Jerusalem and Al-Jazeera's patience
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.06.08, 20:41
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1. Kol Hakavod!! Now that's what I call chutzpah!! Sent him out
w/his tail tucked he ,   did! Shlomo Israel   (06.07.08)
2. I have news for ALL muslims. The Torah is much older than
the koran. Seniority ,   wins!!   (06.07.08)
3. Israel finally found a voice against the hurricane
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (06.07.08)
4. Bravo!!
Ilana   (06.07.08)
EXcellent and completely true!! And the ones that do not abide by the road map so far are the Palestinians. We pulled out of areas that were towns and homes to thousands,according to the road map. And them? What have they accomplished so far???????
5. Bar Ilan professor
David Feigenbaum ,   Netanya, Israel   (06.07.08)
It is interesting that a professor from Bar Ilan University is unequivical in defense of our right to Jerusalem. I wonder if you could find a professor at Hebrew University who would take the same stand.
6. Give that man the Israel Prize
Natasha ,   Amsterdam   (06.07.08)
Unlike Israel's cowardly leadership the Professor has finally framed the Arab Israeli conflict in a manner the Islamic world can understand.
7. Not quite what happened
Daniel ,   San Diego, CA   (06.07.08)
The interviewer started to say the Quranic verse that stated Mohamed rode to the farthest place, but stopped when he realized that Jerusalem was not mentioned by name. The interpretation that this was referring to Jerusalem was only a recent innovation, as in post-1967. The interviewer looked quite embarrassed when he stopped mid-verse.
8. youtube: check mordechai Kedar !!!
Jacob ,   Munich   (06.07.08)
9. Mecca is not mentioned in Quraan
but, only a version of its name "Bakkah". the name "Yathreb", meaning Medina, is not mentioned either. You mean if the Earth Planet is not mentioned in Quraan, the Planet does not exist? Muslims believe in the true, non-deformed Torah and Enjil (Christian bible) as surpassed or replaced by Quraan. Jews do not recognize Quraan, nor God of Islam, nor his Prophet. So, what is the use of making your point, would you recognize part of Quraan and deny part? No the Prophet's God said: Quraan is one whole package; take or leave.
10. On Jerusalem...
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (06.07.08)
In the "Kura'n" of the moslems Jerusalem is mentioned indirectly by the verse which says that "Prophet Mohamed" flew on his "Buraq"(winged horse) from Mecca to the "Aksa Mosque..." !Besides,upon emergence of Islam,moslems were instructed to orient themselves toward Jerusalem when performing their daily five prayers.From these two facts Moslems stubbornly claim Jerusalem is also theirs. Furthermore the Arabs conquered Jerusalem in the year 637 A.D.when its Patriarch "Safronyos" refused to hand over Jerusalem except to the Arab moslem Caliph "Omar Ibn Khattab".An interesting event happened when it was time for "Omar" to pray; "Safronyos" invited "Omar" to pray in the Church of Holy Sepulchre but "Omar" wisely apologized for fear Moslems would lay claim to that church long after the death of "Omar ".So "Omar" prayed in a nearby place & later moslems erected there the "Mosque of Omar" ( not to be confused with "Aksa Mosque)... I genuinely do not mean to support one side against the other, but rather I am hereby giving some good answers to Dr. Mordechai Keidar. While these days I am a non believer I still firmly believe being objective & impartial often helps solve complicated issues & conflicts instead of being stubbornly biased. Still, secular people do not go by what is written in the so-called "Holy Books".Hence my conviction is that Arabs,both moslem & christian, do indeed have a share in the city of Jerusalem...
11. History&Current Affairs are according to AntiIsrael sources
Alan ,   SA   (06.07.08)
Take the record$10.75 rise in oil price on Friday! The reason according to BBC, was the threat to Iran by Mofaz....The REAL REASON.... The fact that the US $$ nosedived on speculation that the European Central Bank( ECB) would raise the key lending rate and worries about a bigger-than-expected spike in unemployment meant the US economy was far weaker than feared counted for nothing!!! The same with the above story about Jerusalem in the Koran. Any story is invented as long as it keeps Israel and the Jews on the back foot.
12. YouTube link to video:
Mark Kerlen ,   Canada   (06.07.08)
13. here is the proof
Keidar, in his way to embrace Islam, is going to recognize Kuran.
