Israel offers to free Kuntar in exchange for kidnapped soldiers
Roni Sofer
Published: 26.05.08, 20:39
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1. Olmert, if they were your children ..
Moriah ,   sacramento,USA   (05.26.08)
would you want to release the man who smashed their head on a rock AFTER murdering their daddy in front of them? You are a cowardly dog unworthy of the position of leader of the Jewish Nation --patooei!
2. The fire sale to Israel's enemies continues
Millie ,   Israel   (05.26.08)
More scandalous, traitorous actions from this corrupt, morally bankrupt and utterly abominable government. Throw them all out now.
3. Who said they are alive
Yury ,   Home   (05.26.08)
So we give them 5 terrorists in return for 2 bodies. The joke will be on us.
4. Five prisoners for two corpses? Not much but still a mistake
yonatan ,   tel aviv   (05.26.08)
6. if we get our soldiers back in good health
Charles   (05.26.08)
that pig could be exchanged after 28yrs in jail.
7. Moriah, If it were Your Son in Hezbollah Clutches
would you want the government to do what is possible to free them?
8. #6 Please, release me
Olmert   (05.26.08)
2 years in that harsh jail equals more than 28 years in jail
9. Olmert succumbs to terror.
Tahl ,   Israel   (05.26.08)
Releasing a blood-soaked murderer, in exchange for two bodies, is nothing short of disgraceful and moral bankrupcy. Olmert sells out Israel's interests and dignity, strengthens its enemies, and proves that terror and abductions work.
10. Kuntar should be released
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (05.26.08)
After first smashing his brains out with a rock, as he did to little 4-year-old girl.
11. #7 And what if that was your whole family he murdered?
Jay3 ,   Israel   (05.26.08)
Would you want the government to release this monster? Also, how many more innocent people will these terrorists kill if released?
12. to 8
It´s not about what you think the goverment should do if you are a family member. It´s about what a goverment has to do as an entity with no personal relations to the hostages. It ain´t pretty if you are involved but there are things that a goverment has to do in such a situation. And prisoner exchange ist not one of them.
13. negotiate
Fred ,   canada   (05.26.08)
I once heard a story ( may or may not be true) about Golda Meir. While defending Israel's decision not to negotiate with terrorists, a journalist asked her if she would expect the government to negotiate on behlaf of her own son. "Of course I would demand that they do so," she replied, "but I pray they would not listen to me."
14. This is why Israel needs the death penalty
Leah   (05.26.08)
15. #7, the problem is
Danny   (05.27.08)
we've created this pavlovian response on the part of arab terrorists to kidnap israelis. Last time we gave back prisoners - and got coffins - the first thing Nasrallah said was that he was going to kidnap more. So if you want more terrorism, more people in terrorist clutches, more dead then do the exchange. We all know they are dead, anyway.
16. There's no shortage of Kuntars
Releasing him won't increase your troubles. Besides how many murderers has Israel released simply as a goodwill gesture? At least this will free two people.
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