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Israeli gay pride holds head high in Brazil
Noa Raz
Published: 04.06.08, 19:57
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1. Upset over the flags
NYC Girl   (06.04.08)
When you think of all the vilification of Israel taking place in the world...the academic boycotts, the 3-ring UN circus, and the other assorted forms of racist Israel-bashing (not to mention the ongoing threats of annihilation), it's almost unfathomable that the residents of Kibbutz Galuyot could get so upset over a flag symbolizing gay pride. It seems these people really need to get a grip on themselves.
2. I hope to come next year with my husband and my boyfriend
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (06.05.08)
3. #2 Yackov you are welcome
Simon ,   TA Israel   (06.05.08)
Hi Yackov, you and your boyfriend husband and kids are more that welcome, come and celebrate with us .
4. "removed out of 'sensitivity for residents' needs'"???
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.05.08)
In most civilized countries that's called vandalism. The city did not sanction the removal, so whoever done it was removing public property, aka vandalizing the public space. Disgusting! Maybe someone should be removing the Israeli Anniversary flags hanging all over Manhattan. (Too late this year, but next year awaits!) Mind you I am not advocating this, only suggesting so that whoever supports "the pride flag removal" may understand the parallels here. After all, some people in New York may be "sensitive" to the Jewish state.
5. residents' sensitivity
Tal ,   TLV   (06.05.08)
i wonder if these "sensitive residents" feel the same way about poor people living in the streets of tel aviv...maybe we should take them out too, maybe women too, and handicapped...let's just keep the "pure" sensitive jewish citizens in israel and get rid of the rest...just as Hitler wanted to do with the arians. Happy Pride boys and girls!
6. #5 Spot on Tal
Talula ,   Israel   (06.05.08)
This country was born out of hate and racism. It's unthinkable that these shallow people are allowed to voice such hate and arrogance against fellow Jews. The gay parade is colourful, happy peaceful and sets us apart from Iran. People should join in, just once, to see what fun it is. Have a gay day : )
7. #3 - Speak for yourself, Simon
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.06.08)
This Israel-hating crackpot, his husband Hassan and his boyfriend need to stay the hell away from me.
8. Ha, let's see how high they hold their heads parading the
streets of Tehran. ,   Not so proud now hey   (06.06.08)
9. #6 and spot on
English person ,   (06.06.08)
What a surprise. The talkbacker who wrote #6 has not called for anyone to be hanged without trial. Has she turned over a new leaf?
10. #7,,,,Welcome
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (06.07.08)
Everyone is welcome to come out and celebrate with us over Pride and at any other time. If some people are so limited in their capacity to honor and respect others so be it. It's just a shame they have yet to learn to keep negative things to themselves. I too welcome Yaacov and his family at anytime!
11. You demand respect and tolerance but you don't give it
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (06.07.08)
Why is it considered intolerant and disrespectful to choose a lifestyle in which gay lifestyles are not a positive value? Gays demand tolerance and respect but also demand entrance into neighborhoods and communities that have requested to be left alone. I don't disrespect gay people, I am not prejudiced against them. I have chosen a lifestyle for myself and my family and have invested money and time in creating a community that I like to live in. Why is that intolerant?When gay people want to parade in jerusalem, it disrespects me. Pluralism means I get to be me also.
12. Parade Not Good For Gays
Christy ,   Boston, US   (06.09.08)
The 'pride' parades that I'm aware of have had near-nudity,nudity, & pantomimed sex acts. They are not kid-friendly. The parades make gays seem fixated on sex. It's not a good image.
13. Why are you so proud?
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (06.11.08)
Gay`s pride (Ga`avah) has no basis at all. It is no different than Orwelian double-talk. Once your rights are accepted, you should drop that "Pride" that means nothing in your case.
14. AIDS as a souvenir
Ronny ,   Stuttgart, Germany   (06.13.08)
and they pass it on to others, who pass it on to others and eventually to a totally normal person. I don't mind that they are gay. But all this travelling brings HIV to jews and this is not good.
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