14. my God said: Kuran is not a record of estate properties
Muslim   (06.07.08)
15. -silly argument by keidar-
ali ,   los angeles   (06.07.08)
zionism did not "exist" before the late 1800's- the Jew's gave up on Jerusalem and settled in Europe, That is not exactly what you do for your eternal capital. Learn from the Palestinians--they have had 60 years to "leave" and blend in with the other arabs, europeans etc--and live a better life-but no -they refuse to because of the importance of Jerusalem to islam and christianity. They fought back against the crusaders during the middle ages, not for any reason other than the importance of Jerusalem in Islam. I do beleive that Jerusalem is important to the Jewish faith, but why did they not fight for it for two thousand years...until the islamic caliphate was weakened and corrupt and they had help from the very same people who persecuted them, exiled them, and killed them- Are they opportunists? Please-learn something from the Palestinians who resist by any means, and will never give up on Jerusalem even until the last man woman or child, even if the only have stones, or primitive weapons figthting against one of the most modern armies in history. rather than argue over stupid things-learn to appreciate one anothers love for this holy city and fight for peace and mutual respect and recognition.
16. Here Is The Link On YouTube
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (06.07.08)
17. mecca
zechariah   (06.07.08)
the arabs pray to mecca and should be grateful for their riches if they get extreme and greedy like bin laden and a haman jihad and dont give the jews security and authority over palestine the miniscule spot on the earths map a horrible vengeance will erupt . all the years of dhimmi pogroms and blocked escape will explode with a horrible pent up anger and like lava destroy islamia . judaism is a volcano being provoked to catostrophic vengence
18. Jerusalem Walls and buildings existing today has
Palestinian   (06.07.08)
nothing to do with the history Dr. Keidar is talking about... The Old City of Jerusalem as it stands today took its shape due to mostly the Islamic period. From the Ummayid's till the Ottomans... Herod the Great who had major changes on the constructions of the area too was an Nabatean Arab who happened to practice Judaism too. Finally, the Koran is unlike the Old or New Testament, does not indulge itself with city naming... In fact, it rarely mentions any city except once or twice mentioning, Mecca, and once mentiong Medina under the name Yathreb, and that is about it. It also mentioned Egypt as Masr only once... Jerusalem will not appear in the Quran from a search engine point of view. There happen to be many names to Jerusalem that arabs used at the time. Arabs in Hijaz called it Bayt al-Maqdis... Arabs in the Levant used the Canaanite name UrShaleem, and others used the word Iliyaa... Jerusalem however and events in it like the Temple of Solom was referened to numerously under the name al-Masjid al-Aqsa... The farthest mosque or spot of prostation... The Prophet Muhammad however in words coming out of his mouth, which is known as Hadith, mentioned Jerusalem hundreds of times... But note that the words of the Prophet Muhammad or Hadith is not considered holy or the literal word of God... That is why Quran is a book, and Hadith is another... Usually Hadith expands on the material in the Quran. The Quran itself is a small book compared to the Old Testament and New Testament.... Following standards in the Old and New Testaments, the words of the Prophet Muhammad would have been included in the Muslim Holy book, but apparently it is not by the command of the Prophet himself... He requested that people only write down the words which he said are the literal words of God in a seprate book... The other books coming also out of his mouth are not considered to be so... Summary: If the standards of the new and Old Testaments are to be followed, then the Muslim Holy Book would have been Quran and Hadith... In this scenario you will find many street names, country names, etc..... If you restrict the muslim Holy book on what Muslilm today refer as the Quran, then the search engine style looking for Jerusalem will return no results.... The Quran mentioned Jerusalem and incidents into it by reference only and there is not much of street and city or country naming that you will find there any way!
19. #9 No where did Hashem say 'I and allah" are the Lord your
God". He will ALWAYS ,   be God. Never allah   (06.07.08)
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.07.08)
It has been a long time since I have heard a Jew who is not ashmaed and speaks the truth to their Arab brothers. What a refreshing sign of hope and encourgement for am yisrael. 1 Mordechai is better than all the LivniOlmertPeresBarak's combined. YNET ,thanks for reporting this story.
