Investigators ask Olmert to detail use of Talansky’s money transfers
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.05.08, 12:50
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1. Israel a corrupt state ?
Hiram ,   Enkoping-Kiev   (05.23.08)
How come there are so many investigations, along the years, about corruption in Israel ? What does it mean ? That Israeli politicians are corrupt governments after governments ? If politicians keep being corrupt does'nt that means that the punishment is worthless ? Or does it mean that Judges are as corrupt as those they are suppose to punish ? If all the Israeli corrput politicans are...innocents, so why do we talk about it so much ? The fact simply is that Israel 's level of corruption equals that of the neighbouring countries, our Arab cousins, as corruption has ALWAYS been a lifestyle in that part of the world. It is real time to clean up the country , from politicians to high ranking "religious" fakers , from MK to Israeli businessmen ! But before we clean up , we need to fully admit the existence of blatant and endemic corruption on the land of Traditional Jewish Values !
2. #1
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (05.23.08)
I would say that ,unfortunately,Israel's level of corruption not only equals its neighbours but it equals South America;North America;Africa and all over.It might not equals Scandinavia and some other European countries,and maybe Australia and New Zeland, and that's all. Unfortunately ,the world is contaminated by this disease,and the difference among Israel and others is just that ,for obvious vulnerability reasons,we can not afford such behaviour.
3. #1 - sorry, a wrong analysis.
redmiike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (05.23.08)
If Israel's attitude to corruption were "equal to that of neighboring countries" then we wouldn't know about it. Corruption exists because of many reasons. In Brazil, the police are not paid enough to support themselves so it is understood that they must take bribes in order to support themselves. After WW2 corruption in the Austrian police force was so rampant that the government increased salaries by x5 and it stopped overnight. To go against corruption in high places requires balls and determination and both Lindenstrauss and Yaron Zelekha are brave and decided to expose it. The current clean up is wonderful and you don't see it in the "neighboring countries". Mike
4. Corruption in the haredi the cause for the government to be
Yonatan ,   Israel   (05.23.08)
As a religious Jew I am appalled at the support of the supposedly religious parties for this outwardly corrupt government. It seems that the greed of these Haredi for their monies allows them to support the most corrupt PM in Israel’s sordid political history. This goes beyond the look of impropriety to being part and parcel with the seedy slimy underbelly of the Olmert cesspool. It seems the Torah being taught at the beit tefila of the religious parties in the Olmert debacle is very different from the one that other Jews like myself study daily. If a lowly human like myself is aware of this blatant malfeasance then surely the ultimate arbiter who rules this world can see the hypocrisy here also! This hilul Hashem must stop and these faux Haredi must stop worshiping at the alter of greed, do tshuvah or be judged harshly for their impudence to their fellow Jews.
5. my man!
The Thief of Bagdad ,   israel   (05.23.08)
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