of the bolt COVERS,
Rivkah   (05.23.08)
which are small metal threaded devices that can bring down a stealth aircraft according to TV documentaries.
17. 13 Ed: That is wishful thinking. Jets cannot even fly
Rivkah   (05.23.08)
near smoking volcanos because the particles in the smoke can bring the planes down. Flying through a flock of birds is similarly hazardous. But a quarter taped inside the turbine is also deadly. Taking off some bolt COVERS which are small threaded caps on the bolts of stealth aircraft will bring the plane down, not the bolts themselves according to the TV documentaries I have watched. The bolts can stay in place, but the bolt covers are the critical component. Remember Achilles was vulnerable only in his heels. There are Achilles' heels in jet aircraft. When I worked at a clinic at NAS Miramar (now MCAS Miramar) in California long ago, it seemed like for a while a jet a week was crashing. There were a lot of dead pilots the clinic crews scraped up with an arm here, a leg there, vomiting at what they had to do. The only answer to all those crashes in the mid 1970's had to be sabotage. But telling the public about that at the time was verbotten.
18. 14 zf: The advantage of the US selling the aircraft to the
Rivkah   (05.23.08)
Arabs is that the US can with-hold replacement parts if the Arabs act up.
19. 1
zionist forever   (05.23.08)
Most of Israels weapons are bought for hard cash and only about $2.4 billion cromes from millitary aid and even the millitary aid itself is good for America, The US millitary aid program ( given to many countries around the world ) keeps Americans in jobs and the US millitary on top. The weapons business is a very expensive one for every weapon that makes it onto the market 10 fail its an industry that needs government subsidiy but US law forbids the government from subsidising private companies. The way around this is to alocate a certain amount of money every year to be given as millitary aid. The money must be spent on American weapons made in America, the countries also must sign certain contracts promising to buy a certain percentage of their weapons bought for hard cash in America. As the likes of Lockheed Martin and Boeing are getting subsidy from the US government through the millitary aid they can keep Americans in jobs paying taxes rather than collecting welfare. it garuntees that while some money is recycled within the US itself ( government money becomes private industry money ) and it garuntees an income as countries promise to buy a percentage of other weapons from the US and of course they are going to need to buy spare parts for these weapons to keep them running. It also buys America political influence because if you want to keep your American planes in the air through us permiting you to buy spare parts and if you want to continue to recive millitary aid then you will do as your told. One of the reasons America has so much influence in countries like Israe thanks to millitary aid. On the surface it looks like America is getting a bad deal by giving millitary aid but in reality it helps the economy longer term. All that for about $2 billion a year thats good value for money
20. To 17 Rivkah.
Ed, LA USA   (05.24.08)
Yes, airborne volcanic ash can flood a jet engine to the point of a flame out due to air starvation, not impact damage. A quarter thrown inside the inlet of a jet engine, if not caught by the Mech or the pilot prior to engine start, could cause some damage to the compressor blades but not even enough to cause a catastrophic failure. Most Turbofan jet engines are FAA certified to certain number of frozen turkeys shot out of a cannon into their intake while at full power in a test cell, I kid you not. Military jets are held at much higher standards and considerations are made for battle damage. You are right about weak points in an aircraft and each make a model could have its own unique and very vulnerable points. Bolts gone missing or left loose on primary structure attach points can be devastating as you pointed out. Oh I just saw your other post to 14zf. Jets sold to foreign countries are never the top guns of our current fleet, with consideration to your IDF. For example if we are selling F-15s to Turks it will never be the F-15D. Sheers
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