French FM: Nothing justifies settlement expansion
Associated Press
Published: 23.05.08, 13:25
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31. The truth will set Israel free
John   (05.23.08)
He is right. Finally someone from the West is able to be honest with Israel. You will not find this honesty in America, where their is always a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to Israel.
32. Ok we will, just cause you told us to----Blah, ha, ha, ha,!!
Maurie ,   Israel   (05.23.08)
33. #30 is for #27
34. Expansion of Israel Road Blks / Territories
David Ang ,   Singapore   (05.24.08)
Hi, Many timesI have read of PEACE TREATIES been signed which makes for Israel and the Arabs to 1) arab countries to stop their attacks and live in peace with the Israelis 2) For this Peace, Israel to give Lands to Palestinian Authorities - Arafat/PA.example as in-The Oslo Treaty and its sponsorship countries, the EU. What had Happened to all these Treaties ??? I like to ask this French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner. Why did France, and the EU kept quiet and take no action when the PA still attack Israel when Israel gave the lands for Peace to Arabs accordingly to the terms of the Peace Treaty ??? - Well French Voreign Minister?? I wait for your reply ???,Plus why France kept quiet when terrorist Hamas took control in Gaza??? And why France kept quiet when terrorist killed so many Isreali Children in a religious seminary??? I ask again France why ??? Mr Bernard, you should be well informed so what are YOUR answers ??? The World likes to know ??? Thw whole world is waiting for your reply //// DAVID
35. Jews have been expelled from the entire region,...
David ,   Houston   (05.24.08)
Arabs however may live anywhere they wish, including Israel, France, USA, anywhere! But Jews are forbidden to live in, own property or even travel to Arab countries. Jews were expelled and murdered in France, and now you deny their right to live in Israel? Kouchner, piss off back to France.
36. #3 what was unnaturally created to be defended unnaturally
The US did not recognize the British mandate and didn't even approve the Balfour Declaration. Review the American King-Crane, 1919 recommendations. The UN recognition of the State was tied to fulfillment of the Partition Plan.
37. Israel under attack
Sean ,   Montreal,Quebec   (05.26.08)
So many people wanting to point out how Israel is constantly under attack while selectively omitting the constant attacks , assassinations and deprivation of the basic essentials of life commissioned by Israel. While that might sell well amongst members of the cult and an extremist fringe in the USA, the clock is running down on the pity meter. For all those bible quoters out there : Do you honestly believe that there is a G-d who will shelter and protect you when you are fundamentally incapable of acknowledging and being compassionate towards the hardships that are faced by your Palestinian brothers and sisters ?
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