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Poll: Majority of Israelis support conversions
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 05.06.08, 08:38
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1. how can someone "convert" and not live up to halacha ?
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (06.05.08)
Fake / conveniency converts should have their convertions revoked. In the end people will doubt the jewishness of the true rightous ones
2. They have choosen to be part of the Israeli people
bar ,   Israel   (06.05.08)
You can't become Jewish by converting . You are a follower of the Jewish faith , yes , but you have'nt this Jewish History engraved in your blood . For this you need generations to become Jewish . Even Orthodox converts can't have the same Jewish "reactions" to many facts occuring in life or in discussions . I'm also opposing mixed weddings . There are enough reasons for problems without the need to add this one .
3. Convert Diaspora Jews To Israelis
David ,   Shilo Israel   (06.05.08)
I welcome 'sincere' converts both to Judaism and to Israel. What I fail to grasp is the apparent mind-set that Israel needs those with the slightest connection with Judaism to settle the land for the sake of maintaining a Jewish identity for the state. There is a far simpler solution to ensure that our beloved country retains its Jewish heritage. Every effort should be made to further encourage and assist Jews currently living in the Diaspora to make the 'one Jewish homeland' their own place of settlement. Any house should be built on a solid foundation...even more so when it is the House of Israel.
4. Fake conversions are disguised anti-semitism
Joe Jew ,   Jerusalem   (06.05.08)
Calling an anti-semite a Jew does not change who he is or what he believes. The authentic Halachic Giur process does Just that. It demands a change in attitude, values and a commitment to living a Jewish Life. All the survey shows is that those who live a Halachic Way of life will help anyone interested in doing so. this is no proof that Fake conversions are accepted by anyone.
5. In my opinion,conversions should be highly discouraged
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (06.05.08)
We should,as Jews,encourage gentiles to be righteous gentiles,following ONE G'od,but there is no need to convert them. We can be unite as humanity,everyone following his/her own path.Mass conversions always brough disaster to Israel.Just for an example,Romans took finally over because we tried to convert everybody and the result was our own diaspora;german Jews,through "reform movements"tried to convert everybody and the result was holocaust for ourselves. In short:every one must keep being what he is.Trying to change things according to mundane conveniences bring sorrow and disaster.
6. Being A Jew is More Than Halacha
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (06.05.08)
This whole debate is ridiculous, and that's coming from an American born Jew, and an ardent Zionist. One can be an Israeli w/o being so-called Jewish, just as one can be an American, w/o being Jewish, Christian or anything else. Israel is definitely NOT a Jewish state, as some believe or prefer, it's a state for Jews primarily, AND Muslims AND Christians. It, like Australia, and most other countries, restricts immigration. If Israel were the size of, let's say Egypt or Arabia, would be still be having this discussion? Read "What is a Jew" to determine what, indeed is in fact a Jew. Are secular Jews in the US really Jews, caus they eat bagels and cornbeef sandwiches and little else that defines them as Jews? Are children Jewish, the products of mixed marriages, even if the mother is Jewish in name only? Is Jewish so-called character, attitudes, views of life, commitment instinctive, learned, inherited..really that different from others? Are there "Jewish genes", or is that a farce? Does one really expect anyone to follow the halachic way of life to be Jewish? Were the biblical Jews Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox? Does wearing a kippur and or a black hat and other garb, make one more, or less Jewish? Keeping kosher, loving G-d and giving charity, should be the only requirements for conversion. If you are are resident of Israel, obey it's laws, and pledge your loyalty to it. That's all that's needed for citizenship. The rest is just boiler plate. I mean, how many Jews follow ALL the commandments? Let's get real and stop this discimination..we cannot afford it, losing 50,000 people yearly, per studies.
7. to #2
JB ,   Jerusalem   (06.05.08)
so are you saying Judaism is a race?
8. Why, #2, bar, congratulations!
John ,   Europe   (06.05.08)
You successfully applied and finished Amalek school! You represent "BLOOD above all"? A Jew is a Jew only by blood? Why, check your Torah again, missy, and specially chapters where it says "You will carry my mitzvot and I will give you rain..." Which PROOVES that OBSERVING Mitzvot is a key, NOT mere blood. Tora's revolution is just in that: the one who observes mitzvot and becomes a better man is closer to G-d than a blood-related Jew who eats his pork with cheese on Yom Kippur evening. After all, there is a saying that a reighteus mamzer is better then a non-reighteus Cohen Gadol.
