Assad: Israel must withdraw to 67' borders, up to Tiberias
Hagai Einav
Published: 03.06.08, 12:56
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1. Yes, Hezbola bases on the Kinneret Please!
Israeli Leftist ,   CukkooLand   (06.03.08)
2. Strategic Asset
steve ,   london, england   (06.03.08)
A man who says what he means and means what he says.
3. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.03.08)
That the supposed "Peace talks" with Syria are a total sham. The whole thing is a political side-show - it serves the Syrian regime's interests to be seen "discussing" peace just as it serves as a diversion for Olmert from his criminal behavior while at the same time, making the peace loonies here in Israel salivate at the prospect of giving something, anything, away. Of course, the media are willing dupes to this charade. The real story is why we allow our idiot politicians to score points or gain some advantage from these issues. For far too long, our third-rate political hacks have been getting mileage out of these issues while avoiding the real issues here at home. We have pressing domestic issues to deal with, chief among them political reform.
4. #2 If he's so believable why dont you trust him?
Chaim   (06.03.08)
If he's so believable why dont you trust him to uphold the peace?
5. why bother to talk we gave the prize before we said anything
zionist forever   (06.03.08)
For all his faults under Sharon Assad was begging for talks without pre conditions. Today he is saying if you want to talk then your going to have to promise in advance I am going to be given the entire Golan. Whats the point of talks lets just sign on the dotted line now makes things easier doesnt it then there is no need to waste anybodies time talking. Assad saw long ago how weak and pathetic Olmert really was and all fear of Israel went out the window and he realised that under this regime he could dictate terms and we are letting him partly to satisfy Olmerts ego of being the man who brought peace with Syria partly a justifictaion to stay PM after all if he is in such a sensetive stage of negotiations which will all colapse without him then he has justification to stay in his job which is all thats keeping him out of prison as a result of the imunity a serving PM is entitled to. Assad also knows that Bush is on his way out and desperate for a legacy and might just be willing to preasure Israel into a deal and if Bush doesnt the next president looking to change Americas image to a new softer not allways pro Israel country thats willing to take the side of the arabs in talks all Assad needs is to build a momentum for the next president to start pushing forward. Hillary & Obama especialy are going to turn out to be the next Jimmy Carter willing to take arab side,. The ONLY way to save the Golan is for new laws that say we need first a Knesset majority of a minimum of 70% support and then the final decision to sell all or part of the Golan must rest with the people through an indipendently drafted refrendum. As the law stands right now all Olmert needs is a Knesset majority size is not important. In theory if he gets a 51% majority he has authority to sell the Golan or any part of the country Tel Aviv included if he chose to because the Golan has exactly the same legal status so for the security of all the country we need new laws to protect us from Olmert or any other future primeministers like him willing to put political glory before the good of the country.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.03.08)
All these demands by our enemies, just show one thing clearly , that Israel has lost its deterrent. The overall weakness in the government and the worshippers of the"peace" cult here makes Assad only bolder . It won't take much longer, listening to Assad, the ape from Iran and buddy Nasrallah , before they will start a war, which based on our looosers here , they are confident they can win. Even when we will get hit by thousands of rockets, our fine elitsts and peace culters will still oppose any striking back based on their so-called superior morals.
7. negotiating with ourselves once again!!!
gawain ,   israel   (06.03.08)
i see that mofaz has started to stake out a claim for the right to be considered a part of the prime minister's race by doing what every "serious" israel politician does - speaking nonsense and negotiating with himself. "i believe that in the long run, an agreement can be made without giving up the golan." really??! an agreement with whom - the israeli settlers; the knesset' ; shaul with mofaz? this is just one more symptom of what is considered to be newsworthy by the israel media. not substance, but one leader or another (excuse the expression) saying whatever pops into his or her head, whether or not there is any substantiation for it - or whether it even is truthful
8. NO to Assad's CRAP
Brod ,   USA   (06.03.08)
Why should Israel give away its liberated biblical and historic homeland to Assad? Israel can tell Syria to go to HELL. The 'peace' of the Islamist-Jihadists is the destruction of Israel. As Islamist-Jihadist scholar, Omar Abdel Rahman, points out, "There is no surah called 'Peace.' Jihad and killing are the head of Islam. If you take them out, you cut off the head of Islam." (p.24, "Islam and Terrorism" [2002] by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD).
9. Mofaz and Syria
I.kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (06.03.08)
Why does Mofaz tell people something that everyone knows and why is the "Syria -Israel Peace" fiasco even given media space when anyone with a brain cell knows that it is absurd to even talk. One understands that this Govt has long been brain dead so don't mention the absurd
10. Earth is flat ....
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (06.03.08)
11. For Israel Holding the Golan is more important than peace...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.03.08)
For Israel Holding the Golan is more important than peace with the Assad family. Syria should ask Israel for peace and offer in exchange the Golan. But of course that will not happen. So, there is no reason for Israel to be generous with the Mafia regime of Assad. The Assad family has established a hereditary dynasty shored up by repression within, and confrontation and terror abroad. The rule of the Assads is not aimed at improving the lot of their people or forwarding a particular ideology. They changed ideology from secular Arabism to a seemingly impossible confection of pan-Arabism and Islamist extremism. It is pointless to “engage” Syria in dialogue except insofar as it is possible to confront them with their violations and insist that they mend their ways as explained at :
12. #3It should be obvious 2 anyone with 1 eye & half a brain!!!
Rueben ,   Israel   (06.03.08)
13. Assad must PRAY not to lose Damascus too!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.03.08)
... he should be content that Golan is the only price he has to pay for his country wars against Israel which led to losing of the Golan heights in the first place. Golan is the price for Syria's on-going aggression and as aggression against Israel grows, Syria may be required to pay an even higher price! Assad - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
14. #7, Do the words "Up to Tiberias" mean anything to you?
Jake   (06.03.08)
While Shaul may be negociating with Mofaz, with whom is your old peace partner Assad negociating? Answer: Ahmedinejad's Iran. Quick! Throw him another bone, to get Syria engaged with the Western world instead of Iran. Promise to give Assad the Galilee and Haifa. Then maybe he will consider taking down the sign on the Hamas offices in Damascus.
15. Now Syria wants Tiberias also
Jake   (06.03.08)
because as the great leader, Hafez al Assad, dipped his feet in the Sea of Galilee, he looked in his binoculars and saw Tiberias. What are you waiting for, Israel? Syria has promised you a full, just, lasting, and comprehensive peace. Why would you want to miss such an opportunity for the sake of a few miles of barren windy plateau and basalt cliffs? Who needs it? It is better to be soldiers for Peace than fight to keep a collection of stones.
16. Assad, yeah that's just soooo not gonna happen!!!!
Rueben ,   Israel   (06.04.08)
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