Mazuz orders police to speed up Olmert probe
Aviram Zino
Published: 29.05.08, 15:22
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1. mazuz to expedite probe
alex   (05.29.08)
olmert knows he swimming against the tides, that israelis don't want him anymore with his pens and watches and his toughness on israelis but ubeleivable weakness with foreigners, so what does he do? He puts out the word for help from his colleague mazuz. Speed up the no indictment finding so olmert would be found wronged, yet quick enough so israelis don't finalize their thoughts about him. Mazuz will not indict because he didn't do so with sharon so why do it with olmert. He took cash for elections and some personal expenses. Who cares if he bought some cigars,c'mon. Dichter now announces he will run and the hatches are opening. Even if olmert rehabilitates, he left behind Livni who doesn't know what she is doing with her negotiations, and israel's deterrence hugely damaged. Olmert will be forever blamed for presiding over israel's degradation.
2. Yes, yes, yes, put Olmert in jail NOW!!
Rueben ,   Israel   (05.29.08)
3. mr olmert
caroline ,   capetown   (05.29.08)
at the speech, after the death of caesar. so are they all, all honarable men says mark anthony. yup in the precious, vunerable, land of israel you too are being led by honourable men. it seems nothing changes when one follows history.israel:s kadima seem to me to be led by the most honourable of men. how do you actualy live with yourselves., you children of israel.?
4. mazuz
sas ,   israel   (05.30.08)
he has begun to move his a......
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