9. Keren, you are not a Jew...
John ,   Europe   (06.05.08)
Reading your posts, and seing your terrible knowledge of Torah, Mishna and Gemarah, I conclude you are one of those American "I-support-Israel-cause-it-will-speed-the-coming-of-Jesus" Christians. And frankly, I do not trust them. Their agenda is not "Judaism next to Christianity and next to Islam - to each his own till messiah comes and shows who is right" - their agenda is "Convert and accept Jesus!" And where the hell did you pull this "Romans took over because we tried to convert everybody and the result was our own diaspora!" That's something new? NOTHING from the sages says anything, even in that direction! What do you think you are? Rabi Keren ben Maimon?
10. "700 participants"
Yossi ,   Levittown, PA/US   (06.05.08)
700 participants do not constitute a poll! I don't know whether these "researchers" constantly cited in Israeli studies are attention-seeking or simply lazy. If they aren't going to follow good research method, the studies should not be published. They aren't credible!
11. Well said, Shilo David
Yossi ,   Levittown, PA/US   (06.05.08)
12. JB , Jerusalem and John in Europe
Bar ,   Israel   (06.05.08)
When i say "engraved in blood" this is an image . Converts have'nt suffered in their personal history in the same way as Jews have , FOR BEING Jewish . They can't have this . As i'm secular i will not refer to the writings , torah or sages . I have met Orthodox converts , one even became a Gabbai at an Orthodox synagogue . Well in our daily discussions , we worked together , he had such different reactions as Jews have . Converts can be close to god [ if they observe mitswoth ] but that's not a reason for me to recognise them as Jewish . They are only followers of the Jewish faith .
13. John # 9 , right and wrong
bar ,   Israel   (06.05.08)
Right when you say that she is ignorant , wrong when you say she is'nt Jewish . She is , but her knowledge is very limited . You of course know even less as she does , and that's difficult , very difficult .
14. Dave Levy
bar ,   Israel   (06.05.08)
Yes Dave , we are different . We have different attitudes , way of life , inherited and everything you mention . Even our genes differ [ my physician's words ] Tell me Dave , if we are NOT different , how does it come that we have contributed so much more to Humanity than all the other peoples ? That Jews were awarded more than 17 % of all Nobel prizes ?
15. IDIOTS again do I have to tell you Ruth was a convert.......
telavivit ,   tel aviv   (06.05.08)
16. John #9 and rude, uncultered charles from petach tikva
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (06.05.08)
Jonh - I could not understand a single word of your two first paragrahs. About the third ,on Romans,let me teach you and the imbecile from petach tikva: When the Maccabees reconquered most parts of Israel,lost before to other peoples(I will not teach you both the whole history of Israel)and rededicated the Temple of Jerusalem ,in 165 before the commom era ,after the Temple had been profaned by Antiochus IV Epiphanes, they,the Maccabes,who were the Hasmonian family,a family of priests,started doing wrong alliances with the romans and took as policy converting all goyim in order to sustein those alliances.One of these aliances was made with Antipather who was an edomite and and influent man,and this man was the father of the future king of Israel, Herod,who,like olmerd,did all kind of aliances with Rome ending up in Jews' own expulsion. Today I am not inspired to explain more.If you both have a little brain go learn.charles from petach tikva doesn't have for sure,he is just an imbecile yachne sticking around as the putz he is. Bye,bye to both!
17. conversions
yonah yahuudi ,   SA   (06.05.08)
all my life i have been subjected to discrimination because of not being accepted as a jew by jews, and being told that i AM a jew by the non-jews. i had a jewish education and was at the top of my class in jewish studies (at a jewish school). i'm already jewish in my genes (as much as someone with a jewish mother), in my heart and soul, but i will be told i'm a goy when i make aliyah. i will have to convert and publicly humiliate myself as the "halacha" states that the Jewish man is NOT the father of the child. If the child converts, he cannot use his father's name in religious ceremonies. I will never do that. of course, there are some who say that matrilineal judaism is something cooked up in the talmud by the black hats - without basis in Torah (or nevi'im and ktuvim) - and they wouldn't be far wrong. have a look at and then tell me your reasons for rejecting me and others like me, as if we were messianics!
