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Gates to close on Falashmura Jews
Gabi Newman
Published: 27.05.08, 20:53
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1. Falashmura are Christians.
Jake   (05.27.08)
2. Ummm, what to say, is this buracracy at its worse or other?
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.27.08)
If they were determined to be Jews, let them in. If they were determined not to be Jews, let them appy for citizenship under other means, but not law of return.
3. Why?
Rori ,   Tel Aviv   (05.27.08)
Can blacks ever get a break? They are the original Jews. Let them in.
4. #1: Is that why they kiss mezuzot even when they think
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (05.27.08)
no-one's looking? Enlighten us, Jake, do you also believe children forced into sex slavery are consenting "sluts", to be shoo-ed away instead of returned home?
5. #1 Is a Douche Bag
Jake ,   united States   (05.27.08)
6. Ethiopian Jews Oppose Bringing Falashmuras To Israel
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (05.27.08)
"Ethiopian Leaders Urge End To Falashmura Immigration To Israel" (Feb. 5, 2007) Ethiopian rabbis and spiritual leaders (keisim) called on the government Monday to halt the Ethiopian Falashmura aliyah to Israel, citing concerns that many of the Falashmura are engaged in Christian missionary activity. The leaders made the call during a Rehovot conference titled "Defeating the [Christian] mission manifestation in the community," in which hundreds of Ethiopian Jews took part. ..."We came [to Israel] to be Jews. In Ethiopia, we weren't different from the Christians by skin color, we were different from them because of our Judaism only," community members said at the conference. "The missionary activities have crossed the red lines and could incite the community and cause bloodshed." Conference participants elected a keisim-led committee that will map out the various missions in each city and prepare a list of missionaries, which they will transfer to the Interior Ministry, requesting that they be barred from marrying or being buried in a Jewish cemetery. In addition, the committee will formulate a position paper on potential future Falashmura aliyah. "The missionaries persecuted us in Ethiopia, and [we must] not permit them to persecute us in the Holy Land," said the conference participants.
7. # 3 They WERE Jewish.
8. #2 David
Plaintalk ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.28.08)
If your second premise is correct, why should the government encourage these non-Jews to become citizens? Doesn't Israel have enough problems with the hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Slavs who were permitted to emigrate over the past 3 decades? I agree that bonafide Jewsshould be permitted to enter, but if all rabbinical authorities decline to certify the Jewishness of these Falasha Mura, then permitting them to emigrate only diminishes the Jewish character of the State that even Herzl and Ben Gurion wished to preserve. AND WILLINGNESS TO SERVE IN ZAHAL IS NOT A DISPENSATION TO RECTIFYING A HALACHIC ISSUE!
9. #6 may very well be right
J K ,   NYC, USA   (05.28.08)
I worked with an Ethiopian gentleman whose great great grandparents had been Jewish but because of the way things were in the country and the hardships endured they converted to Christianity and have been for over 150 years, rendering any chance that any of the offspring, himself included, might be Jewish to be infinitesimally small if at all. He also knew many people, his friends included, who lied their way to Israel by pretending they were Jewish to get back under the 'Law of Return' simply to find work as things are REALLY bad in Africa and the opportunity of Israel beckons. they came and went several times, not just once. Think about all those war refugees walking through Egypt risking death at the border simply to get into Israel. I believe the original Ethiopians are Jewish, but I don't blame the rabbinite for scrutinizing them closely and for their naturalization being held up.
10. TEARS , TEARS and TEARS being a JEW is FULL OF TEARS ....
JEWS and GENTILEs both in TEARS ! BOTH are human beings. Children of ADAM, WAs G-d JEW or JEWISH ? RABBIS, LISTEN- HALAKA verses HUMANITY, SUBJECT TO THE HALAKA- if these Ethiopians are in tears by you errors of JUDGEMENT, and i fyou have suffecient knowledge of the TRUTH and MERIT in thier APPLICATIONs and if you turned them DOWN by your DELIBRATE and MALLICE. YOU BRING THE BURDEN UPON THE SHOULDER OF YISRAEL. THE Lrd G-d of YISREAL is a Lrd of JUSTICE. No Yom Kippur is going to WIPE YOUR SINS , THE TEARS od the POOR of the Lrd is WEIGHTY to tilt the BALANCE AGAINST THE RABBINATE. NO EXCEPTION HERE !
11. Falashmura
Manny ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.08)
It is true that many of these Falashmura, once they make aliyah, revert back to Christianity - therefore I don't think they should be brought here. We have approximately 300,000 Russian non-Jews plus many South Americans who have false conversion papers and are not Jewish, so we don't need any more problems. We are the only Jewish country in the whole, wide world and we want to stay that way. Bringing in non-Jews will destroy us from within.
