Iran tells Syria must regain control of Golan
Dudi Cohen
Published: 25.05.08, 00:42
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YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   Singapore   (05.25.08)
any attempt to harm Israeli sovereignty in the Golan will cause severe damage to state security and thus is doomed to fail .Israel SHALL asserts its right to retain the area under the text of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 without reservation and in complete favor protecting the ISRAELI SECURITY INTEREST as TOP PRIORITY. GOLAN NOT NEGOTIABLE !
2. Assad got his hand slapped
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.25.08)
Ahmadinejad wants Assad to know who is boss. He can't communicate with Israel without approval from Iranian headquarters. How embarrassing for Syria. Next Ahmadinejad will replace Assad.
3. Demascus is taken away from being a City & it shall be.>>>>
Roy c.Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (05.25.08)
a Ruinous Heap,Isa.17;1..Each step they take now is one they can't take back. Assad with their threts with Iran against Zion the City of God, the Nation of Israel .They have crossed the line along with all the Nations trying to save the PLO. The Land for Peace has put them all on the List.Mr, GW,B & Rice, of all people,.. Should have known better, All the wise Men,& all the experts of this time & all the Former what -ever's has brought the world to this brink Of mass confusion,, Nations in distress, perplexed with all the unqualified resource to lead in this Multi-Nuke world. Zech;12 1-9 God Said I will seek away to destroy all Nations that fight against my People Israel when I bring them back,,60 Years ago now. Now we all have the Nukes with the nobrainers going for total control with one Voice in gov & one Voice in a false religion.Hey, According to the Book it wont be long now. we are in the Last pages of the Printed work Demascus like all other will be gone in a night when Gods time clock ticks off the Gap of time we are in. In my study it is from right now to the signing of Daniel;9;27. when the EU-He Man puts his pen to the Paper With the Leader of many in Israel. there will be one week of years of gentile time left. When they shall say Peace & safety then the sudden Destruction shall come & they shall not escape. They being the Leaders of the day. There is a change coming but not what they have planned that have Killed the Kids Of Jacob for all the many years. God will save the Whole House of Israel ok?? Roy c.Hudson USA 5/24/08
4. To FM Mr. M. Mottaki. Is Deplorable, Is Lamentable.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.25.08)
You say :"The Golan (Heights) belongs to Syria ..". Mr. Mottaki, your History education is deplorable, is lamentable. BECAUSE of this state of your History education -- all your statements about Golan Heights is USELESS. Mr. Mottaki, next time, do some study BEFORE speaking on important subject matters !!! Your above statement shows that you are like a fool -- notwithstanding you having academic titles like B.A., M.A. and Dr. (is comparable to PhD). BTW people of your birthplace Golestan will not be happy with your show of stupidity.
5. The demand of Assad to receive the Golan is the proof ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.08)
The demand of Assad to receive the Golan is the proof it is not peace that Syria wants. Israel and Syria have never had diplomatic relations, and have been in a state of war ever since 1948. In 1967, Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria, which had used the area for years to pound Israeli towns below with deadly rockets. These attacks killed 140 Israelis, wounded many more, and inflicted heavy property damage. Since 1967, Syria has always demanded the full return of the Golan as a precondition for “peace”. Nowadays, the Golan is an integrated region of Israel More at :
6. Selfish Olmert opened a can of worms
Millie ,   Israel   (05.25.08)
7. Israel MUST stay on the Golan
Stephanie ,   Israel   (05.25.08)
Or else it will be the Iranians looking down on us from the heights, Shame on Olmert for putting Israel in such danger
8. Olmert "MUST" GO!
mikhail ,   DM USA   (05.25.08)
9. RE: Demascus is taken away from & WARNING & CAUTION
Andreia ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.25.08)
Roy C. Hudson, you are so correct! The winds are blowing stronger and stronger by the minute; earth is quaking constantly and we are witnessing these events. Looks to me like the spirits of the evil has let loose from Tartarus (hell). We can only continue to pray for peace and wisdom for every man on this planet. You, too, Yitzak Ben Shlomo! You're correct as well. However, politically correct in man-made legalities. I continue to pray for peace and wisdom for every man on this planet. The outcome will be ugly when Israel relinquish their sovereigned land of G-d.
10. Golan Heights
C Cannon ,   Sacramento USA   (05.26.08)
War was waged against Israel from the Golan heights. Israel then sent its armed forces onto the Golan heights and won that territory fair and square and was the victor and became the rightful owner of the Golan heights. Israel under no circumstances should even think about giving up this territory. If the Arab nations don't want to lose land, THEN STOP ATTACKING ISRAEL!!!
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