US: Strong reasons to suspect Iran was working covertly to build atomic bomb
Published: 29.05.08, 22:47
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1. Alarmed?!!!
Persian CAT   (05.29.08)
It is public knowledge, Rafsanjani said it himself, that Iran's aim is to be a screwdriver away from the bomb. There is nothing sinister nor illegal about the knowledge to make nukes. What the unnamed Western intelligence agencies want to do is to use the IAEA as a battering ram to pry open Iran's military secrets. That's no gonna happen, because the Iranians are on to it and they know EXACTLY who is behind this ploy. What is not also a secret is the fact that Iran had done some work on its nukes program but halted in 2003 according to the latest NIE. What makes this charge even more ridiculous is that ALL governments possess "a document describing the process for making what could be the core of a nuclear weapon"! Why is this even mentioned as "news"?!!!
2. so having a clandestine nuclear weapon program is deceitful?
wanda ,   montreal   (05.30.08)
hmmmmmmm... persian cat: unfortunately, i think you know why this is presented as news. so that it is 'lodged' in our minds that Iran is a threat, regardless of the facts. and when the catalyzing event occurs, there will be less public inclination for discussion and analysis i.e. due political process.
3. Suspect Iran?
Abu Kamel ,   Amman, Jordan   (05.30.08)
Oh yeah, sure, its all Iran, the Persians! Can't you see its the sneaky Mossad trying to FRAME arabs? Its the jewish cabal, trying to establish a talmudic state on both sides of the river! Al Cuds will be chewed!!
4. Alarmed!!!! - #1
Judean LION   (05.30.08)
Those wha are behind the 'ploy' will most certainly wipe any iranian threats off the face of the earth.. Just fasten your seatbelt, kitten!
5. The IAEA has a history of looking the other way,& then
appears 2 be shocked ,   when it's to late!   (05.30.08)
6. Denial and politics
Phil ,   US   (05.30.08)
The recent report that claimed Iran was not building an atomic bomb was received with much praise by those who want to avoid a military confrontation with Iran and those who can't wait for a second holocaust. Even though the findings did not support the conclusions, it was held up as proof that Iran was not dangerous. Those opposed to a military showdown with Iran talk about the consequences of military action including oil boycotts, increased terrorism etc. What they don't want to acknowledge is the danger that a nuclear Iran would pose to the free world. Exactly what would the UN do if a nuclear Iran took over Iraq and moved on Saudi Arabia? What would happen to the price of oil then? What would happen to the US and European economy? Would the cowards in the EU even consider military action against a psychotic regime armed with the atomic bomb?
7. heynow
Upstairs ,   Downstairs   (05.30.08)
Either way Israel won't do anything, nor will the US. Iran has been sticking it to the jews and americans for some time now. Soon as the Iranian dick in the wests as blows its load it will be in the form of a radioactive mushroom cloud.
8. Israel Has 300, Iran Will Have One
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (05.30.08)
There is an old Iranian expression: "If it looks like a nuke, smells like a nuke, acts like a nuke, and sounds like a nuke, it is a nuke.". Shihab Missiles that can reach 1300 km (and improving), factories to make the Shihabs, underground sites enriching uranium guarded by Russian anti-aircraft defenses, refusal to accept EU enriched uranium/and Russian, boasts to destroy Israel as a lousy piece of dung, humiliating the Jewish people by refuting the Holocaust, having anti-Holocaust conferences and conventions, threatening to retaliate using 40,000 suicide bombers, testing cruise missiles from planes and boats, AND goose stepping Revolutionary Guards...seems to me Iran is less than 1year from testing the big one. Then, according to reports (US) 28m Iranians (and 15m Syrians) will be wasted in the first 3 weeks following an all out Israel strike (using 100 of it's 150 nukes). I think Israel has more like 300, many aimed at those 30 Iranian
9. Not To Worry!! Bush AND The UN Will Safeguard Israel
David ,   Marietta USA   (05.30.08)
And it seems only Bibi has any interest in saving the Jewish State. Certainly Livni and Barak don't seem too interested. (Nor is the other Barak, and President Hillary has already stated she will nuke Iran only after you guys take the first hit-mighty white of her...)
