Olmert meet southern community heads, says adamant not to resign
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 28.05.08, 22:28
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1. innocent until proven guilty
yep ,   here   (05.28.08)
let the due processes of law take their course and be patient
2. what arrogance
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.28.08)
he knows his master President Bush will back him and threaten anyone who pressures his choice lap do to resign. Ain't the Emperor and his fasvorite loyal poodle just wonderful. The ethnic cleansing of all Jews from Judea and Samaria must move forward and this is why Olmert's job is safe.
ARIE   (05.28.08)
5. nobody wants this "prime" minister
yoni ,   jerusalem   (05.28.08)
the prime minister is meant to represent the nation. olmert represents nobody in this country. nobody likes him and i am very dissapointed in the MKs who are not realizing the peoples interests. If the governemnt elected officials would represent us we would have ousted this PM a long time ago. Act now!!
6. people of israel,rise up ,and get rid of this human garbage
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (05.29.08)
7. olmert, resign in shame!
oded   (05.29.08)
his hutzpa knows no limit or bounderies, this""pm"", makes am ockery of everything that is still decent in israel... what would it take for this loser guy to fall of the face of this earth and spare us all of his misery and inapttitude?
8. Yep, I feel your pain--Bill Clinton---oops. Olmert said that
too!! See any ,   difference???   (05.29.08)
9. is Barak like shas or will he keep his word force ellections
zionist forever   (05.29.08)
Olmert cannot afford to quit because he knows that when he is no longer PM he is no longer imune from prosecution and punishment for his crimes there is no longer and protection provided by the job The man has been getting to friendly with to many dictaitors. He has in the past told Assad how much he admires him and his leadership, he loves Abbas, & envies the power Bush has. Olmert seems to have decided that as Israel is a country in the heart of a region run by dictaitors and kings so he feels he should be the regions next dictaitor. It doesnt matter if every other person in Israel hated him and wanted him out if he wants to stay he will refuse to resign. The ball is now in Baraks court because he has told Olmert resign or he will pull out and force ellections. If Barak is full of bullshit like Shas and will talk tough but do nothing then Olmert will not only keep his job but Barak will have proven he is no more primminister material than Olmert.
10. OLMERT understand sdrerot and the south
dovdevan ,   ashdod; israel   (05.28.08)
but he prefers smoking cigars luxuary holydays , first class ticket plane and cash flow
11. to # 1 You really don't understand political issues....
12. #3 - how much do PMOs employees get paid?
redmiike ,   Tel Aviv, London, LA   (05.28.08)
but you need to be subtler. Or perhaps you're a family member? If you paid him under the table and expect something in return then you chose the wrong man. Talansky tried that and got screwed. Mike
13. Arrogant scumbag.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.29.08)
14. We want Elections... NOW
Nachum ,   Golan   (05.29.08)
We want elections now! This man is a danger to our home, our people, and everything we stand for. He is corrupt and is not capable of leading at this time. His own political allies are against him! DISPERSE THE KNESSET AND HAVE NEW ELECTIONS!
15. All of a sudden, he goes to the Negev to'feel the pain"?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (05.29.08)
16. Somehow Olmert I really don't think you have a say in this!!
jan ,   usa   (05.29.08)
17. This man is a narcissistic monster
Ignatious Mucklefutz ,   Fargo ND   (05.29.08)
The arrogance of the PM is legendary. What is more troubling is the behavior of members of his coalition. They absolutely don't care about the welfare of Israel and only care about their own greed. Even Republicans were ready to throw Nixon out of office after it became clear that Nixon broke the law. Kadima, Shas, Labor etc don't even have the decency to leave the administration of this corrupt PM.
18. To #2
greg ,   USA, San Diego   (05.29.08)
I smell a "demokruk" idiot....
19. That's real thick skin
Arthur ,   Israel   (05.29.08)
20. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (05.29.08)
the man is "sick". he must resign and NOT travel to Washingotn. But I am sure there are envelopes with cash waiting for him there too. He is not capable of running the country- he is a liar, a crook, dishonest, a thief etc.