21. To number 18, we Arab christians use the word Allah
Chrsitian Arab   (06.07.08)
when referring to God... Allah comes from Elah in the semitic languages which means God... al-Elah or the God is what Allah is..... In fact, Hebrew uses the term Elah also to refer to God... Elohim in Hebrew is the same like Allahum in Arabic... Both mean our Lord...!! I hope this was helpful :) God bless you...
22. our gonvernment might be weak and coward, but you said what
uli ,   jerusalem   (06.07.08)
is in the heart of the jewish people. thanks
23. #15 Ali - Nice try, habibi...
Chatich   (06.07.08)
...but it's not Jerusalem that makes the parisiteans so unwilling to give up their "cause", it's muslim pride and the indoctrinated hatred of Jews, and the irrational shame of Jews having their own nation amongst them. Our beautiful, flourishing country, after just 60 years eclipsing everything in the oil-rich arab world, only adds to that shame. No, Ali, the parisiteans don't give a rat's ass about "al-quds", this is just another taqqiya-fueled diversion, like the settlements, "right of return" and all the other red herrings. Keeps the moonbat liberals from figuring out the parisiteans true aspirations; to kill all the jews.
24. #15 Ali, LA
Miriam ,   Israel   (06.07.08)
Until not so long ago most Jews in the world were orthodox who believed that it's not up to us to get Jerusalem back, but it is Hashem Who will give our holy city back to us when Moshiach comes. However, secular Zionists which started over 100 years ago decided to fight for it whether G-d is pleased with the idea or it or not.
25. Israel/Palestine not mentioned in Quran!
Rami   (06.07.08)
The Holy Land was mentioned though!! There is a verse in the Quran which mentions the exodus of Moses and the believes with him (Bani Israeil) to the Holy Land.... So one now can argue that Israel and Palestine is not mentioned in the Quran.... Which is true if you take it at its face value.... But not true when you understand that the Holy Land is a reference to the same geographic spot... This is why Muslims call the Quran miraculous... Because people like Dr. Keidar cannot understand it...
26. #21 If Hashem & allah are the same, then they fight against
Maurie ,   Israel   (06.07.08)
each other. Why would one make a covenant with the Jews and its land, and the other one say just the opposite? Why would one send his son to bring redemption back to man, and the other one say that his son never completed his mission? Why would one want to continually bless Israel and the other one want it's followers to do all it can to annhiliate all Israelis? Why would one God allow beau coup ideas, concepts, and witty inventions come from the Israelis and the other one not even teach his follower how to properly fire a missle? Why would one God watch with great pleasure as tecnology advances and his creation enjoys it, and the other one want his kids to go back to riding on donkeys, women wear clothing that covers them from head to toe, and for all of his followers to live in squalor, poverty, desperation, and to be ruled by brutal, egotistical, and self indulgent leaders? And these are the things I've thought of just off of the top of my head!!! No my friend, they are not and never will be the same God. One is from above and one is from below. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which.
27. Why do the Pals want Jerusalem?
RickD   (06.07.08)
Even granting a connection of Muslims to Jerusalem why does it have to be the capital of a Palestinian state? Mecca is not the capital of SA. Jerusalem was never the capital of Jordan. There are obviously thousands of mosques in non-muslim countries. Why can't the holy sites in Jerusalem remain in Israel? There is no muslim requirement that all Muslim holy sites must be in Muslim countries. I think the Pals want Jerusalem as their capital because they believe it will raise their status in the Muslim world and of course because the Jews have it they want it. Why not rename abu dis to al quds and be done with it?
28. To Abdel Karim
DR D ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.08)
My dear friend Stalingrad. You don't talk much but when you do you always right on the target. Bravo. Let hope that Jerusalem will be open to 1,9 billion Christians and 1,2 billion Muslim. I want to see 10 millions tourists ( Pilgrims ) ) coming every year . With a guide like you and your knowledge no one will forget the visit to Jerusalem.
David ,   Los Angeles   (06.08.08)
30. Jerusalem could be mentioned a million times in the Quran
bob ,   potomac md   (06.08.08)
Jersualem could be mentioned a million times in the Quran, but who cares? The Arabs INVADED in the year 634--no one invited them in! and they brought Arab SETTLERS into the land and DISPLACED the Jewish, and Samaritan majority and CHOKED them with jizya taxation and turned the country in the a DESERT. Thanks a lot.
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