10. Alarming but not without the additional evidence.
Yonatan ,   Israel   (05.30.08)
Iran’s only export besides oil and agriculture is weapons. They are devoid of design and manufacturing like western nations and need assistance in completing special projects. They have hired German firms to design and harden their nuclear enrichment facilities. More troubling than hardening them is their need for dispersing those facilities over wide geographical areas. They have also hired ex-soviet weapons scientists to assist them. These ex-soviet scientists are still in the employment of Iran in Iran. Along with all the other indication this only sends chills through Jews who listen to the lunatics who control Iran and their almost daily diatribes against Israel. The worst thing imaginable are a bunch of mentally unstable persians or arabs armed with nuclear weapons.
11. It is probably too late. They most likely have the bomb.
Bibilo ,   usa   (05.30.08)
12. Now you tell me you're "Alarmed"! Shame on you!
Enzo ,   london,uk   (05.30.08)
13. We can’t afford to wait : Time has come for action.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (05.30.08)
Iranian nuclearization remains an existential threat to Israel. Notwithstanding the recent and plainly inaccurate US National Inteligence Estimate (NIE) concerning Iran, this threat also remains authentically genocidal in the legal sense. It follows that Israel’s reliance upon its own nuclear strategy and nuclear deterrent will now necessarily expand. Israel shall soon have to make a long-postponed decision on preemption (anticipatory self-defense) against Iranian hard targets. If this decision should continue to be postponed, Israel will likely lose the chance to defend itself conventionally. More concerning the dangers of a nuclear Iran at :
14. The day the iranian nuclear plants are destroyed what will..
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (05.30.08)
..all you iran lovers and terror lovers write in the talkbacks at that time? I mean you all have stated 1000 times each that iran is peaceful, and that the free world never will attack iran since it's "impossible". What will you write that day?
15. Hi Abu Kamel - Missing the point!
Cy ,   Reading Berks   (05.30.08)
Its not wether Iran has the capability of producing nuclear weapons. Its what Ahmadinejad and the RG would do with them And to Abu Kamel in Jordan and Arab nations consider the real possibility that Ahamdinejads nuclear weapons could be used to extract land, resources and a huge political price for their so called 'protection' of neighbouring Arab States. Iran already lays claim to the Hormuz, to South Iraq, to Bahrein. to parts of |Kuwait, to UAR, to parts of Saudi Arabia and would like to control Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Just try to talk to some of the fanatical RG in Teheran who control the military and you will be shocked at the overtly aggressive intentions they have for the region. And its got nothing to do with Iran or Iranians. Its to do with a small bunch of fanatical people in power who will stop at nothing to exercise their regional and global ambitions whatever the cost to the Iranian people. And heres the rub. Talk to those same people and they will talk about 'noocla bums' as if they are just another 'toy'. They would have no compunction whatsoever in using them.
16. Nuclear Iran is a danger for Humanity!
Simone Cobart ,   Israel   (05.30.08)
The world cannot tolerate a nuclear weapon in the hands of people who say openly, explicitly and publicly that they want to wipe Israel off the map.The U.S. is the leader of the international effort to stop the Iranians from becoming nuclear. Israel does not agree with the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate that Iran had probably shelved its nuclear weapons program, and feels instead that Iran’s “military program continues and has never been stopped. If this program continues, at some point they will be in possession of a nuclear weapon.” The future of Iran at :
17. 14 Johnny: for May 20 said Iran will
be attacked by Bush before he leaves office.
18. Strong reasons to suspect Iran working to obtain nukes
Millicent ,   Israel   (05.30.08)
Duh, is the world really that Naive to think that Iran doesn't want to obtain nuclear weapons? It doesn't even have to use them.just the mere threat that it will use them can be used to black mail the nations around the Middle East and even the rest of the world to to its bidding! Iran will not hesitate to share its nuclear weapons programs with Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, Al Quida and the terror regimes in South America, terrorist groups in Phillipeans etc. If Iran is allowed to obtain Nukes the entire world will be in the front line of these terrorists, so stop Iran now, Unite against them like never before, stronger than the allies against another monster bent on destruction years ago. The Leader of Iran is another Hitler only worse . because he puts not only the entire world in danger but his fellow Iranians as well! Stand up to this monster before he gets the bomb, remember Israel will not be his only target, but the US and EU ,China, Russia and other non Muslim nations as well!
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