18. if the Palestinians convert, they will have the right?
observer   (06.06.08)
after all it will be reconversion.
19. #1 is the true Jew righteous?
observer   (06.06.08)
20. JB #7
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.06.08)
Actually yes, to an extent (and obviously depending on how you define "race"). We Jews are a nation with a long history - cultural, linguistic, religious, and biological. I'm not so sure how easy we should make it for others to join us. We should focus on getting the Hebrews back to Israel rather than "saving" others and what not. And just to let you know, I'm a completely secular Jew.
21. I say Keren is Jewish!
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.06.08)
She just used the word yachne! That proves it definitely enough for me (though I did not have a doubt).
22. Keren # 16 , are you sane ?
bar ,   Israel   (06.06.08)
first i wanted to answer your tb . But i remembered my Mother's Z.L. words : don't discuss with children and fools , let them talk
23. #16, Keren - WHAT??
John ,   Europe   (06.06.08)
You outdone your self! What year is the first contact with Romans!? What year is Macabees!? Get your facts right!
24. Where they will find stupid people like you
convet and immigrate .... no matter you are real believer or not ... are they so intelegent or you in Israel are so stupid ?
25. #20 - and you are on a good trail to become a Nazi
John ,   Europe   (06.06.08)
Cause Nazism is OPPOSITE of Torah - the whole point is that MERIT is the key! Who gets to be a king of kings? David, smalest and most not notable of all brothers. Who is his mother? A CONVERT! Who is the forefather of Jews? Abraham, a CONVERT from idolatry. Who is the greatest prophet of all times? Moses, a child BROUGHT UP ON EGYPTIAN COURT. A fact that shows that Moses COULD NOT have been isolated from idolatry. Who is today one of the greatest rabbis? Gottlieb, who used to be a total secular, even, as he admited, an atheist. ALL of them have one thing in common: it is THEIR MERIT, NOT THEIR BLOOD, THAT PLACED THEM WHERE THEY ARE NOW! A despised piece of stone will be a corner stone for the Third Temple. So next time you spill some idiotism like you did, SHOW me that you are a Jew by LEARNING TORAH. Or, of course, face others who think their blood is "cleaner" and "better" than yours. Personaly, I consider a blood Jew who pursues the blood-talk (i.e. amalek-talk) a mental member of Amalek tribe.
26. Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar Supports
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.06.08)
For those of you slandering Rabbi Druckman: Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Rishon LeTzion, is supporting Conversion Authority head Rabbi Chaim Druckman. Kol ha-kavod to Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
27. John , Europe
bar ,   Israel   (06.07.08)
David had a Jewish father , No ? Abraham was the first Jew , a convert ? Moshe has lived on the Egyptian court , a facts that shows that he could not have been isolated from idolatry , you wrote . How many Jewish children have received a vast Christian education during WWII , were going to church , and returned to theJewish people at the end of WWII . Some of them became even famous Israelis . Rav Gottlieb : was always a Jew , became a Ba'al Tshuva . Not a convert . So , all those people were NOT converts . Bad and stupid examples from a guy who pretends to learn torah , but stays in Europe . I , a secular , made Alyah .
28. 26 - from the king of lashon hara, paqid now pontificates
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.07.08)
here he goes again, mr "do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do" paqid. i guess one as well-versed and experienced in the art of slander would have some words to share with us on the subject. only logical, i guess.
29. For those unlearned........
Ignatious Mucklefutz ,   Fargo ND   (06.07.08)
Prior to the exile, Jews encouraged conversion. It makes sense because Jews were chosen to follow G-d's law and wanted to allow other people to experience this beauty and wonder. During the exile, Jews were not allowed to convert and over 2000 years, this became a custom rather than a part of Halacha. Now that Jews are no longer in exile, conversion must be encouraged. Conversion will add to our numbers after so many of our people have been martyred and adding Jews by choice is a wonderful way to add people who will seek to repair the world. If Jews by choice who are not strictly Orthodox, why are those Jews born of a Jewish mother who do not strictly observe halacha considered to be Jewish?
30. To # 29 ignace
bar ,   Israel   (06.07.08)
Can you tell me wich one of the [ at least 152 ] Jewish Nobel prize winners was a convert to Judaism , if there was any ?
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