Agent Livni makes British headlines
Published: 01.06.08, 14:33
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1. And we're supposed to believe the Brits...
Leah C ,   USA   (06.01.08)
because the British news agencies have proven they're so honest and unbiased when it comes to Israel and the Jews...
2. livni is as bad as olmert
3. What a girl!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.01.08)
I knew she was in the Mossad but not to THAT extent. WOW!!!!! What a lady!!! Well done Tsipi!!!
4. livni
sas ,   israel   (06.01.08)
anything that will prevent her from becoming prime minister will be a blessing.
5. The London Times= Rupert Murdoch
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NY, USA   (06.01.08)
No matter what the actual story, the truth dies a horrible death every day at the hands of Rupert Murdoch . Be extremely wary of believing anything to come out of his TV or print outlets.
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (06.01.08)
7. Agent Livni
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (06.01.08)
Pity that she has lost her courage, toughness and "killer" instinct in Government then
8. Yes we all know shes being promoted for the coming elections
David   (06.01.08)
9. Nu, so what happened to her since?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.01.08)
Can anyone explain how she became the "Queen of Surrender" as many talkbackers call her? In any case, today is today - For some strange reason, the foreign press loves anyone whose policies are a danger to Israel's survival.
10. You're simply the Best...
Enzo ,   london,uk   (06.01.08)
She's an excellent candidate to lead the Country. Livni has a reputation for straight talk, definitely one of the most popular figures in Israel. She's the anti-politician: clean, in a morass of corruption and circumspect . p.s. that's why the Brits are so concerned...!
11. Here we go again...But now with a 150 I.Q.spin
Dr. Dave ,   USA   (06.01.08)
Now that Olmert is about to be dethroned the Queen of Surrender is being bolstered up as the Prime Minister in Waiting. The new spin is she was a tough "Secret Agent Woman chasing Arab terrorists through the streets of Europe (how sexy!) with a 150 I.Q. (soooo brilliant she is!). Meanwhile back at the ranch she has a river of Jewish blood leading right to her door....From the Katif surrender & Hamas election to the complete capitulation to the ayatollahs in Sinai, Gaza & Lebanon & secret deals with Assad to surrender the Golan. She is so brilliant she did it all in a little over two years! kol hakavod tzip...kol hakavod. ..The International press is behind you (& the destruction of Israel) 1000%.
12. Daddys girl
Sean ,   Derry/Ireland   (06.01.08)
She's well qualified to lead israel which has a tradition of electing war criminals to high office.
13. She started off as 007 ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.01.08)
And ended up as 000.
14. steel lady
Peace ,   TLV. IL   (06.01.08)
If M. Thatcher was Iron, then this ones hard chrome steel. good luck.
15. Tsipi 007, the spy with a license to surrender
Frank ,   Canada   (06.01.08)
16. Sexy Puff Pieces Meant To Crown Livni
Adina Kutnicki   (06.01.08)
Whatever the true story of Livni and her work years ago ! in the Mossad is NOW beside the point. The ONLY point is that she is now a post Zionist, hell bent on implanting a foreign terror entity into Israel's heartland. Her explanation is that doing so is a 'necessary' course of action for future 'peace'. What she fails to state is that NO other country in history has ever given over their territory unless they were forced to during war. Therefore, she is only demonstrating her obsessive & dear wish to be accepted by the Euros, the UN et al. No wonder the Brits are so fascinated with her. All these super spy puff pieces ain't fooling those who know better.
17. Well put Terry!
Rachel   (06.01.08)
18. If true?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.01.08)
It's a shame her determination, stealth, integrity and ability has not survived time
19. #9 Terry - keep them coming !
I.Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (06.01.08)
Terry ,You are great. I enjoy reading everything you do on Talkback - which is a lot !
20. Can anyone explain how she became the "Queen of Surrender"
#9 THANKS ,   ..............DACON9   (06.01.08)
21. to #13: you're wrong she started as "69"!!
22. I agree with u
Arab opinion ,   paris   (06.01.08)
If she is a cold blood killer dont ellect her, I prefer bibi, he always says words against arab , he will never give a land but he never share in arab killing, his hand is clean, and about peace talks he in the end will do as united states want, who sign the agreement of hebron, who go to y plantation. hoping all the best
23. She turned in half the I.Q. when she left
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.01.08)
the Mossad. She does not even know how to spell I.Q.
24. Dubious Timing
David ,   jerusalem   (06.01.08)
So she's pushing to take over Kadima, and maybe the country [even if its a long-shot] and now, of all times, data is released that she was an active field op for the mossad as opposed to an analyst or administrator. Is this supposed to give her dovish profile some talons and make us suddenly believe she's a hawk? Please. The timing is too good to be true. Or rather, even if it is true, its serving a political agenda and has nothing to do with her actual, current politics.
25. Tsipi 007
Moshe ,   Zion   (06.01.08)
when i read that article i imagined her jumping off building shooting and doing tricks and stuff, totally made my day haha
26. I agree 19, "Terry is great"
Terry FAN   (06.01.08)
Except on religion, What a shame
27. Agent Livni makes British headlines
tobi ,   texas   (06.01.08)
well if the brits like her so much they can have her for their PM she could'nt be worst than brown
28. T Livni
janey ,   tarpon springs flori   (06.02.08)
I think she would be an excellent choice for PM. I was hoping she was more than an "office girl". Is it at all possible for the writer to be less sexist. Girl indeed! Go Tzipi!
29. livni
sad ,   israel   (06.07.08)
if u thnk she's so good - take her for nothing. she is an IMPOTENT that cannot do anything, cannot make decisions. She can only comb her hair.............
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