21. ohlmert
fdf ,   israel   (05.29.08)
if he does not say that he has to resign - then he MUST BE TOLD TO GO HOME. He cannot run the affairs of the country with all that is said about him. The man is dishonest and a liar. I do not believe a word he says and he has absolutely no credibility. I know that in Washington more envelopes are waiting for him and his wife will be wined and dined by his millionare friend/s in NYC. Bush should tell him NOT TO COME.
roger wallace ,   0000   (05.29.08)
- From the book, by roger wallace, “THE GOD OF TRUTH“. - - - - - Ch.41 w / 101 vs.---------God’s oath with Israel - 68 In zechariah 12:3. It is speaking of end of the days eternal just judgments from god---as it is found given and established of god, forever. And it is given from god forever--as it is given by our true god through Jesus christ, forever--- For that is found under the words “ cut in peaces’. As that is found written in 12:3. - 69 And those zechariah 12:3 judgments. They are given from god, through Jesus christ, unto: Any People, nation, tongue--and, as to whom, may come with unrighteous sinful true burdens against Israel‘s true land oath, that is made between Israel and our kind god, forever, - 70 For Israel’s oath is a cup of trembling to all heathen nations, that are found in unrepentiful true seen sin forever. As to when they come to gather in spirit, - 71 As before all of Israel and, as before all of Jerusalem. As to do battle against god, forever--as they are found declaring burdens of sinful true war, against the oath of god--that is established forever--between Israel and god, forever, - 72 Therefore, Israel is burdensome stone to all who shall and do declare war against god, forever--as god is seen, as being: “Eternal as being eternally forever--Israel forever. - 73 And of course--god shall seek to destroy all sinful true nations, who come to do battle against god--for god is Israel and is most surely--eternal-- as being: “Jerusalem“--and our kind god (god Is the nation called Israel), he lives forever, and he (god) is eternally forever. - 74 Below here-- Is a letter, that has been already been written in this eternal, true book, that is called “The God Of Truth”. - 75 707 pm 1-22-2008AD 76 Dear Oral Roberts, 77 W / 24 verses 78 1 I (roger wallace) am very concerned about our country. Our god is cutting (America’s money system is in long term economic trouble) us up (our money, is now clashing, greatly, and without true end, in site, it would appear) in the regards of president Bush trying to divide Israeli land. - 79 2 Please pray for him and try to speak to him, to help him understand. Not to do that awful thing, that he is trying to do to all of Israel. And, no doubt, our true god. He will require recompense in this matter. That is, if mister Bush, will not stop, - C-276RW 5-28-2008 - Roger wallace author of “THE GOD OF TRUTH”, found at: I-proclaim, isbn 978-1-60585-521-9. -
23. Has an obligation to give away Golan, Judea, Samaria, Jerusa
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.29.08)
24. painful concession to is to resign !! LOL !!
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (05.29.08)
25. How much damage do we have to tolerate?
Millie ,   Israel   (05.29.08)
While this arrogant, narcissistic scumbag won't go on his own, he's still meddling in State affairs and doing irreprarable harm to the nation. MKs blather on and on about week and months of whatever, and the situation in the country deteriorates by the hour. Something's gotta give here. If the enemy starts raining bigger and more powerful rockets on more cities in the south, if trouble starts happening up north and the Knesset remains paralyzed, it will be too late. Israeli civilians will pay the price - as we always do. Elections now - not at the end of the year - NOW!
26. HE SHOULDN'T STEP DOWN................
TERESSA GREEN   (05.29.08)
27. To#23 Bunny Meyer - He has a what to give away?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.29.08)
OK, if that is so then when is the USA going to give back the territory is "occupied" which the white man stole of the American Indians? When is the USA going to return California to Mexico? When are the Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians going to give back the territory they took from their indigenous and aboriginal peoples? Actually the Jews, Abraham and his folk, were here a hell of a long time before the Arabs. WE the JEWS were driven out by the Greeks and the Romans. There were no Palestinians at that time either. So Bunny, who is occupying whose land? Those who believe in the Good Book will also remind you that the Lord gave us the land from the sea to the Land of the Two Rivers which is Iraq. So maybe the oil belongs to us too?
28. Olmert please take this 5 USD for your pocket and stay!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.29.08)
It seems you are about to give lands occupied to real owners therefore you should stay I do not have much money but you are quite humble in receiving money , here you are 5 USD bribe to keep you in your office!
29. Olmert just doesn't understan it! GET OUT!
We the People ,   The Galilee, Israel   (05.29.08)
It must be explained very clearly that the people of this country don't want to play with him any more and he must go an find someone else to play with like Tony Blair, George Bush who will be free in a few months, maybe even Gordon Brown. But the bottom line is the HE MUST GO NOW. We the people of Israel, 89% of us, say so and he is responsible to US and US only and not to those who who live other countries and love to tell us how to run our own!
30. Olmert meet southern community heads,
shosho ,   Dreamland   (05.29.08)
"I will not do anything to harm the party," The party will not do anything to harm the people, Just look at the list of achievements of kadima, 1) We're nearing decision on how to act against Gaza rocket fire, 2) "Iron Dome" rocket-intercepting system would become operational only in 2010 3) "I feel as though I don’t have any more answers for the residents of Ashkelon," And the list go's on
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