Iran vows to care for Hamas after Israel-Syria peace deal
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.05.08, 11:04
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1. "Much ado about nothing"
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.25.08)
Iran knows very well there will be no peace with Syria. They may be crazy but they're not stupid - the Iranians are politically very astute. They would like nothing better than to see Syria regain the Golan but they know it's not going to happen. But, by hinting that this could separate Syria from Iran, they bolster the arguments of those who support ceding the Golan here in Israel & elsewhere. Talking about even the slightest possibility that this could happen relieves pressure for real action - it gives the appeasers the false impression that they are somehow accomplishing something when in fact, they are doing nothing. At the same time, showing support for Hamas fits into their propaganda effort in the Arab world as "defenders of Islam" - as supporters of "resistence" against Israel. But, it does illustrate a point I've made before - Sunni & Shi'a can kill each other with no problem & still cooperate against us. Those who think that the Shi'a/Sunni rivalry somehow makes Sunnis like us are naive fools who totally misunderstand the Middle-East.
2. Iranian Wealth
steve ,   london, england   (05.25.08)
The Iranians can afford to give such sums away since the price of a barrel of oil has trebled in the past couple of years. It is not demand factors that are behind this rise in prices. It is the gluttony and greed of the dealers in the market for crude. It is those men and women in London and New York cities' dealing rooms. They are now being responsible for undoing fifty years of United Nations' development work around the world. One fifth of the world's population struggles to subsist on $2 per day. A MAJORITY OF THESE ARE STARVING ALREADY. NOW THEY WILL STARVE TO DEATH. It is a fact that the corrupt morality of society in England and America is partly responsible for the situation in the Middle-East. The british and Americans have been making billions out of selling arms to the region. Not really serious about human rights are they! Now the UK economy is in dire straits but Gordon Brown, the English Prime Minister, is happy to get the revenue from the oil price. This has meant he doesn't need to borrow as much or raise taxes. Both things would mean the end of his rule and of the end of his party's fortunes. WAR IS COMING Only Israel has the moral conviction to survive it and to inherit this world on righteous terms.
3. What about vowing to care for IRANIANS you dipstick?
Cy ,   Reading Berks   (05.25.08)
Its reckoned that over 25% of the entire GDP is now devoted to nuclear development, military spend and overseas grants to Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, Shia Iraq, Taliban and the hundreds of cloak and dagger groups around the world. Quite apart from the huge corruption bleeding billions to feather nests. Any wonder why ordinary Iranians are getting so resentful, angry and bitter?
4. For Iran,"negotiation" and "compromise" are euphemisms...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.08)
For Iran,"negotiation" and "compromise" are euphemisms for shame and surrender. In the new Cold War shaping up between Islamism and the democratic West, Israel holds the front line. Once again, the values of the opposing sides are irreconcilable. In the Arab and Muslim order, power is absolute and has to be victorious, so "negotiation" and "compromise" are euphemisms for shame and surrender. Islamist Iran has made itself the driving force. The terrorist movements Hizbullah and Hamas are both Iranian satellites, and their presence on Israel's borders ensures that Iran can already engage in terrorism on its own terms and at times of its own choosing. As to the danger of nuke Iran :
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