Hizbullah returns soldiers' remains to Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.06.08, 20:46
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1. Revulsion
Talula ,   Israel   (06.01.08)
I cannot remember reading anything that has provoked such a feeling of utter sadness, outrage, disgust and hate for these people. They are savages. A box containing Israeli soldiers body parts? how horrific is this? It makes me ill to the very core of my being. However, I know that some of our soldiers threw themselves over others to protect them, and lost their own lives in doing so. And if our soldiers did leave dead soldiers there, I'm 100% sure it wasn't because they wanted to, it was circumstances. When will our country wise up and hang terrorists and spies. When are we going to step down from the higher moral ground and start to deal with the scum around us.
2. Findings of the last war in Lebanon.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.01.08)
Following the last war in Lebanon, Israel will have to draw certain major lessons to ensure its long-term strategic survival. What is needed now, immediately and urgently, are thoughtful and coherent guidelines concerning national defense, deterrence, targeting and even preemption (anticipatory self-defense). It is no longer adequate for Israel (more or less capably) to merely stumble from one war to the next without an appropriate “master plan” for direction. Armed with such a framework of expanded conceptual understanding, the Jewish state could quickly begin to deduce pertinent tactics and policy options to match particular situations and crises. In the near-term, of course, the need of both nuclear war avoidance and counter-WMD terrorism. The war against Hizbullah does not concern Israel only, as explained at:
3. No Dead Bodies
Shimshon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.01.08)
I really hope that they will release the kidnapped soldiers and not only give us back body parts! If we already make such exchanges it should bring our boys back!
4. Re: Revulsion
Asem ,   ME   (06.01.08)
If you stepped down from the higher moral ground you won't feel disgusted or sad when such thing happens.
5. you think you get it for free, Naserallah fooled you
observer   (06.01.08)
Nasrallah didn't even ask for compensation for keeping his man detained after serving his term. Good PR really costs.
6. are those original; check the water-mark
7. Will Pollard also be forced to concede his US citizenship?
observer   (06.01.08)
8. Didnt Olmert say that there was no IDF soldiers pieces left
fadi ,   lebanon   (06.01.08)
back in Lebanon !? If not then what are these ?
9. Nasser was welcomed by his Jewish family?
observer   (06.01.08)
now, his family is abandoned by the Jewish state, for they talked with terrorists. Has he been promoted to a terrorist or still yet a spy? G-d the merciful, who protects the Jews in Lebanon; Hizbullah?
10. Body bags
TK ,   USA   (06.01.08)
are the traditional mode of "prisoner" exchange with Hezbollah. They will get Samir Kuntar and 500+ others for some remains they (and eventually Olmert) will claim are the kidnapped soldiers. In Gaza, Hamas will get 1000+ terrorists to boost their strength in exchange for Shalit's body. Maybe the US will even throw in some heavy weapons and more armored vehicles to help Hamas "police".
11. at this point:
yosef ,   france   (06.01.08)
sorry to ask: who fooled (or screwed) who?
12. At this point
neutral ,   somewhere   (06.02.08)
It seems whatever nasrallah promises comes to pass,so i think we should pay more attention to him and subscribe to al manar than listen to other sources that says and dissect all the political moves and says that hezbollah 'is weakened,lost,no leverage...blah blah blah...the guy really has all the aces up till now,wether you like him or not.
13. It is ones again proved....
Daniel ,   Israel   (06.02.08)
Israelites weigh more than its enemies do! What a bargain (sale)! One dead one for one live one!!
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