Former Minister Yosef Lapid dies at 77
Published: 01.06.08, 10:41
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1. The end of the Old Guard
Meir Weinstein ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.01.08)
I wish the remainder of his family peace. Tommy Lapid was a holocaust survivor and saw events that were horrific. He also saw the creation of the State of Israel and all the miracles that came with it. He was very anti orthodox and gave the orders to destroy a Shul and learning center that was built to honour Rabbi Meir Kahane. His son Yair has a different outlook than his father which reflects a change in vision for the next generation.
3. SON of MAN
adjani ,   toronto-canada   (06.01.08)
may his soul rest in peace
4. to Eitan
maya   (06.01.08)
this is a time to defame someone? ever heard of lashon hara? he may have a diferent opinion than you but he was a holocast survivor, and he wasntliving in detroit! he was living in ISRAEL. so take your horrible way of speaking elsewhere, israel has enough arsim.
5. Blesed be his memory
Simon ,   TA Israel   (06.01.08)
Blessed be his memory this courageous man who had the courage to stand up to the anti democratic ultradox. May he rest in peace and condolences to his family.
6. May Mr. Lapid who greatly believed in the Jewish people go
gently 2 his peace! ,   Condolences 2 Family   (06.01.08)
7. tommy lapid
angelina ,   holon   (06.01.08)
may he rest in peace. he was a great, inteligent and honest man who was never afraid to voice his oppinion. what a great loss to our society. Condolences to his family.
8. Very few comments show not much warmth
Bill   (06.01.08)
to him....
9. He was a good man
Zvi   (06.01.08)
a moderate and decent person.
10. Yosef (Tommy) Lapid z"l
DkS ,   J'lem, IL   (06.01.08)
He'll be missed. He had the guts to say what many Israelis think but didn't dare say aloud. May he rest in peace.
11. Tommy Lapid
Gimpel the Fool ,   Jhb, SA   (06.01.08)
I wish condolences to Mr Lapid's family. He was a pragmatic leader. I will always remember his interview on the BBC's Hard Talk, where he told Tim Sebastian that it wasn't a pleasure to be on his show. I loved him for that.
12. A great man
Aharon   (06.01.08)
He was a great man in many ways. Politically, he was correct on many issues, but Israeli society was (and still is) too young and blind to understand this. In that sense, he was far ahead of his time. I, for one, wont forget you.
13. May he and all his friends rest in peace
Marie-France ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (06.01.08)
14. Go Gently int the Good Night
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (06.01.08)
To Tommy, Your blunt honesty and occasional political incorrectness were refreshing. Your television interviews were never boring. Please go gently into the good night. You will be missed.
15. A straight talker, a proud Jew and a good man
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.01.08)
Deepest sympathy to his family. Tommy tried to change the status quo and would have succeeded if not for the foolish in-fighting within Shinui. His journalistic prowess and oratory will were arts he excelled at . He was never a "yes" man and spoke is mind. A great son of Israel has moved on. May he rest in peace.
16. We have lost someone very special
Talula ,   Israel   (06.01.08)
A sad day indeed for us. We shall miss him, he was a lovely genuine man. He wasn't conventional and didn't go with the flow. He swam upstream. Thank you Mr. Lapid for the difference you made. Heartfelt condolences to all his family.
17. we should appreciate those of his generation
mish ,   tlv   (06.01.08)
while they are still with us
18. Thank you Ynet for removing #2's comments.
Iris ,   Jerusalem   (06.01.08)
It is nice to see that even though you were not legally obligated, the editors actually know when something has ''crossed the line''. Let's hope you will continue being ''responsible''. Like hime him, hate him, agree or disagree with Tommy, he always spoke his mind. No double talk and dodging from him. May his family find comfort at this time
19. I loved ya kiddo! Rest in Peace.
Condolences to the family.
20. lapid in india
Arjun Ramesh Hardas ,   Noida   (06.01.08)
I met Mr Lapid when he came to India as part of Arik Sharon's delegation. I wanted to speak to him, but waited as he was busy with friends. He noticed me after a short while, and when he got to know i was a journalist, he asked me sit next him and join in the conversation with hios friends! What a guy..and just not like a typical politician!!
21. I will sadly miss Tommy Lapid
muriel   (06.01.08)
Of late, his Saturday morn radio commentary at 11 a.m. I had no idea he was ill - just on a long vacation ! May he rest in peace
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