12. # 10
Perhaps you forgot that when Israel first brought Ethiopians to Israel, they had to pay the Ethiopian government millions of dollars for the privledge of flying them out. Since then, many in the Ethiopian communities have reverted back to Christianity and bash Israel to the foreign media, claiming to be persecuted for being Christian. If you want them in Israel, open up your own checkbook.
13. @ 10 Nameless :- )~
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   singapore   (05.28.08)
Concerning that batch of Ethiopian, you very conveniently have lapse of memory , may i remind you that it was A TWO FOLD RESCUE OPERATION SENSIBLE TO THE GOVT OF THE DAY IN THAT TIME. IN THOSE DAYS.It was rational to make the population to fish for VOTEs too. Israeli benefited from the migration and rescue, so I t WAS necessary to spend money on them. The Ethiopians reverted back to xtianity because the Jews like us never made them feel welcome. Look it is a color bar syndrome among us jews when it come s to autonomy in Judaism and CONTROL has a big name in the game . I have seen this kind of treatment in Jerusalem. Lets not pretend there is no discrimination in the Rabbinate. I am a Jew and ORT JEW, I must tell you the TRUTH !Even the young Rabbis are driven to Madness ! And Regarding opening the check book, why not ? it is ONLY CORRECT to HELP ALL THOSE IN NEED, be it the help rendered TO a GENTILE OR A JEW. I don’t mind at all :) I urge you to adopt a GENTILE/ preferably an Ethiopian/ Palestinian Orphan and treat him/ her like your own child and see how good Judaism is in practice .To the same use the nurturing creative kind part of the mind if you see an Ethiopian like these reported by Ynet. Remember you must LISTEN from YOUR HEART . The brain is placed between your eye, opposite above the heart, the seed of emotions. FIRST As a human being one need to use the brain/ mind and heart in the balance .So strike a balance in your judgment. Checkbooks can come ,checkbook could go, but HUMANITY,LOVE, COMPASSION and G-d are one. These are the DIVIVE ATTRIBUTES of the LRD G-d OF YISRAEL. ALL these attributes REST IN YOUR BODY, THE PLACE of ABODE , The RESTING Place OF G_D. REMEMBER WHEN THE POOR CRY the LRD will COME in FURY ! The rain comes from heaven it is enjoyed by JEWS and GENTILES. CONVERSION IS A LIFE LONG PROCESS, PEOPLE FALL, THEY BACK SLIDE but WE JEWS MUST ENCOURAGE THEM TO RETURN BUT NOT VICTIMISE THEM OR BRAND THEM. RABBIS THESE DAY FORGET TO LOOK FOR THIER FLOCK ! They mix up the genuine from the bOGUS. I dont deny that TURTH, a s there are many who want to be converted for Financial Gains but REMEMBER NOT ALL ! Many disguising Xtians do that but not all, there are genuine once. The bogus converts should try migration entry not the conversion route. No go back an read my earlier post above and digest. I am protective about the genuine Ethiopians never the less the gentile are not less important ! REMEMBER ! REMEMBER! REMEMBER ! we jews will be a subjech of being BASHED for everything we do.It is very hard , for jews . We been Bashed throughout ages an we will be Bashed anyway. Be Happy and Be GOOD always. BUT PLEASE BASH THE TERRORIST ! I am just concern oven any ERROR OF JUDGEMENT, because it is a GRAVE SIN to TURN DOWN a RIGHTEOUS CONVERT - akin turning away a PRIEST of the CREATOR !
14. #3, 4, and 5: All Ethiopia claim descent from Israelites
Jake   (05.28.08)
In Ethiopia its believed that the nation in general and the royal family in particular (whose emblem is the Lion of Judah) are descended from Solomon and the Israelites. In fact, Ethiopian Christianity has adopted so many aspects of Jewish ritual law and kashrut that it can be argued to be a form of Judaism. So then, do all Ethiopians have a claim to immigrate to Israel? It is not about discrimination. It is about drawing the line in the sand and setting limits. It is a fact that the Ethiopian nation as a whole claims a unique connection to the Israelites and ancient Judaism. This can be respected without giving a carte blanche aliyah to whomever happens to claim to be of Jewish origin.
15. # 13
"The Ethiopians reverted back to xtianity because the Jews like us never made them feel welcome. " Bull. They return to Christianity because that is their religion. They are the same as the Russians. They re-discover their faith at the bottom of the olim charity basket. "I urge you to adopt a GENTILE/ preferably an Ethiopian/ Palestinian Orphan and treat him/ her like your own child and see how good Judaism is in practice ." Adopt a "Palestinian"? Be serious. 80% of that population is the product of first cousins mating. No thanks. I don't want to bring a violent moron into my home. Finally, if the Ethiopian Christians are so important, why don't the Christians take care of them? Do they have a different G-d?
16. @ 15 .G-d is the refuge for all- Jews and Gentiles...
