Livni calls for Kadima primaries 'as soon as possible'
Neta Sela
Published: 29.05.08, 20:06
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1. livni
sas ,   israel   (05.29.08)
we heard you once before talk against ohmert and you simply did nothing except stay on the job. if u have character you should resign too.
2. It was about time that this pretty lady said something!
She's a good choice for number one spot in Kadima and an excellent choice for PM! Let's get behind her for all the right reasons!
3. Tzipi, I would vote for you ...
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (05.29.08)
... (a) because you are not that creep Barak (b) because you are an honest politician (almost an oxymoron, that) and (c) because you look so neat in your trouser-suits..
4. Give me a break!
vered ,   israel   (05.29.08)
Talansky gave Olmert $150,000 over 15 years, that's $10,000 a year, not millions. Talansky gave it willingly for whatever reason but not for favors in return. Leaders of governments usually do go first-class, because it goes with the job. At the time he accepted this money, what was everyone else doing around him? What if we check them? In a true democracy a person, any person, is innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, in court, not on TV In it's frenzy to get ratings the media is exaggerating everything. Has anyone checked their outrageous salaries lately?
5. Livni Is Olmert in a Skirt
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (05.29.08)
Olmert & Kadima are destroying Israel's security for empty promises of peace. Livni will complete the destruction process. Vote for her and Kadima if this is what you want.
6. Kadima was founded and will end on corruption
Harry   (05.29.08)
7. Woman, Election? What else she wants?
Lamb ,   Haifa   (05.29.08)
Olmert is the Boss. She is nothing. Since when this person should run the sindecate.
8. no no livni
fad egypt   (05.29.08)
no livni no more kadima please israel if u elected livni she will continue the same failed policies of this government hamas will be in west bank east jerusalem even if she refused to hand over jerusalem to the pa hamas will enter it more kassams grad missiles weak state policies policy of restraint and weakness bad economy please wake up israel vote likud in the election it is the only solution and bibi is the only one who can save israel as he saved its economy and its security before vote BIBI
9. #7 woman bomb
bimbo   (05.29.08)
10. Livni is more inept than Olmert
Jay3 ,   Israel   (05.29.08)
We need elections NOW!!! Not in 7 months!
11. Please not Livni
Malone ,   Hfx   (05.29.08)
#2 thinks shes pretty...#3 like her pants...are these reasons for her to be PM?????????? She's scarier than Olmert,worried about her future,her resume,pathetic,corrupt Kadima. Anybody that would follow her would do so out of sheer curiousity. How can people be so stupid?? And she's not even close to being pretty...never seen her pants.
12. Livini calls for Kadima primaries
Ben ,   n.y.c.   (05.29.08)
look at her bad record. Gaza Disengagement and UN cease fire last summer. She has nothing to show.
13. #4
NC ,   Canada   (05.29.08)
Whether he's guilty or not, who cares? He's a terrible PM! Any reason to get rid of him is a good reason. I'm not saying he should be thrown in jail today, just thrown out of office. The other politicians waiting to take his place aren't any more moral than Olmert, but that's a sign that the Israeli political scene needs an overhaul.
14. livne
fdf ,   israel   (05.30.08)
go home u r good for nothing except for taking out the garbage. you proved to be a total failure as minister of justice and your record is very weak. quit while u r ahead. how many envelopes are waiting for him when he lands in washington??????? if his wife travels with him she is in for a good time on the expense of others. they are a group of CROOKS.
15. Say goodbye to Livni, no dogcatcher needed.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.30.08)
16. If Chanalau endorses Tzipi, you know Tzipi is bad for Israel
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (05.30.08)
17. Looks like Tzipi Livni is "glamming" it up and looking
Rivkah   (05.30.08)
sharp. But if she wants to trade land for phony peace, I hope Israelis vote for someone else who has learned that lesson (that it does not work). says Mr. Bush will attack Iran before his term is out. That means someone seasoned like Bibi should get elected and Ms. Livni should wait until another day.
18. Livni
Bachrach Andres ,   Kfarsaba   (05.30.08)
Gveret Livni I like you very much,therfore I warn you being a primeminister in Israel makes you old and ugly looking. Andi mihakfar
19. #5 - Except She has more balls than Olmert
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (05.30.08)
20. #19 A new born has more balls than Olmert!!
rosco ,   Israel   (05.30.08)
21. Holocaust - We Cry Out...!
Christopher ,   The UnForgotten   (06.01.08)
Six million Innocent Lives of the Jewish Race are a testimony of what happens when we surrender our hope to the side of evil. May we never forget the Jewish souls who remind us of the brutal sins of the Holocaust - lest we put their memory to shame...
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