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   Singapore   (05.28.08)
but you choose to stay in your Righteousness, go on. Useless ort Jews like me , righteous converts and Sinners of all kind of abomination seek G-d .. because we live by Hashem righteousness . Our Righteousness is a web of clustered net . Selah ! :- )~
17. To #3
Jake   (05.28.08)
Not withstanding your racially-motivated Afrocentric dig at the Jews, let it be known that Israel is the only country in the entire world to which black people were brought en masse as free citizens, and not in the shackles of slavery. Israel does not need to justify itself to bigots or race-card-playing people like you. On the subject of what the original Jews may have looked like, neither you nor I were present at the parting of the Red Sea taking Polaroids of the departing Israelites. All we know is that by the Biblical account, the Jews/Israelites originated in Eretz Israel and the ancient pre-Israelitic Hebrews originated in Aram Naharaim (Upper Mesopatamia: northeast Syria/southeast Turkey). Not in Scandinavia, but neither in sub-Saharan Africa. So chances are the original Jews did not look like Owen Wilson, but neither like Whoopi Goldberg.
18. #8, Plaintalk, I agree but....
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.28.08)
Jews should be admitted through Law of Return as quickly and easily as possible, but Israel should also allow a limited number of imigrants for other reasons. Israel IS the Jewish state, but no reason why there cannot be other minorities arriving too. What does 1,000 a year hurt? While Israel IS a Jewish melting pot, there are Arabs, Muslims, Christians, even Zoroastrians there. They just need to quality and be limited. It works in other countries, why not Israel too. I dont agree with these so called family unification alotments though. Why should the Arabs in Judea and Samaria, Gaza, or elsewhere be allowed to live in Israel or citizenship when they are part of an enemy people.
19. #8: Do NOT compare these folks to non-Jewish "slavs"
5th generation ,   Israel   (05.28.08)
Do you not live in Israel? Boy, are you clueless. Ethiopians have done more to preserve Jewish culture than most Sabarim, and the ex-Soviets are more bent on destruction than the average Israeli Palestinian.
20. That is what I call Bamidbar
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   singapore   (05.29.08)
Numbers in the Book of Numbers: 4 camps, 12 tribes, 273 surplus first-born, 22,300 Levites, 603,550 Israelites -- each of whom count. Plus how to take apart G-d's home, transport it across the desert, and put it back together again
21. The Real Racists And Fascists = The Israeli Left
Josh Ebert ,   Chicago, USA   (05.29.08)
This is truly amazing. The Israeli Leftists, who would sell their daughter to the nearest Palestinian Terrorist for the sake of peace, are now discriminating against the Ethiopian Jews who happen to have a darker skin shade than they. Why? Well 1) These Jews are Black and all their tolerance BS is exposed. 2) The Ethiopian Jews tend to be more religious and to actually love their country and hence they are more right wing. This would be too dangerous to the insane leftists to have their strangle hold on the country be put into jeopardy. In the mind of the leftist, it is more important to let Sderot burn and to hand over the Golan than to take in these subhuman Jews.
22. this is wrong they all should be brought in!!!
ralph   (05.29.08)
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (05.29.08)
the scene unfold, the verse from Jeremiah (Chapter 31) quickly came to mind: "and I shall gather them from the farthest parts of the earth, and with them the blind and the lame, the woman with child; a great assembly shall return here." Indeed, it is easy to imagine that this is how the Exodus from Egypt must have appeared, as these remnants of Ethiopian Jewry walk out of the pages of history, and head to the Promised Land.
24. The Talmud :we must learn to be more accepting of gentiles
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   singapore   (05.29.08)
The Talmud (Sanhedrin 99-100) relates that the patriarch Abraham rejected Timna, who wished to become his concubine. Instead, Timna married Eliphaz, Abraham's great-grandson through Esau, and gave birth to Amalek, the Jewish people's archenemy. The Sephardi Perspective: It is time for the Sephardim to decide which side of the debate they are on Yosef said that from this passage in the Talmud we must learn to be more accepting of gentiles who wish to become a part of the Jewish people
25. #17
Rori ,   Tel aviv   (05.29.08)
Tell me what country brought blacks in en mass as slaves in modern times? In case your forgot, the international slave trade was abolished years before Israel's inception. You can call me a bigot, or race-card playing person if you wish, but remember this.... Jew does not = white, and that is the tone implicit in your remarks.
26. a solution is...
Jon Cohen ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.29.08)
Tell them to cross Sinai like the 10,000 Africans who have done so over the past 12 months and they will be accepted. They can say they are refugees and the left will love them. If they say they are muslim, all the better! They will be housed, clothed, given jobs and allowed to stay. This is what the Olmer government is doing with 20 new arrivals every night. There is no border and they stand a small chance of getting shot by Egyptian border guards (approx. 12 in 10,000 - pretty good odds).
27. Hey Yishai - when are you going to change your name to.....
28. # 3 Rori Original Jews? Prove it, please.
petra ,   usa   (05.30.08)
29. its about time
X   (06.01.08)
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